Season 2 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck's father is. . .What?!?

    I really wanted to like this episode, for the sake of Chuck the show, but somehow, it wasn't really satisfying. There were a couple of things missing from this episode. Comedy-Chuck was noticeably missing and I like my Chuck hilarious. There were no Sarah-Chuck tension. Casey moments were rare. There was hardly any Morgan. There wasn't even a lot of Buy More moments. Uggh. Then there's the issue of Chuck's father, which I'm not sure how I feel about. And finally, throughout the episode, I got the sad feeling that the crew is trying to wrap up Chuck since this season could be the last, which makes the episode more of a drag than it needs to be. Chuck finally locates his father, hiding out in a trailer. Awkward reunion ensues. Chuck's father is happy to see him but Chuck is unsure how to feel about seeing his father. He asks his father to come to Ellie's wedding. His father agrees. Her father's entrance shocks Ellie and she lets loose her feelings, especially the fact that the night her father left, he promised her pancakes for dinner. Yeah, nice lasting memory. Chuck lets her vent and they decide to give their father a second chance, only to realize that their father is a little crazy. Chuck figured that out when Chuck's father wanted to leave the trailer at night, because "they" would find them. Ah, Chuck should have known better. Chuck's father tells about his conspiracy "theory" that his college roommate, Ted Roarke (Chevy Chase) stole his technological inventions. Chuck's latest mission happens to be landing a job in Roarke's business since Roarke's associates have developed a virus that could wipe out the government's computer systems. Chuck salviates, Roarke has been his idol for a long time. Luckily for Chuck, he gets to go in as himself, applying for a new job. His interviewer happens to be a recent Stanford graduate and the two share fond nostaglia for their old alma mater. Chuck easily lands the gig and meets Roarke, who seems to be a generally nice guy. At home, Chuck's father is upset over the gig due to the rivalry but Ellie sees it as the perfect chance for Chuck to finally get out of Buy More. At Buy More, Lester and Jeff worm their way into a Roarke convention and see Chuck accept the job. They tattle to Morgan about it and of course, Morgan is upset. That will have to wait and is dropped for the rest of the episode. Chuck's first day on the job is blown when Casey and Sarah try to hack into the computer network to stop the virus from spreading, a button Roarke holds at a presentation will iniate the virus, not to mention a Fulcrum agent is with Roarke, and Chuck has to find a way to stop it. He tries to reason with Roarke, steals the button, and a funny chase scene ensues where Lester and Jeff help out their work-buddy (aww!) but Chuck is done in by the Stanford grad. Harsh. Nothing good comes out of Stanford for Chuck. Roarke presses the button and whatever happened on that storyline after that is lost to me. Ellie and Chuck's father witness Chuck's escapade online, Chuck's father pleased his son did in his rival. Ellie is furious since she believes Chuck's father was the reason Chuck threw the job. Awesome tries to soothe things but Ellie is still furious over him over what she believed happened with Alex. Awesome explains what he thought happened and Chuck's father gives him advice: Ellie doesn't want to lose Awesome. She doesn't want him to leave like Dad did. Sad. Chuck's father's not too bad of a guy. He offers some advice to Chuck and if Chuck really wants the Roarke job, he should take it. Awww. Chuck inspects Orion's Intersect blueprints and discovers that one of the plans has the building design of Roarke's business. He deduces that Roarke has an Intersect. He admits his findings to Casey and Sarah without revealing where he got the information from. With no solid evidence, Sarah and Casey refuse to get involved. Even Sarah, oddly, does nothing. Chuck decides to take matters into his own hands by equipping himself with a bullet-shield-vest and storming off. Casey finds him and Chuck reveals about Orion's plans. Casey still refuses to get involved. Chuck holds a gun to Casey's face but Casey is disgusted to see it's only a tranquilizer gun. Chuck still won't physically kill anyone. If a gun should be pointed at Casey, let it be a real one. Chuck tranks Casey and after a couple of bullets (ha!), Casey goes down. Chuck sneaks into Roarke's building, only to find his father storming at the guards, demanding they give his son's job back. The guards turn violent and Chuck springs into action, tranking the guards in a wild fury. Almost as good as a real bullets scene. The guards go down. Chuck admits his father doesn't know everything about him and Chuck's father does him one better. After some neat tech-hacking, and running into Arnold Vosslo-Fulcrum Agent (man, he's as hard to kill as the Mummy. :}.) the shocker of the episode is revealed. Chuck's father is Orion. What? The problem I have with this revelation is, really? Is anyone in Chuck's life not affilated with the goverment in some way? And Chuck's father built the Intersect? Really? The son intercepted a government file from his ex-best friend and it turns out that that file was created by the son's own father? I don't know what to think about that. Chuck's father explains that he only left Ellie and Chuck because his job put them in danger. He didn't ever want to, he just wanted to make sure they would be safe. He didn't die on the plane, that was just a decoy. Okay. Now, father and son work to uncover Roarke's Intersect. He shows Chuck how to delve into the Intersect brain-data and promises Chuck he will have the Intersect removed. Too bad it doesn't happen. The Bartowskis are locked out. Roarke barges in with Fulcrum agents, explaining his Intersect doesn't work yet. They grab Chuck's father. Chuck's father pleads with them to let his son go and he'll do what they want. Roarke is kind enough to let that happen. Casey and Sarah catch up and barge in to retrieve Chuck, Chuck's father understanding they can be trusted and gives them his blessing, and Chuck helplessly watches his father be taken away. At home, Ellie sees pancakes on the table. She asks if it's her dad's doing but it's Awesome, doing a kind gesture. He reveals that it looks like Chuck's father fled again. Poor Ellie. She doesn't know better. Awesome promises that he won't ever leave her. Awww. Chuck comes home and assures Ellie their father will be back. Chuck will make sure of that. He convinces Commander that he is the best way to retrieve 'Orion', despite Sarah's and Commander's misgivings that Chuck is too comprimised. Chuck's father is holded up in a Fulcrum facility, hard at work on Roarke's broken Intersect. There WERE a couple of funny moments in this episode: Casey and Sarah dressing up like nerds (especially with Casey), Casey being tranked, and Lester and Jeff helping out Chuck through the crowd. I've grown to really like them over this season. However, these moments were few and far between. There was an awkwardness to this episode. Guest stars did their part but the main cast was left hanging. Where's Anna? Let her be on more often. And Sarah was oddly way too cold about Chuck's father's predicament. Chuck's future as a show is uncertain and this episode suffers from it since the writers are trying to wrap up the story if they can. And again, I don't know if I want to accept Chuck's father as Orion. Way, way too easy. Chuck is way too good to have an episode such as this, whatever the circumstance. Whatever Chuck's future is, I hope the season finale is worth it.
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