Season 2 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • I think for some of the fans of the show, Chuck's dad turned out to be who we expected. Still, it was an exciting moment and reinforces why the show is worth watching.

    It was good to see Chuck branching out. After spending almost two seasons with a couple of superspy handlers, it is gratifying to learn that Chuck has picked up some spy abilities himself. We already knew that he is intelligent and we have seen hints of his courage whenever his family has been threatened. To have Chuck arm himself with tranq guns was genius, and the conflict between Chuck and Casey was classic. The expression on Chuck's face when he sneaks past the employee and into the building at RI was hilarious, it showed that he was still Chuck the computer nerd, even though he was breaking into a high security facility.

    I also enjoy every time someone from Chuck's past turns out to be linked to the government or Fulcrum, it gives the show a exciting and creepy quality, similar to Lost. Even though there was not much development with Chuck and Sarah, the moments with Chuck and his father made up for it. I did miss Morgan in this episode, but there was not enough room in the story for him to have a big part. If the writers are trying to wrap up Chuck's story in case the show is done, this was a good episode for it. I do hope that NBC order's another season, however. This episode showed that Chuck's character is developing and branching out and I am sure there is plenty more that can be done with this show.