Season 2 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • The most satisfying episode in a while...until five minutes from the end. Scott Bakula is wonderful; Chevy Chase, a dud.

    As a series, Chuck makes my heart pitter patter like no other, but over the past month I (and a few other reviewers) have noticed some flaws in the execution of this wonderful story: oddly constructed scenes, interactions that seem forced, false, or as not what the character would actually say, etc. CV the Dream Job flips that on it's head.

    From the early moments it was clear that the story was perfectly crafted, partly due to soulful writing, and partly to the wonderful acting of Scott Bakula. We saw huge moments of Bartowski family life, and they all fit so wonderfully. It seemed that the story was going to be a little boring...until Roarke turned out to be a FULCRUM base and Bartowski the Elder turned out to be Orion. In terms of moments of shear awesomeness, this episode ranks right at the top. I expect to watch it several more times in the coming days for that reason alone. Devon would approve.

    But then we get to the resolution, which leaves a great lead-in for next time but in itself is utterly ridiculous. The crap acting job by Chevy Chase didn't help matters, but it's the idea that Casey and Walker just walk in, Chuck gets to just walk out with them, and nobody seems concerned that several high-level FULCRUM operatives at large know that Charles Bartowski of Burbank and Buy More is a CIA operative that really seems senseless.

    At least to me, it seems clear that CV the Dream Job needed to be a two-parter to do justice to the story, and they just didn't have the episodes left to pull the whole story arc off. They stripped as much of the side stuff away as humanly possible, and it still didn't fit. Add and extra hour and they can let Stephen explain how he escaped from a helicopter, have FULCRUM take him away and hold Chuck for interrogation, and let Casey and Walker bust him out the old fashioned way. There was plenty of missing bits to fill any remaining time: another father-son moment, Ellie and Awesome having the fight you'd expect about the bachelor party gone awry, Casey giving Chuck some payback (with grunting), and the usual complement of Buy More antics. For my money, I'd have loved to see Big Mike freaking out at the prospect of losing Chuck, and stunning him with a forcible raise the next time he walked in the door, while Jeff and Lester secretly plot against each other to become the new "head Herder." Hand's down, two amazing hours of television.