Season 2 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Poor direction and pacing smears the good story underneath.

    Last week's gripping episode will go down as one of Chuck's all-time best. This week however, is a sharp contrast to that one, and mostly suffers from shoddy direction.

    The first thing that bothered me in this episode were the constant music montages. I didn't really like any of the annoying songs they kept playing over the important scenes. In hopes of finding some emotional resonance with the plot, the director may have gone to this well one too many times. The most powerful scene, where Chuck's dad was finally taken away played out so cheesy and unearned. And what was with the voice-over studying in the room? They were spelling things out too bluntly and obvious.

    It was obvious Orion would be Chuck's father, but the potential for some nice moments was still here. I worry that some connectivity was lost because so many scenes, important ones where Ellie and Chuck need to air out their issues with their dad, felt rushed or brushed over in just a few lines. Ditto for the "dream job" aspect of the show. There wasn't enough emphasis on how Chuck feels about where he is in his life right now, and how working with Rourke could have really changed that. There needed to be more inner conflict there, before deciding to ruin it all.

    Chuck ruining the expo, and the business with breaking in the with tranquilizers wasn't really funny. Just kinda awkward or dumb. Ellie and Devon shine with some nice scenes, but just about every other supporting character, from Lester, Jeff, and Morgan, to even Casey and Sarah, seemed underused this week. Even guest star Chevy Chase was nothing to write home about. Sure this is all set up for what's to come, but as a stand alone episode, Chuck vs the Dream Job is a little weak.