Season 2 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Fun episode with some great moments, especially Chuck gearing up for combat...

    This was a fun episode and I've been enjoying re-watching bits of the last few days. It had seemed pretty obvious as the season progressed that Chuck's dad would end up being Orion, since the writer's kept dropping mentions of the scientist/computer-genius dad who mysteriously abandoned them years before, while simultaneously introducing the idea of the intersect's reclusive creator. Hmm... But I have to admit, they threw me off a bit lately (though Orion's "death" was obviously fake). This episode was definitely Buy More-lite, which is too bad, but they were clearly trying to get through lots of revelations on the home front. It was great to see Chuck finally get his "dream job," even if it was short lived. Sarah and Casey going undercover as "nerds" in plaid shirts and glasses was pretty funny, particularly Casey's nerdy clapping in that scene. I really enjoyed the scene where Chuck geared-up and the way that was edited, with the great Crooked Fingers song over it. The confrontation with Casey was great, seeing Chuck pull a gun on him (and competently too) was kind of step for Chuck. And then Casey was pissed it was a trank gun. Casey getting tranked (reminiscent of Firefly's Train Job ep, anyone?) was hilarious, mostly because of the noise he made right before he passed out.

    Chuck's a great show, but it can be a little uneven sometimes. I was annoyed when Casey and Sarah were so dismissive of Chuck's second intersect theory, as he's supposed to have gained some cred with them by now. Sarah was particularly arctic to him there, after all the closeness and bonding over the father issue, and week-after-week of bucking him up about how he really is a spy. And it seemed silly since it was obvious what Chuck would do when they wouldn't help, but I suppose it was necessary to the plot. The revelation about Chuck's dad was kind of anticlimactic, since we'd seen it coming for so long, but what I really missed out on was Chuck's father finding out Chuck was the intersect. Obviously he'd known about Chuck for a while as Orion. Apart from the Jill story-arc we've yet to have anyone from Chuck's circle of family or friends find out the truth, so that would could have been interesting if he hadn't already known (particularly as he's intersect's creator). And it seems unlikely the Fulcrum agents at the end would've just let Chuck go without interrogation, or better yet keeping him prisoner as leverage so Chuck's dad would do anything they wanted. Until Casey and Sarah showed, it seemed strange that they would let him go. As of the end of the episode, we've got some security issues, since a bunch of Fulcrum agents know Chuck under his real name as a CIA agent and Orion's son. I can only hope we address that further in the last few episodes. So not a perfect episode, but damn good. Lots of great music cues and editing. I'm glad to see the story moving forward and Chuck manning up since he has a different agenda from the team. I can only hope the next episode follows through on its title, since that could be some major character evolution for Chuck.