Season 2 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Quantum Chuck.

    This episode was brilliant on so many levels and two of them were Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase.

    The episode opens where we left off with Chuck and Sarah having tracked Chucks dad down and await for him to answer the door to his trailer house, the suspense is killing us with the director not allowing us to see Mr Barlowski Snr face until the big moment comes and what a surprise it was to Mr Bakula back on our screens, most will recognise SB from Star Trek: Enterprise but my fondest memories are of his Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap…. Anyway moving on.

    Chucks dad reluctantly agrees to come back with Chuck and attend Ellie's wedding to Devon but unlike Chuck Ellie is less than impressed at her estranged fathers return and less than impressed by his strange mannerisms and his claims of inventing flat screen TV's, Palm's, mobile phones etc, we learn Chucks dad went to college with Ted Roark ( Chevy Chase ) who owns Roark Enterprises and when Chuck flash's on a flyer for a convention he learns Fulcrum is involved and a deadly virus will be unleashed on the worlds computers making them obsolete. The team must get Chuck inside and he applies for a job but after getting the position gets the sack.

    Chuck soon learns that Roark has built an Intersect and after donning Casey's SWAT gear breaks into Roark's and tries to gain access to the room that has the Intersect, however Chucks dad is there and after a bit of a rescue we find Bartowski Snr is really Orion but is also Chucks dad…. Good Times!!! Bartowski Snr/Orion can get the Intersect out of Chuck with Roark's Intersect but when it wont work we find Roark has not finished it and needs Bartowski Snr/Orion to help…. Bad Times !!!.

    Long story short, Sarah and Casey rescue Chuck, Mr Bartowski Snr/Orion is taken away by Roark/Fulcrum and Ellie feels let down again by her dad.

    As I said at the top This episode was brilliant on so many levels, I loved Scott Bakula being Chucks dad and I hope we get to see him again, loved the 'Oh Boy!' comment ( Quantum Leap era ) when he first met Ellie and Devon and how he later became Orion, part of me now is hoping Chuck will get the Intersect out of his head and can form a proper relationship with Sarah and his family and friends even though I know that when that day comes it's the end of Chuck the TV show.
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