Season 2 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Ex

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on NBC
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At a BioScience conference, Chuck runs into Jill, his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him and later dated Bryce Larkin. He flashes on her boss, Guy Lafleur, who is suspected to be working on biochemical weapons, so Chuck is ordered to reconnect with Jill in order to gain more information on Lafleur. Meanwhile, Emmett wants the staff to take CPR lessons including a test.moreless

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  • Chuck hooks up with his ex-girlfriend Jill from Stanford. What could possibly go wrong - or right??? Meanwhile, at the Buy More Captain Awesome teaches a CPR class after Big Mike chokes on a donut.moreless

    This has got to be the best episode of Chuck yet! It was heart-warming to be able to see Chuck be able to be "real" and reveal his identity to someone, and that someone being his ex-girlfriend. Geeks (me being one) always want to get the girl (especially certain ones) and this fulfills that secret desire. Plus, the reveal was cleverly written and the scene with the cops outside Jill's hotel room was classic. I like this direction, and it doesn't bother me one bit that they have ressurected the "will he or won't he" storyline of having two women. I can handle some realistic tension as long as it doesn't get all soap-opera wacky. I think the Chuck writer's are too smart to do that.

    This episode is a must see!moreless
  • another hilarious, Chuck relationship episode

    It's Sarah's turn to be jealous. If Bryce's return upset Chuck in wondering about his chances for Sarah's love, this time, it's an ex of Chuck's that has the roles reversed. Even though Bryce has always seemed to be an extremely well-meaninged guy, at least towards Chuck, and has seemed to be nothing but a loyal friend to Chuck, always having Chuck's interests, he did one thing in Chuck's past that was unforgivable: he stole Chuck's girlfriend, Jill. In Season One, Chuck reveals that Bryce stole Jill from him after Bryce had him kicked out of college. Ouch. Possibly reeling from the news that Sarah and him are highly unlikely to be anywhere near romantic, Chuck wonders about Jill, and his feelings are still strong for her. In an ironic turn of events, he bumps into Jill during a work check-up at a convention and normally reserved Chuck turns into an awkward, scared coward. Unfortunately, he'll have to reconnect with Jill since she's involved with a shady guy who has developed a destructive biological weapon that in the wrong hands, could be destructive. There were plenty of awkward moments, as Sarah sees the woman that captured the hearts of two men she loved and loves. With Bryce, Jill is the woman before her, and with Chuck, she is his old lover returning while Sarah has no idea where her and Chuck's relationship is headed. Chuck pretends to be millionaire in order to impress Jill and have ger reveal information about her work and fumbles quite a bit, his plans hitting the floor when his fellow workers reveal he's just a working scab. Back at Buy More, after a serious, but comical, incident, the new Assissant Manager insists the crew learn CPR or else. Morgan and others want to cheat off Chuck but unfortunately, Chuck has to save the world when a bad guy releases the biological gas at a party, trapping everyone, including Casey, inside. Chuck is forced to reveal to Jill that he is a spy and to win bonus points that he's not a stalker creep. Bunch of complications happen with Jill's formula and Chuck has to think on his feet and develop his own not-so-bright ideas, including mouth-to-mouth curing with Casey. Poor Casey, he's not a man to take it. Fortunately Jill saves the day and she's beginning to have second thoughts about Chuck. They decide to give their relationship another chance, while Sarah watches, upset. Even though she knows Chuck and her will probably never happen, she still has feeling for him. Next week, it seems that Chuck might have to decide between Jill or Sarah. I can guess. . .but the decision is still worth watching. Expect a lot more laughter and drama.moreless
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Chuck runs into his ex-girlfriend Jill Roberts while on a Nerd Herd call. In an attempt to save face, he lies to the girl who broke his heart and tells her that he is more successful than he really is. When Chuck flashes on Jill's boss-a research scientist who may have developed a deadly bio-weapon, he, Sarah and Casey must find out if Jill is involved. Meanwhile at the Buy More, Big Mike nearly chokes to death, which leads company efficiency expert Emmett to implement a mandatory CPR course taught by Devon. I love this episode, it's awesome. I always love learning to know more about Chuck because he is so awesome. I love the scenes where he is back in 2003, where he is trying to talk to Jill through the window type thing. I love the Buy More scenes, awesome as always. I love the way Big Mike is choking and Emmett saves him, I thought it was hilarious. I also love the way Emmett wants Chuck fired. I love the scene where Chuck is hiding under the table, I love him so much, he is such a nerd.I love the way they are in this episode, the way everyone pretends to know Chuck as the rich dude, but then Jeff and Lester ruin the whole thing - hilarious. I love the way chuck is with Jill and sarah because he feels sorry for himself, but he changes his attitude so delicious with his spontaneous ways.I love the scenes with Captain Awesome at Buy More teaching them the health and safety and all that, hilarious all the scenes with the whole storyline, especially when Morgan, Jeff and Lester all want to sit next to Chuck. I love the scene where Chuck goes to see Jill and everything is fine again due to the fact that he is awesome, but then his dorky ways make him mess up though by bugging her phone. I love the scene where Casey is asking Jill questions. I love the way Chuck kisses Casey hilarious. Great episode.moreless
  • The first really, really good episode of Chuck

    The first really, really good episode of Chuck, I'm seriously falling for this show. It's the longing looks that get me, and there are plenty of them to go around here. _

    Jill, the infamous girlfriend who shattered Chuck's confidence and stomped all over his strawberry tart, makes her debut and it's none other than Jordana Brewster (no wonder he had a hard time getting over her). They instantly rekindle what she took from him and Chuck's suave efforts to impress her offered up some hilarious gags (Casey in that wig? PRICELESS).


    This was probably one of the funniest episodes yet. Chuck swapping Saliva with Casey, despite his best efforts to prevent such an ordeal, was hysterical. Adam Baldwin is a joy to watch and although Casey may not receive the best characterization; I somehow think it adds to the comedy value of his quips and offbeat humour. Even in the face of death he growls. _

    Sarah's reactions throughout the episode really hooked me into this one. We know so much about Jill and to see Chuck sideline Sarah felt bittersweet – I was happy for Chuck, but sad for Sarah. Chuck has a shot of normalcy, but Sarah never had an opportunity of her own until she was assigned to protect Chuck.


    It looks like Jill is sticking around meaning we're in for yet more longing stares and hopefully more hilarious Casey moments. Fantastic acting and comedic timing from all onboard, more please!moreless
  • Ok

    At a BioScience conference, Chuck runs into Jill, his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him and later dated Bryce Larkin. He flashes on her boss, Guy Lafleur, who is suspected to be working on biochemical weapons, so Chuck is ordered to reconnect with Jill in order to gain more information on Lafleur.

    Meanwhile, Emmett wants the staff to take CPR lessons including a test.

    Sorry for the laziness of this review. This episode was ok by Chucks standards it introduced us to Jill finally, wasnt a very funny episode and Chuck saved the day again I would like to see Chuck fail once in a while.moreless
Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski

Sarah Walker

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi

Charles "Chuck" Irving Bartowski

Joshua Gomez

Joshua Gomez

Morgan Grimes

Ryan McPartlin

Ryan McPartlin

Devon "Captain Awesome" Christian Woodcomb

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Michael "Big Mike" Tucker

Scott Krinsky

Scott Krinsky

Jefferson Barnes

Ammar Ramzi

Ammar Ramzi


Guest Star

William Abadie

William Abadie

Guy Lafleur

Guest Star

Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster

Jill Roberts

Guest Star

Bonita Friedericy

Bonita Friedericy

General Diane Beckman

Recurring Role

Tony Hale (I)

Tony Hale (I)

Emmett Milbarge

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • After hearing that Chuck kissed Casey thinking erroneously that the antidote would be transfer via his saliva, Jill said: "No wonder you failed bio-chemistry." Bio-chem is not a required core course for a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree at Stanford, which was Chuck's major before he was kicked out.

    • When Chuck is performing the computer support at the BioScience conference, he announces that he is using 10BaseT to connect the servers. 10BaseT only runs at 10 megabits per second, and is far too slow to connect modern servers.

    • Featured Music:
      "Pumpin' For Jill" by Iggy Pop (Part of Chuck's "Jill '03 Mix")
      "On Sale Now" by Daniel May
      "Papa Loves Mambo" by Perry Como (Chuck and Jill arrive at the restaurant)
      "It Makes My Heart Break" by Your Vegas (Chuck and Jill talk about the past)
      "Pumpin' For Jill" by Iggy Pop (Chuck and Jill kiss)
      "Time And Space" by The Accidental (Jill calls Chuck)

    • When Chuck comes out of the sealed room after saving the day and is applauded by everybody, one of the guys isn't actually clapping his hands, but just moving them back and forth.

    • Although Ellie's full first name has previously been revealed to be Eleanor, Lester refers to her as Elizabeth. This may not be an error by the writers, but instead in keeping with Lester's character.

    • This is the first episode in which Chuck is shown to carry a badge. Additionally, while Chuck has also been seen working directly with law enforcement officers and tactical teams before, such as leading a team onto the roof to apprehend Colt in "Chuck Versus the First Date", this episode is the first explicit indication that he has some level of authority over local and federal law enforcement agencies.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (As Chuck prepares to kiss Casey)
      Casey: I've served my country with honor! Let me die with dignity!

    • Chuck: It's too dangerous for her, all right. I am putting my foot down! (Casey glares) Gingerly.

    • Sarah: Are you done feeling sorry for yourself?
      Chuck: Personally, I'd like another ten to fifteen minutes of really pathetic self-indulgence.

    • Morgan: Are you guys ready?
      Lester: I was born ready.
      Jeff: I was born premature.

    • Casey: Look, Bartowski, my job is to look after all the citizens of this nation, not just the girl who raises your flag.

    • (After Jill injected the serum into Chuck)
      Jill: Okay, that has a modified version of the viral strain. Now your body metabolizes the poison and the antiviral serum is going to be created from your blood.
      Chuck: Poison? Poison?! I thought I was getting the antidote? You just gave me poison?!
      Jill: Yeah.

    • Ellie: Morgan, are you holding my underwear?
      Morgan: Wait a second, wait a second. Wait, I-I need to be very clear about this. Okay, the only thing I came in here to steal was a CPR test. So any suggestions to any pervy related to your panties--underpants is, frankly, outrageous.
      Ellie: So you deny being a perv, but you admit to being a thief?
      Morgan: Do I at least get points for honesty?

    • Jeff: Man, if I wanted to take tests, I would've been a boat captain.

    • Sarah: I know it's hard, but tonight you have to be a spy first.
      Chuck: Yeah, it is hard. I'm not like you, Sarah. I can't turn my emotions on and off like some robot.

    • Chuck: She owes me an explanation.
      Casey: No, she doesn't. She exercised her First Amendment right to dump you.

    • Chuck: Oh and by the way, she slept with Bryce Larkin.
      Casey: Hmm. Who hasn't?
      (Sarah shots Casey a look)

    • Chuck: You see, she broke my heart. She destroyed me. She took all of my confidence, my mojo.
      Casey: You had mojo?
      Chuck: I was on my way.

    • (Chuck sees Jill and ducks under the table)
      Associate: Is there a problem?
      Chuck: Can you tell me if the attractive brown-eyed, slightly egg-headed brunette with an extremely cold heart is still there?
      Associate: She's here. Why? Who is she?
      Chuck: Jill Roberts, my ex-girlfriend. She broke my heart. I need, I need a diversion. Would it be a terrible imposition for you to pull the fire alarm?

    • Captain Awesome: Okay, so how did everyone come with their chest compression?
      (Captain Awesome walks into the room and sees Buy More employees beating up their aquatic dolls.)
      Captain Awesome: Come on guys, what's wrong with you?
      Jeff: I drink too much.
      Lester: My parents had impossible standards.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Sarah Walker pretends to put on an Australian accent while giving her speech. However, Yvonne Strahovski is actually from Australia and really puts on an American accent for the show.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Chuck a bývalka (Chuck and the Ex)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Turkey: March 2, 2009 on CNBC-e
      United Kingdom: July 14, 2009 on Virgin 1
      Latin America: July 19, 2009 on Warner Channel
      Australia: August 6, 2009 on FOX8
      Czech Republic: February 4, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: May 23, 2010 on Markiza
      Finland: June 24, 2011 on Sub

    • Although credited, Julia Ling (Anna Melinda Wu) does not appear in this episode.


    • Jill's boss is named Guy Lafleur.

      Guy Lafleur is a Canadian professional hockey player whose position was right wing and who was active from 1971-1984 and 1988-1991.