Season 2 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Ex

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • This episode is easily one of the best of the series so far.

    This episode is easily one of the best of the series so far. It was fun and elaborate and the best disguises, so far, ensue. I absolutely loved the restaurant scene, I thought it was one of the best directed scenes so far in the show. With each episode Zachary Levi is impressing me more and more with his acting chops. I sincerely believe that if he keeps this up he will deserve an Emmy nomination. There is a subtly in his performance that I just love. Plus he has to switch back and forth, constantly, between being "just Chuck", the loser who works at the Buy More, and "spy Chuck".

    I really liked Jordana Brewster as Chuck's ex-girlfriend, Jill Roberts. I knew it was only a matter of time before they brought Chucks ex into the picture. Brewster really hasn't been in much else, but I hope that this role here will get her some positive exposure. Also Tony Hale returns again this week as Emmett Milbarge, someone sent by Buy More corporate to help improve the store's efficiency. I enjoyed his character much more, this episode, than the last. Probably because he was given much better lines.

    I'd have to say, in my opinion, that this was the best episode so far this season. Which is a big deal considering the great episodes we've gotten this season, excluding last episode's disappointment.