Season 2 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Ex

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • another hilarious, Chuck relationship episode

    It's Sarah's turn to be jealous. If Bryce's return upset Chuck in wondering about his chances for Sarah's love, this time, it's an ex of Chuck's that has the roles reversed. Even though Bryce has always seemed to be an extremely well-meaninged guy, at least towards Chuck, and has seemed to be nothing but a loyal friend to Chuck, always having Chuck's interests, he did one thing in Chuck's past that was unforgivable: he stole Chuck's girlfriend, Jill. In Season One, Chuck reveals that Bryce stole Jill from him after Bryce had him kicked out of college. Ouch. Possibly reeling from the news that Sarah and him are highly unlikely to be anywhere near romantic, Chuck wonders about Jill, and his feelings are still strong for her. In an ironic turn of events, he bumps into Jill during a work check-up at a convention and normally reserved Chuck turns into an awkward, scared coward. Unfortunately, he'll have to reconnect with Jill since she's involved with a shady guy who has developed a destructive biological weapon that in the wrong hands, could be destructive. There were plenty of awkward moments, as Sarah sees the woman that captured the hearts of two men she loved and loves. With Bryce, Jill is the woman before her, and with Chuck, she is his old lover returning while Sarah has no idea where her and Chuck's relationship is headed. Chuck pretends to be millionaire in order to impress Jill and have ger reveal information about her work and fumbles quite a bit, his plans hitting the floor when his fellow workers reveal he's just a working scab. Back at Buy More, after a serious, but comical, incident, the new Assissant Manager insists the crew learn CPR or else. Morgan and others want to cheat off Chuck but unfortunately, Chuck has to save the world when a bad guy releases the biological gas at a party, trapping everyone, including Casey, inside. Chuck is forced to reveal to Jill that he is a spy and to win bonus points that he's not a stalker creep. Bunch of complications happen with Jill's formula and Chuck has to think on his feet and develop his own not-so-bright ideas, including mouth-to-mouth curing with Casey. Poor Casey, he's not a man to take it. Fortunately Jill saves the day and she's beginning to have second thoughts about Chuck. They decide to give their relationship another chance, while Sarah watches, upset. Even though she knows Chuck and her will probably never happen, she still has feeling for him. Next week, it seems that Chuck might have to decide between Jill or Sarah. I can guess. . .but the decision is still worth watching. Expect a lot more laughter and drama.