Season 3 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on NBC

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    This episode opens with Ellie surprising Hannah in Chuck's shower, so they obviously hooked up, which is disappointing. Later, when the Buy More employees are assembled for a slow cooker demonstration. Hannah has her arms around Chuck and she's gazing at him, which is all she ever does. While Big Mike's talking, she gazes at Chuck again and whispers "I'm excited about dinner tonight." Chuck doesn't sound like he really cares, and he doesn't gaze at her with as much devotion as she gazes at him.

    Apparent moments after this, she kisses him passionately in the middle of the Buy More and whispers "Hi, I missed those lips." Chuck sort of rebuffs her, saying "What, these old things? Ha ha ha." I'm pretty sure Chuck is supposed to be genuinely into Hannah, but it's not convincing. She just seems to be pursuing him for all she's worth. I'd kind of be grateful if Chuck said something like "look, I like you, but I need some space, especially at work. Please stop following me around like a lovesick puppy."

    "I'm gonna be thinking about last night when I'm on my install" she says, before kissing Chuck again, still in the middle of the Buy More, still in front of everyone. Later, presumably after the install, they meet up again in the Buy More, and kiss. Later she makes a toast at dinner, celebrating the fact that her life is finally coming together, 24 hours after sleeping with the guy she chased all the way from France. Back at the Buy More the next day, she snatches Chuck's phone, and then invites him to meet her parents... 36 hours after sleeping with the guy she chased all the way from France. Then she ANSWERS Chuck's phone, which I consider a serious breach of etiquette. If the producers really want us to like this character, they need to stop letting Hannah get in the way and screw everything up.

    The loved-up stuff makes for unpleasant viewing. Chuck and Sarah's relationship is too advanced at this point, and even Zachary Levi can't convince the audience that he's genuinely interested in anyone else. Likewise, Sarah's relationship with Daniel Shaw is forced and unrealistic. The awkwardness continues when Shaw answers the door in nothing but a towel. Though extremely handsome, he's too similar to her, and too two-dimensional, to be a pleasure to watch in the context of his relationship with Sarah. While she's trying to tell him about her fears for Chuck, Shaw is zipping up his pants in front of her. Explaining that both she and Chuck are changing because of their roles as spies, Shaw moves in for the kill and says, inappropriately, "well if this is you, I like you - I want more." She then tells Shaw her real name, which is unlikely when she wouldn't tell Chuck. "Well, I'm gonna kiss you now" says Shaw, clumsily. They do kiss, and then again at the end of the episode. There's a lot of kissing in this episode, and none of it is between Chuck and Sarah.

    Shaw gets more interesting later in the series, but Hannah doesn't. Fortunately this is the last episode in which she appears. She departs as suddenly as she arrived, and Chuck doesn't seem too broken up about it. Hannah tells him "you're not a nice guy, Chuck." Although from her perspective she's justified in dismissing Chuck pretty rudely, she did bulldoze him into this very serious relationship, and as an audience we know Chuck IS a nice guy, so she comes across as kind of a harpy. As irritating as I find her in this role, I'm inclined to blame the writers for introducing a character, shoehorning her into an incredibly intimate relationship with the main character over an arc of 4 episodes, and failing to make her likeable.
  • A better title should have been Chuck Versus the shark


    Talk about Chuck jumping the shark. I am a bit late to the party. I just started watching this series. At first I felt nostalgic for the Ross/Rachel scenario. I found it insulting to read that the producers actually weighed their decisions based on the Friends' ratings. Friends was a thousand times better. The first offense was backpedalling from season two. The second offense was retconning Sarah's history. The third offense was Brandon Routh. Common sense after season two would be Chuck kicking ass, Sarah chasing him and Orion running the operation. The best shows of the past twenty years don't exist in a time capsule. The Shield, Friends, X-Files charactersall progressed. I purposely left out spoilers. Most readers will know my references.

  • Chuck and his poofy hair is a bit of a jerkface.

    Not cool, Chuck. While it's obvious that Chuck is changing because of his increased spy-ness, his motivations are a bit unclear and a bit weak. Season 2 saw Chuck fighting for his normal life without serets and lies, and by episode 8 of season 3 we see a complete turn-around, with Chuck lying at every turn to keep his cover as a covert agent. This episode highlighted just how far Chuck has come. It seems that Chuck's rash decision at the end of Season 2 to become the intersect once more was his way of choosing his destiny. Working at a company like Roark was not for him and managing the Buy More would not satisfy Chuck either. It seems though that this has caused him to lose himself and it will be interesting to see whether he will continue on this path or whether Hannah is the last heart he breaks for a while. Warning: Chuck is no longer the nerd we know and love, ever since he poofed-up his hair he has turned into the jerky/cool guy at work who always seems to have something going on and treats his friends like crap!

    Also: I kinda love what's happening between Sarah and Shaw, he's super-hot and just what she needs right now.
  • I liked this one... Very Funny! And Casey is awesome!

    What an improvement over last week!

    Ali Adler wrote this episode, and and this that this made a difference. And i watched it twice so that i got a proper feel for it.

    Gotta say, I LOVED the conversation between the gangsters and Chuck about the Will They/ Wont They question bewteen him and Sarah. Great way to poke fun at the fans concerns, and i had a hearty chuckle!

    Chuck as an assasin was surprisingly beleivable, and what good acting!

    I gotta say, im still not feeling Shaw, but i hope this will change as the show moved foward.

    Hannah was also awesome and i will be sad to see her go, and the fact that she called Chuck out on being an excellent lier and how he was not as a nice guy as he think he is, was very well played. And dumping her just minutes before he was supposed to have dinner with her parents, what a *insert approriate word of your choice here*.

    Anywho liked the episode, loved the acting!

    OH and Casey, what a BADASS! Seriously, letting someone rip a tooth outa your mouth, sans anesthetic, well its just BADASS. You gotta love Casey!

    Bring on the next episode!
  • I am a died in the wool "Chuck-a-holic" and I HATED most of it. Yes three little words can describe this episode for me…painful to watch!

    I'LL try not to waist your time with a lot of complaining other then to say that I'M A hugefan have been since the beginning, and have never missed an episode. Even so I have to say I'm about fed up with the tired ramblings, twists and turns they continually to take to try to keep Chuck and Sarah apart, instead of putting the team together and letting the magic continue, and for what?!?!?!? Supposed higher ratings. I read a Blog in which Zach Levy and the producers where chatting about where the show was going and why. In this interview they said they continued to keep them apart to keep the ratings up...something about how the ratings had dropped when Rachel and Ross on "Friends" got together and it was because people were board. Sorry I'm so SICK of pretty boy Shaw and his bad acting that I'm about to stop watching the show period! I respectfully submit that if they want to REALLY see low ratings...keep not giving us the fans what we want...Check and Sarah together! I again respectfully submit to the Levy and the Producers, don't be scared...put our lovebirds together, pay the writers and trust them to keep the plot won't be disappointed because without the dysfunctional twists they are throwing into the mix, the show is already magical!!!

    Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin, were awesome as ever and, as well as the rest of the cast. It's not the cast it's the writing...the Buy More antics are even getting cold. Come on guys give us back our favorite show and keep it going up.

    Hopefully they wake up in time to save this once highlight of our TV watching week.
  • Difficult episode: poor story but excellent performance of the actors

    This is an episode rather difficult to score.

    On the one hand, the story is poor but consistent with the 3rd season going darker. Series are not forever, and inspiration could vanish. The plot seems to run dry, so the writers try to explore new areas, even if there aren't consistent with the main ark. On the other hand, Zachary Levi / Charles "Chuck" Irving Bartowski delivers an outstanding performance, playing both the foolish geek we love and the sinister spy ready to kill. The script gives him the perfect opportunity to deliver his very best.

    However, there's really a question mark on this 3rd season, and the balance between fun and seriousness. Would the writers be able to deliver a 4th season with the same level of quality as in seasons 1 and 2?

    My guess? Zachary Levi is ready for more than just a series, he's ready for a true movie.
  • Chuck breaks up with Hannah.

    Even though this episode was pretty great, it was still sad to see that Hannah & Chuck broke up. In the beginning of the episode, Chuck & Hannah have had sex for the first time together. Ellie sees Hannah in the shower, and feels as though Chuck doesn't share enough with her. Meanwhile Chuck has to be someone else for a mission, he has to be a trained assassin. His mission is to kill Shaw & Sarah. In the process, he finds Shaw & Sarah kissing, and then finds out that Sarah's real name is Sam, something she never confessed to Chuck, but she confessed to Shaw. He still has to save them so he comes in to stage a fight with Shaw. His mafia buddies decide to shoot Shaw & Sarah for Chuck, but Casey saves the day, as stops them from shooting. He claims that the whole thing was an act. (Fighting Shaw). When really there was some truth in it. Shaw & Sarah start a relationship in the end. Something I disliked greatly. Hannah meets Chuck's family, which was nice, so now Chuck wants him to meet her family. On the night of meeting her parents, he breaks up with her, because of his hidden agenda. So sad & harsh, the way the writers took the break up. Also sad to see Kristin Kreuk's departure handled that way. Still a good episode, with amazing development.
  • Talk about indifference!!!

    That's really the only word I can think, indifference!
    This had the makings of an awesome episode. But it falls just short of greatness. To begin with, is it me or was Chuck totally convincing as Rafe?
    The answer for me was yes. I mean really? Chuck owned was Rafe!
    But did he own too much? I love the fact that he's growing and learning how to be better at what he does and I loved Levi's performance in this episode. But I missed Chuck's goofiness! Total indifference, I know. But that's not my major concern here. The two subplots aren't wonderful, they seem to be trying too hard to fit wrap up Chuck and Hannah's in a hurry. Where Jill's break up was interesting, I find it a little hard to care for Hannah and Chuck future in this episode. It feel to me as if they've filled in time with a couple of scene with a very quick Buy More subplot to establish and explain Morgan's absence while also setting up dinner with Ellie and Awesome. But at least Jeff and Lester cram enough of the obnoxious charm in there to make me laugh while the force information on me. But the Buy More happens to be the far more interesting story here and it's basically two small scene and I'm instead left with an okay, but rather dull, dinner with Ellie and Awesome. It would have been so much more interesting to have invited Morgan to dinner. Doing this would have instantly added comedy and drama to the situation, which were needed.

    While also letting the Buy More subplot go ( would have missed it though!) to let the dinner scene breath!
    But then I guess you would have been stuck with people expecting you to hook Hannah and Morgan and up after her break up with Chuck.

    Oh well, Chuck as Rafe was well worth it!
    But Shaw in boring!
  • A good post-Olympics return for Chuck as writers get towards the middle of the season and the inevitable will they/wont they reunion between Sarah and Chuck

    A solid effort on Chuck this week, as he is forced to take on the alias of an assassin. The budding relationship between Hannah and Chuck is loved up for all of 20 minutes (seriously) as they flaunt their mushiness in the Buy More, much to the astonishment of their less-suave co-workers. Chuck/Hannah love is also embraced by big sis Ellie, who as a side note is getting less awesome and way whiny. Seriously. She's married, but she's no-ones mother yet. Writers please give her back a personality. Chuck tries to balance post-first time bliss with Hannah with his spy duties, taking on the alias of one of the world's most dangerous assassins. Sarah is shocked by the ease in which Chuck is able to master the role, confiding in Shaw as the two accept their mutual crush and make moves to get it on. Chuck of course, overhears (and sees) this exchange, because out of all the people his assassin persona could be chosen to kill, its someone in his close circle of acquaintances. Chuck realises he is losing his identity as he strives to become a spy, just as Sarah (who has now divulged her real name!!) realises just how much she misses her. Major dilemma being set up for the rest of the season as Chuck breaks up with Hannah (I never liked her anyways...) and Sarah accepts her feelings for Chuck will always trump her feelings for Shaw. Could've been stronger and the writers tried a little too hard to keep viewers on their toes, but overall it was a good episode, and Zach Levi who plays Chuck mastered the nerd-come-spy-come-deadly assassin role really well. I predict four more eps til the Sarah/Chuck tensions come to a head and we see the progression towards a season finale cliffhanger. Until then...
  • A perfect start to the back order of the season. Chuck becoming a real awesome spy and some really, really heart warming moments.

    Chuck is becoming increasingly more and more competent as a spy. I really liked how he could adopt this new persona so quickly and flash when needing to, it turns out that sarah may make him flash but in this episode he could not flash on Raif when sarah was in trouble and he was emotional. I think it is interesting how he is becoming less and less like the person sarah fell in love with, I like the way the season is going. My favourite moments are chuck with casey as usual, the way they communicate and get how casey showed an emotion and said I am proud of you. I think Chuck will come along well this season and reach a crossroad, what that is and what will happen is anybodies guess, but I hope Sarah sticks with him and his new skills and they do not remove the 2.0 intersect from his brain and lose all this forward movement they are making.
  • Great episode. Short and sweet review *spoiler free*

    I like the direction of the show. I think it needed a change in pace. I love Chuck, it is one of my top shows. I like the relationship change because I think it will make Chuck and Sarah love each other even more at the end of the season, and eventually I think it will return back to the old formula. I think people are too worried about Chuck and Sarah not being together. Give the writers and creators credit. They have done a great job so far and I am sure they will make them end up together in the end [Fingers crossed]. Mixing it up from time to time is a good thing. I don't like shows that use the same formula over and over. This season has turned out great. A lot of action and it still has great chemistry between all of the actors imho. The only thing I wish was different is a little bit more of the Buy Moor antics which we have become accustomed to. Other than that, I have really no beef at all with the way the show is going :-) and Casey is indeed a bad***!
  • Forced, unfunny, poor pacing.

    I think their best writer(s) went on vacation for this episode. Everything was rushed. What little humor there was wasn't very funny. The show might be losing it's way. I know it almost got canceled but by trying to change what they had from the first two seasons they are in danger of losing the fans they had.

    The constant unending tension between Chuck and Sarah isn't interesting, isn't new. Look at every other show on TV, it's same-old-same-old. Very trite and boring. If you want to do something new, something not done on TV in many seasons, drop the sexual tension and make them real partners. That hasn't been seen on TV is quite a long time.
  • Chuck's latest mission is too impersonate a captured assassin who is one of the best in the game. Elle meets Hannah and Chuck invites Elle and Awesome to dinner with Hannah. Things really start to heat up with Sarah and Shaw. Casey is the man!

    Chuck is back after the Winter Olympics hiatus and he's impersonating a professional assassin. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it he is doing a really good job. I guess the dilemma is, as Sarah puts it, to paraphrase "We are losing what Chuck really is in this person he is becoming." Sort of the same way she feels about herself. Boy, can I say she sure does seem to be fickle at times.

    We have what I guess is a real breakthrough for Chuck. Elle decides to go over and talk to him about his situation and she interrupts Hannah who is coming out of the shower. So Chuck got lucky! I guess this takes the edge off, but it hardly does anything for the Chuck and Sarah situation other than to derail it for the moment. After going through all of that what does Chuck do? See the episode to find out!

    The action in tonight's episode is really terrific. The bar scene and Casey's reactions were what makes this show go. Adam Baldwin is absolutely terrific as Casey. The whole tooth thing was painful, realistic, and really graphic. Very well done and certainly believable.

    A well thought out plot overall that leaves a few things up in the air more than they have ever been and a leaves Chuck in a precarious position going forward. Will Chuck get what he really wants? Does Chuck really know what he really wants? We'll see in the upcoming episodes! Thanks for reading...
  • A few issues I had marred what would have been a genius episode otherwise

    Let me get right to my issue:

    Chuck and Hannah breaking up. Boo. I thought they were great together, and Kreuk has been a real gem on this show. They could have really let this play out a lot longer, but BAM~ they're split just as soon as they got together? What a waste of f*cking time. If fan outcry is to blame here, I can see that the Chuck audience is really going to sour me to this show. (Chuck and Sarah will be together in the end, CALM DOWN people! A relationship with someone else would have been welcome)

    I'm also having a serious problem with The Sarah/Shaw relationship. It'd be fine. If it was believable. I don't buy it. Based on what we know of Sarah, she's never been this...'easy'. Why is she falling for this guy? There's nothing particularly interesting about Shaw, (accentuated by Brandon Routh's limited acting ability and wooden performance) and he has no charisma. Bryce Larkin he is not. I guess all he's good for is taking off his shirt. I feel like they are weakening the Sarah character with these interactions. And now she's really Sam? WTF? Next, I'm worried for the Ellie character. She is starting to become a one-note broken record. Please sharpen this character up. I'm not sure what it is, but keeping her in the dark about Chuck is starting to make her seem a little... 'dumb'. She's a sweetie, and worries about her brother, but now I'm wondering how long this can play out, and I feel like patting her on the head every time I see her now.

    Devon lying to Ellie is becoming a problem too. it was cute at first, but Awesome is starting to not be so awesome anymore. Drop all of this and give the dude his swagger back, please. Finally, some odd shots and technical hiccups dampened me to the directing of this episode (an ugly CG shot in the sniper rifle, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it tooth pull, some really weird framing of actors' faces, etc.) I know Chuck is really budget right now, but there was a super cheap feel to the overall production of this episode. Camp value higher than usual.

    Man, I loved everything with Casey (the ending, the new Alex Corburn mystery) but I thought Chuck torturing him could have been played for much better impact. That seemed rushed for Chuck emotionally. Overall I wasn't quite sure what the difference between this and what he does with 'Agent Carmichael' was, but as Rafe he was pretty damn brilliant. Every scene with Chuck and the dopey mob guys was hilarious! That material worked, but most everything else wasn't fully realized.
  • Does someone know the name of the song played during the last 4 minutes of the episode ?

    Does someone know the name of the song played during the last 4 minutes of the episode ? It says "living a hell of a life ..." but I can't find out the name of the song.

    Does anyone know about it ? Thank you for your help ;-)

    as far as the story is concerned, I'm a little disapointed by the way things end up with ana and chuck. She seemed perfect for him and one more time he manages to blew it !

    Well I hope for him that eventually he'll get to the point where he'd realize what's the genuine priority between work and personnal life.

    Anyway it's just a tv show, not real life !