Season 3 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • A perfect start to the back order of the season. Chuck becoming a real awesome spy and some really, really heart warming moments.

    Chuck is becoming increasingly more and more competent as a spy. I really liked how he could adopt this new persona so quickly and flash when needing to, it turns out that sarah may make him flash but in this episode he could not flash on Raif when sarah was in trouble and he was emotional. I think it is interesting how he is becoming less and less like the person sarah fell in love with, I like the way the season is going. My favourite moments are chuck with casey as usual, the way they communicate and get how casey showed an emotion and said I am proud of you. I think Chuck will come along well this season and reach a crossroad, what that is and what will happen is anybodies guess, but I hope Sarah sticks with him and his new skills and they do not remove the 2.0 intersect from his brain and lose all this forward movement they are making.
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