Season 3 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • A few issues I had marred what would have been a genius episode otherwise

    Let me get right to my issue:

    Chuck and Hannah breaking up. Boo. I thought they were great together, and Kreuk has been a real gem on this show. They could have really let this play out a lot longer, but BAM~ they're split just as soon as they got together? What a waste of f*cking time. If fan outcry is to blame here, I can see that the Chuck audience is really going to sour me to this show. (Chuck and Sarah will be together in the end, CALM DOWN people! A relationship with someone else would have been welcome)

    I'm also having a serious problem with The Sarah/Shaw relationship. It'd be fine. If it was believable. I don't buy it. Based on what we know of Sarah, she's never been this...'easy'. Why is she falling for this guy? There's nothing particularly interesting about Shaw, (accentuated by Brandon Routh's limited acting ability and wooden performance) and he has no charisma. Bryce Larkin he is not. I guess all he's good for is taking off his shirt. I feel like they are weakening the Sarah character with these interactions. And now she's really Sam? WTF? Next, I'm worried for the Ellie character. She is starting to become a one-note broken record. Please sharpen this character up. I'm not sure what it is, but keeping her in the dark about Chuck is starting to make her seem a little... 'dumb'. She's a sweetie, and worries about her brother, but now I'm wondering how long this can play out, and I feel like patting her on the head every time I see her now.

    Devon lying to Ellie is becoming a problem too. it was cute at first, but Awesome is starting to not be so awesome anymore. Drop all of this and give the dude his swagger back, please. Finally, some odd shots and technical hiccups dampened me to the directing of this episode (an ugly CG shot in the sniper rifle, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it tooth pull, some really weird framing of actors' faces, etc.) I know Chuck is really budget right now, but there was a super cheap feel to the overall production of this episode. Camp value higher than usual.

    Man, I loved everything with Casey (the ending, the new Alex Corburn mystery) but I thought Chuck torturing him could have been played for much better impact. That seemed rushed for Chuck emotionally. Overall I wasn't quite sure what the difference between this and what he does with 'Agent Carmichael' was, but as Rafe he was pretty damn brilliant. Every scene with Chuck and the dopey mob guys was hilarious! That material worked, but most everything else wasn't fully realized.