Season 3 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • A good post-Olympics return for Chuck as writers get towards the middle of the season and the inevitable will they/wont they reunion between Sarah and Chuck

    A solid effort on Chuck this week, as he is forced to take on the alias of an assassin. The budding relationship between Hannah and Chuck is loved up for all of 20 minutes (seriously) as they flaunt their mushiness in the Buy More, much to the astonishment of their less-suave co-workers. Chuck/Hannah love is also embraced by big sis Ellie, who as a side note is getting less awesome and way whiny. Seriously. She's married, but she's no-ones mother yet. Writers please give her back a personality. Chuck tries to balance post-first time bliss with Hannah with his spy duties, taking on the alias of one of the world's most dangerous assassins. Sarah is shocked by the ease in which Chuck is able to master the role, confiding in Shaw as the two accept their mutual crush and make moves to get it on. Chuck of course, overhears (and sees) this exchange, because out of all the people his assassin persona could be chosen to kill, its someone in his close circle of acquaintances. Chuck realises he is losing his identity as he strives to become a spy, just as Sarah (who has now divulged her real name!!) realises just how much she misses her. Major dilemma being set up for the rest of the season as Chuck breaks up with Hannah (I never liked her anyways...) and Sarah accepts her feelings for Chuck will always trump her feelings for Shaw. Could've been stronger and the writers tried a little too hard to keep viewers on their toes, but overall it was a good episode, and Zach Levi who plays Chuck mastered the nerd-come-spy-come-deadly assassin role really well. I predict four more eps til the Sarah/Chuck tensions come to a head and we see the progression towards a season finale cliffhanger. Until then...