Season 3 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • Chuck breaks up with Hannah.

    Even though this episode was pretty great, it was still sad to see that Hannah & Chuck broke up. In the beginning of the episode, Chuck & Hannah have had sex for the first time together. Ellie sees Hannah in the shower, and feels as though Chuck doesn't share enough with her. Meanwhile Chuck has to be someone else for a mission, he has to be a trained assassin. His mission is to kill Shaw & Sarah. In the process, he finds Shaw & Sarah kissing, and then finds out that Sarah's real name is Sam, something she never confessed to Chuck, but she confessed to Shaw. He still has to save them so he comes in to stage a fight with Shaw. His mafia buddies decide to shoot Shaw & Sarah for Chuck, but Casey saves the day, as stops them from shooting. He claims that the whole thing was an act. (Fighting Shaw). When really there was some truth in it. Shaw & Sarah start a relationship in the end. Something I disliked greatly. Hannah meets Chuck's family, which was nice, so now Chuck wants him to meet her family. On the night of meeting her parents, he breaks up with her, because of his hidden agenda. So sad & harsh, the way the writers took the break up. Also sad to see Kristin Kreuk's departure handled that way. Still a good episode, with amazing development.