Season 3 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • Difficult episode: poor story but excellent performance of the actors

    This is an episode rather difficult to score.

    On the one hand, the story is poor but consistent with the 3rd season going darker. Series are not forever, and inspiration could vanish. The plot seems to run dry, so the writers try to explore new areas, even if there aren't consistent with the main ark. On the other hand, Zachary Levi / Charles "Chuck" Irving Bartowski delivers an outstanding performance, playing both the foolish geek we love and the sinister spy ready to kill. The script gives him the perfect opportunity to deliver his very best.

    However, there's really a question mark on this 3rd season, and the balance between fun and seriousness. Would the writers be able to deliver a 4th season with the same level of quality as in seasons 1 and 2?

    My guess? Zachary Levi is ready for more than just a series, he's ready for a true movie.