Season 3 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on NBC

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    This episode opens with Ellie surprising Hannah in Chuck's shower, so they obviously hooked up, which is disappointing. Later, when the Buy More employees are assembled for a slow cooker demonstration. Hannah has her arms around Chuck and she's gazing at him, which is all she ever does. While Big Mike's talking, she gazes at Chuck again and whispers "I'm excited about dinner tonight." Chuck doesn't sound like he really cares, and he doesn't gaze at her with as much devotion as she gazes at him.

    Apparent moments after this, she kisses him passionately in the middle of the Buy More and whispers "Hi, I missed those lips." Chuck sort of rebuffs her, saying "What, these old things? Ha ha ha." I'm pretty sure Chuck is supposed to be genuinely into Hannah, but it's not convincing. She just seems to be pursuing him for all she's worth. I'd kind of be grateful if Chuck said something like "look, I like you, but I need some space, especially at work. Please stop following me around like a lovesick puppy."

    "I'm gonna be thinking about last night when I'm on my install" she says, before kissing Chuck again, still in the middle of the Buy More, still in front of everyone. Later, presumably after the install, they meet up again in the Buy More, and kiss. Later she makes a toast at dinner, celebrating the fact that her life is finally coming together, 24 hours after sleeping with the guy she chased all the way from France. Back at the Buy More the next day, she snatches Chuck's phone, and then invites him to meet her parents... 36 hours after sleeping with the guy she chased all the way from France. Then she ANSWERS Chuck's phone, which I consider a serious breach of etiquette. If the producers really want us to like this character, they need to stop letting Hannah get in the way and screw everything up.

    The loved-up stuff makes for unpleasant viewing. Chuck and Sarah's relationship is too advanced at this point, and even Zachary Levi can't convince the audience that he's genuinely interested in anyone else. Likewise, Sarah's relationship with Daniel Shaw is forced and unrealistic. The awkwardness continues when Shaw answers the door in nothing but a towel. Though extremely handsome, he's too similar to her, and too two-dimensional, to be a pleasure to watch in the context of his relationship with Sarah. While she's trying to tell him about her fears for Chuck, Shaw is zipping up his pants in front of her. Explaining that both she and Chuck are changing because of their roles as spies, Shaw moves in for the kill and says, inappropriately, "well if this is you, I like you - I want more." She then tells Shaw her real name, which is unlikely when she wouldn't tell Chuck. "Well, I'm gonna kiss you now" says Shaw, clumsily. They do kiss, and then again at the end of the episode. There's a lot of kissing in this episode, and none of it is between Chuck and Sarah.

    Shaw gets more interesting later in the series, but Hannah doesn't. Fortunately this is the last episode in which she appears. She departs as suddenly as she arrived, and Chuck doesn't seem too broken up about it. Hannah tells him "you're not a nice guy, Chuck." Although from her perspective she's justified in dismissing Chuck pretty rudely, she did bulldoze him into this very serious relationship, and as an audience we know Chuck IS a nice guy, so she comes across as kind of a harpy. As irritating as I find her in this role, I'm inclined to blame the writers for introducing a character, shoehorning her into an incredibly intimate relationship with the main character over an arc of 4 episodes, and failing to make her likeable.