Season 2 Episode 7

Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • Very predictable ending!

    Honestly, this episode wasn't bad but the end kind of ruined it. From the moment Jill arrived, I suspected they were going to make her a FULCRUM agent. This show hadn't let me down much in the past, so I was hoping the writers would resist the urge to do something so obvious. Guess not. Why was it so obvious? Well, for one thing, apparently everyone from everyone's past is somehow involved in some shady activity on this show. That aside, the show is slowly working toward Chuck and Sarah really getting together. Jill was to be a roadblock, but they had to get rid of her somehow. Plus she's the first person in Chuck's life to find out what he really is. Of course she was going to be dirty. If you didn't know she was going to be a FULCRUM agent by the end scene where they flash back between FULCRUM agents and Jill and Chuck together in bed, you may want to get your head checked. It wasn't as suspenseful as they obviously hoped it would be. I found myself saying, "Just show Jill and get it over with" everytime they showed the next meaningless FULCRUM agent. I don't know. Hopefully, the writers have another twist on this next week that makes up for this one. Forgetting that for now, at least Tony Hale was pretty funny in this episode. The Buy More storylines are hit or miss. Sometimes they are completely hilarious and sometimes you want to jump over them and get back to the spy action. This one was somewhere between. My final little complaint about this episode is a pretty minor one. I thought it was a little convenient that Chuck was able to bring Jill over to his place and Ellie is nowhere to be found. This way, the writers can avoid having him explain "cheating" on Sarah.