Season 2 Episode 7

Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • I saw that twist coming.

    Okay, I can all hear you telling me to stop lying and if you haven't seen this episode then don't read on as their are spoilers……..

    I knew one of the main characters was a Fulcrum agent at the beginning of the episode but wasn't quiet sure if it was Chucks new girlfriend Jill or Buy Mores new assistant manager Emmett, however I knew as soon as they found the first clue and Jill helped them discover the riddle that she was an agent.

    It's a pity really as I like Chuck and Jill as a couple plus I think Jordana ( Jill ) is far hotter than Yvonne ( Sarah ), I've not read any information on next weeks episode but I know Jordana is in it, I'm hoping Jill is an ex Fulcrum agent who wants to join team Chuck however I know there is still a romance storyline involving Chuck and Sarah so something will happen to make Jill leave one way or another.