Season 2 Episode 7

Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • another hilarious, often surprising episode

    Chuck finally has the girl, now what? Last episode, Chuck was able to win Jill, his first love, back and they know all their secrets. Nothing seems to have changed between them and they love each other as strong as before. It seems to be the perfect relationship for Chuck. Unfortunately, he has to deal with Casey and Sarah, mostly Case, butting in on his and Jill's personal time by spying on them. Less than romantic. Not to mention Jill is slightly jealous of Sarah and doesn't believe Chuck's relationship with her is strictly friendly. Unfortunately, Jill's business with Geis, her boss and a double agent, is not finished being uncovered. Geis has a secret key stored away somewhere revealing a list of all known Fulcrum agents, the CIA's and FBI's dreaded enemy. Someone else is looking for the list too, a man that definitely doesn't want the list to fall into the right hands. Back at Buy More, Emmett is upping his personal grudge against Chuck, this time attacking his personal life. He wants something to pin on Chuck and to get it, he threatens and harrasses Chuck's co-workers and Morgan to get it. They don't know anything wrong with Chuck and good old Morgan righteously defends his friend from any allegation. Not only does Chuck have to prove to Jill nothing is going on between him and Sarah, a strange clue to finding the key hilariously helps assume otherwise for Jill. Jill starts to believe Chuck afer he tells her the full story and is actually able to help the team locate more clues leading to the key. Casey feels free to dig at Sarah about Chuck plenty of times but Sarah states that Chuck deserves a real romance. She loves him enough to know they're chances are remarkably slim and will sacrifice her happiness for his. Sweet. Emmett is somewhat successful in turning Morgan against Chuck when both see Chuck with Jill. Morgan is shocked over it and upset that Chuck didn't tell him. Chuck reassures him that it's not what Morgan thinks and if it was up to Chuck, he would tell Morgan everything. And it would be neat if Morgan actually found out the truth but most likely, he would be a pain to getting things done. Chuck and Jill, looking to get away from being spied on, sneaks off in the countryside. Unfortunately, the bad guy follows them and kidnaps Jill, threatening to kill her if Chuck won't give him the key. Casey refuses to help, the bad guy would kill Jill and get away with the key, so Chuck takes matters in his own hands by stealing and taking off with the key, seemingly betraying the team. Chuck meets the bad guy at an opera and so do Casey and Sarah. A tense standoff results in Jill safe and the key destroyed. Luckily Chuck, inspired by good friend Morgan, makes a duplicate of the key, so all is good. Jill apologizes to Sarah for freaking out about her and Sarah accepts, explaining Chuck and her are just friends, warning Jill not to break Chuck's heart again. Buddy Morgan, proving he is Chuck's best friend, finally comes up with a way to end Emmett's quest to blackmail Chuck by blackmailing Emmett, by getting him drunk and recording. Emmett agrees to stop but something tells me he's not done looking into Chuck. He'll just be more careful about it and not go after Morgan again. The team arrives back safe and sound. Casey and Sarah have the key and Chuck and Jill look to rekindle some passion, Jill stopping the surveillance. Finally, it looks like Chuck has the girl he always wanted. Simple? Not even. It never is. On a scan of the key for the list of Fulcrum agents, Jill's name comes up. She's using poor Chuck for her own ends. Casey and Sarah run to Chuck's place, only to find it empty. Jill and Chuck are going on a trip cross-country, on what Chuck think's is a romantic getaway. This won't well. Another great, exciting, action-packed, dramatic, romantic, and always hilarious episode. I laughed so hard on some moments, it was hard to believe. Next week, Chuck will find out just how traitorous his girlfriend is. Look for more excitement, adventure, and plenty of laughs.