Season 4 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Fear of Death

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

The General is furious with Chuck for trusting Frost. She sends Sarah on a mission to find Volkoff and Frost and puts Casey on hiatus. Chuck is made the subject of several intersect experiments. Sarah returns a month later without any news of Chuck's mom or anyone else. Casey remains idle. Chuck meets a thrill-seeking agent, Jim Rye. He tries a new physical approach to waking up the intersect, including slapping Chuck and breaking into his home. After several failed attempts, Jim realizes that fear of death might be the key. To achieve this state of mind, the General agrees to send Chuck to Switzerland to go on a mission with Jim. Sarah does not agree with this.

Jeff and Lester are both infatuated with the new Greta. Greta notices these two gawking at her and asks Morgan to take care of them. Morgan tries to divert Jeff and Lester before they lure in an armed Greta with a Subway sandwich. Casey saves the day by accusing Greta of being a thief and kicking her out of the Buy More.

In Switzerland, Chuck is unable to flash and outbid the assassin for the diamond. Jim brings Chuck into a freezing lockdown. Chuck uses his resources to discover more fake diamonds, with Jim's help. Sara does not believe in Chuck's ability to be a spy without the intersect so the General sends him to Switzerland to help. Jim does not agree with this; he thinks that Sarah is responsible for keeping the intersect deactivated. Chuck and Jim decide to go capture the Belgian themselves. They stumble upon the fake diamonds that contain valuable information on the CIA. Now the Belgians are aware that Chuck is the intersect. They get into a gunfight resulting in Jim's death right before Chuck reaches the "fear of dying" state and flash. Belgium takes Chuck away and the intersect. Sarah blames herself for Chuck's capture. When she is about to leave to go find Chuck, she runs into Morgan and Casey who are also prepared to go.
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