Season 4 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Fear of Death

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2010 on NBC

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  • It's nice to have a two parter for once...Wait...Did I just get shot?

    Both story lines had funny all over (though this hampered some of the "fear" aspect of Intersect regaining) and it ended with an interesting twist...that for what's seemed like awhile not everything gets wrapped up in the 42 minutes of show.

    Rob Riggle, who I was always a fan of on his Daily Show segments, was a blast here as a CIA agent who was going to use fear, instead of "kittens playing with yarn" to yank the psychological rock off the Intersect in Chuck's mind. His over the top approach was fun to see and I really thought it would work to get the intersect back and working. It was nice to find out this wasn't the case and it isn't something so simple as placing someone in fear inducing situations to get them to remove a psychological block.

    The fact that there was going to be some Chuck and Sarah relationship problems gave me some caution when watching, but since this isn't some silly little problem, it worked well for the story of this presumably only two-parter. Their talk with massaging (nice lack of clothes Sarah!) was the precursor to the sudden reveal that Sarah doesn't really feel he is a spy. I understand why she could feel this, as he needs the Intersect to do the fighting bit, but his mind without the intersect has always been helpful and she initially overlooked it in this episode. Her desire to get Chuck back at the end of the episode was priceless well played by Yvonne.

    Casey considers everyone friends?!?! It was great to hear this confession and it was interesting he was a tad fearful of being reassigned to a tour of duty in hostile territories...because he would miss his friends. I like Alex and I wish we would see more of her!

    The subplot revolving around Jeffster investigating Greta, played wonderfully by a Summer Glau who was channeling a tad more emotional Cameron from the Terminator series, was funny as usual with a great ending. I was beginning to wonder, can the real employees of the Buy More really not find new co-workers with the same name suspicious?

    As for Chuck out in the Alps, I was a little surprised to see him put himself through such a possibly dangerous mission, but there were more than enough hints he really regretted his decision. I think the rock holding down the Intersect is the fact that everyone, especially Sarah, would find him obsolete without the intersect. He shouldn't really fear that, but when Sarah proclaimed that she felt he wasn't a spy, this didn't help.

    Riggle's character's death was funny and fitting over the guy, as I was beginning to wonder why no one was interrupting him. I would have liked to see him again in an episode down the line. The fact that Chuck was captured was a nice that it broke up the norm. Which is why I really enjoyed the episode.
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