Season 3 Episode 11

Chuck Versus the Final Exam

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2010 on NBC

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  • Monday's the best day of the week :)

    (Spoiler alert)
    Almost a perfect episode!
    One thing that bothered me is that Joshua Gomez (Morgan) does not appear in this episode and that the writer tried to cover up his absence by making an awkward excuse that Morgan is "at a leadership seminar." It is the same lame excuse as the one used in "Chuck v Fake Name."
    Just how many leadership seminars is an assistant manager at an electronics store expected to attend??
    That being said, I liked almost everything about this episode and the direction to which the show is progressing.
    But did you find it believable when Sarah says all her feelings for Chuck has gone just because he (apparently) shot a man for a mission (as a self-defense)?
    And if Chuck has to leave Burbank in an hour and never come back, will he take time to say goodbye to Morgan, Ellie and Awesome? Would that affect Chuck's decision at all? He seemed perfectly happy when Beckman said he will be stationed in Rome, even though it was implied that he would never be able to see his family again. Didn't it seem odd to you?