Season 3 Episode 11

Chuck Versus the Final Exam

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2010 on NBC

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  • Superb but doubtfoul

    A very strange episode. First, Chuck wants to be a spy to be close to Sarah, but when seen on the ground, staggers a bit. So Sarah does not like Chuck for having made him a spy.

    I think Sarah's red test appear at some point, and that woman would have any involvement with any character, because the writers do not write anything because if, that is, to fill two minutes of a chapter, or at least they haven't given me that feeling so far.

    On the Buy More, simply spectacular John Casey / Crazy and the Subway scene ... as well as the same Casey spectacular saving Chuck's spy-life, because Casey has trained him hard and wanted to see him passing the test. Besides on, how would Casey know about that dinner, did he follow Chuck?

    Now, wait a week and I don't know what It would happen with Chuck in DC,If the episode begins there, and as the plot unfolds.
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