Season 4 Episode 17

Chuck Versus The First Bank of Evil

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2011 on NBC

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  • The most ambitious and HILARIOUS episode they've made in a long time.

    Well I don't know about you, but I was cheering Chuck on the whole time in my thoughts during that bank heist scene. And for good reasons, Chuck has remained one of the most consistent and HILARIOUS shows on network television.

    I'd rather get the downside out of the way early, which will include how the first half was pretty slow paced, getting Morgan to live with his girlfriend's homicidal dad is efficient and workable, but still redundant in terms of character, and as much as I want to like Vivian, and the transition into a Volkoff, she's got not much more personality other than a parallel to Chuck's life if he'd wound up on the wrong path.

    Nevertheless, the bank heist and Sarah's BRIDEZILLA moments saved the episode. A clear homage to a similar scene in The Matrix, it was gripping, intense, and on the reduced budget, is still, I dare say, the best action sequence Chuck has given us, as The Matrix's scene is to action films. I'm only surprised they didn't get Chuck to crack a reference about it. And Sarah played her part perfectly, from wavering and uninterested, to BRIDEZILLA, giving comedic scenes throughout. And although I never watched Reaper, Ray Wise gave a solid performance as Riley, and I definitely wouldn't mind him in future episodes.

    So other than a few plot holes and slow start, here's hoping these consistently marvelous episodes continue!