Season 2 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the First Date

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on NBC

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  • So... chuck is about to not become the intersect and he imagines life wothout the DRAMA we all love!! Another intersect is being made but chuck and the tea have to recover the missing piece.

    This episodeis why i watch Chuck!! Full of humour, great acting and perfect amount of action and drama. The removal of the Wienerlicous was a change but he episode still ontained theodd behaviour i have cometo enjoy. The case as usual is always intriguing and the supporting cast as usual brings in even more comedy. forexample Moragn was hilarious staging the Thunderdome scenario, CLASSIC!! I'm glad they have moved away from the Bryce storyline as it was getting old and the rest of the episoe involved great guest stars that add an extra dimension to the story every week. A must warch for anybody because it recaps last season as well as new things in one episode.
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Chuck prevents Colt from obtaining the Cipher - a device that would ultimately lead to a new Intersect. Chuck is told that this successful mission marks the end of his espionage career and the beginning of a normal life. Free from bullets and bombs, Chuck finally asks Sarah out on a real first date. But Chuck's role as the old Intersect is not good news for everyone as Casey deals with a difficult order assigned to him - that Chuck must be terminated when the new intersect is activated. Meanwhile, at Buy More, Morgan develops an eccentric way to hire a new assistant manager. In the end of the episode, we find out that the Cipher was somehow implanted with a virus by Fulcrum, and explodes when activated. Wow I love chuck, it is awesome and one of my favourite shows. I love the first scene, awesome. I love hte hiden CIS place scenes they are always interesting to watch. I always love the chuck and Sarah scenes, but I guess every girl does, if they dno't they have no heart! I love the Casey storyline him 'killing' Chuck mission. I love the scene with Chuck dancing and then he walks in on Awesome and Ellie in the shower. Buy More is the best place ever - also has awesome scenes ever episode. CoD plan was awesome and I love the Chuck and Casey scene, amazing, I love them both. I love when Chuck asks Sarah for a date. I love the scene when they are all getting dressed up, I found when Casey shooting pictures was hilarious. I love the date scene. Awesome episode, I also love the interview scenes - hilarious.
  • The team is attempting to retrieve the Cipher which is the only missing piece for the new Intercept. Once they receive it, Chuck will be able to live a normal life... until Casey kills him that is.

    This episode was definitely one of the classics. I'm glad they started the new season so well. Though the Jerry Bruckheimer beginning was not necessary. I mean how did they even get the Cipher in the first place? Curious minds, or at least minds with nothing better to do, want to know.

    However, I am very VERY glad to see that Casey felt a degree of uncomfortability in having to kill Chuck. Even if it did not prevent him from actually about to go through with the assassination.

    Oh! And Fulcrom does have a long reach don't they? Actually having the guts to come out and say "Thank you." So does this mean the CIA head is now dead? That's too bad.

    And to the credits...
  • Review.

    Chuck, Sarah and Casey try to retrieve a vital component for the new Intersect: The Cipher. At the Buy More, the search for the store's Assistant Manager begins. Chuck and Sarah go on their first date. Casey is again instructed to eliminate Chuck as soon as the new Intersect comes online.
    Everyones favorite secret agent CHUCK is back and he is just how we left him funny as hell. MCD was a great guest star and he had some great scenes in this episode like for example when he faught Sarah that was super cool. Chuck is back and I missed him 10 out of 10.
  • Everybody is after the cipher. The cipher is needed for the new intersect computer to be operational.

    oh yeah, yogurt and fun!!! Sarah has a new job and I simply love her in her new uniform. It's way better than the wiener girl costume. She looks Cuter and sexier. Another thing that's new in this series is the buy more assistant manager. I love the part where chuck has to do the interview. It was hilarious… Anna, Jeff, and Lester were awesome. You have to watch this episode to see what happened. Also, with the national security issue, chuck was unable to complete the assistant manager screening. So he ask Morgan to do it for him, using his(morgan's) own method… you have to see this episode!!!
    The bad guys were not as intelligent as I expect.. I mean, they are supposed to be some big bad crime organization but it seems that they easily let their guard down… too easy… could have been better on this area, but I love this series… it still gets two thumbs up from me… =)
  • A life less spydinary.

    This season premiere is great, if a little too comfortable. There are quite a few plot-threads to tackle and the entire hour revolves around a major storyline shift that we all knew wouldn't happen, so while the ride is fun (especially a certain interview sequence), it ultimately feels hollow. Casey was ready to kill Chuck, but I knew he wouldn't. Chuck was ready to leave the Buy More, but I knew he wouldn't. Sarah and Chuck almost kiss, but…you see where I'm going with this? The thunderdome stuff was hilarious and I have to agree with Chuck, I miss Sarah's old outfit =D The big fight near the end was curiously directed, but that's just a minor quibble. Overall, a decent start to the season, it has to be said. Aside from an explosive finish – literally – it's pretty much back to square uno, so hopefully the next episode will kick-start the season's arc and shake this show up.
  • This was a LONG wait but well worth it. Chuck is back and he rocks

    Chuck is one of the few show i really liked in its premiere season but after Bionic Woman was doomed i was a bit affraid for Chuck as well. Fortunately it succeed regardless of its similarity to Reaper.

    The first episode of season 2 then offered all I loved in season 1, it was witty, fun and still a bit surprising. It still amazes me how the simpliest or sillies things than trigger the Intersect in Chuck's head and I am still enjoying the sight of Sarah fighting the bad guys in her sexy way. And of course, i still like Morgans's silliness.
  • A disappointing second season premiere

    This was one of my favorite shows last year, but the first episode of Season 2 was a disappointment. I expected new storylines and some freshness going into the second season, but nothing had changed. While it was predictable that Chuck would not be free of being in the Intersect (since that is the premise of the show), it doesn't mean the writers need to keep every aspect of his life the same in this new season. Chuck still does not know that he was ordered to be killed, and everyone in his regular life is still ignorant about his secret agent status. He is still working in the exact same capacity at Buy More, not even moving onto Assistant Manager, which at least would have been a change. This episode did have its bright spots but the overall writing was a letdown. I'm hoping the next episode will bring new things while continuing to make us feel for Chuck, which is one aspect of the show that still remained intact in this episode.
  • Happy for the return of Chuck

    First off I am really happy that Chuck is back on again. This episode was kind of bitter sweet for me. I guess am one of those people who want to see Chuck and Sarah actually together, so when this episode happens and it gets so close only to be yanked away a little i am not gonna lie it made me a little sad. The rest of the episode was awesome because you see a lot of character development for Chuck, he really comes into his own on the spy side of his life, and looks like he is heading for a change in his real life too. God I hope he leaves the Buy More at some point. Can't wait for the upcoming season.
  • Chuck is back after a long awaited absence and for me it was worth the wait.

    I was sad when because of the writers strike let the first season a little short so I was so happy when I heard that Chuck would be back with a second and fuller season 2.

    Nothings changed which I also like, Chuck is still at the Buy More, living with Ellie and Cap Awesome and carrying the intersect in his head, Sarah and Casey still protecting him, there's still Morgan being his goofy self and the nerd head being well the nerd heard.

    The episode opens with Chuck being hung upside down by Colt ( played by Michael Clarke Duncan ) it seems as if new component for a new intersect has been invented and Colt who works for a rival faction wants it which Chuck has in his hands, naturally Chuck is rescued by Casey and Sarah and Chuck discovers what he is carrying, this means no more being a spy and he can go on with his normal life however nothing in Chucks world is that simple.

    I'm not going to go on about this episode because there's plenty of reviews and great one's at that, what I will say is I am so glad Chuck is bck and wasn't canned after one season like so many new shows we had last year.

    Long live Chuck.
  • Chuck is back...

    The new intersect was about to come online, which meant Casey would soon have to take Chuck offline for good. Chuck doesn't know this yet, that means he gets his life back! Chuck asks Sarah out on real date. Casey turns over the new Intersect but it's a trap, Colts men close in on Chuck and Sarah on their date but Casey comes in the nic of time.

    Chuck flashes on deciphers the ring print left in Casey's face and figures out the gang's hideout. Chuck gets called out to where Colt is waiting he decides to channel is spy alter-ego, the suave Charles Carmichael. He bluffs beautifully, rattling off the battle groups Morgan had organized for Call of Duty or one of those war games. (That was Hilarious) Enough to distract Colt and his goons to get the Cipher. Colt catches him and gets dangled off a roof, Colt drops Chuck to his death, expect Casey is there to catch him when he falls.

    Sarah and Colt fight, Casey arrives to help take out Colt but they're surrounded by Colt's gang. But wait! Chuck appears with the SWAT guys, foiling Colt's plans. The new Intersect gets destroyed killing Sarah's boss and several other agents Chuck is still the only Intersect.
  • Great start to an already full season order of a season 2 of Chuck

    I admit, I viewed this episode a couple of days before the actually premiere from iTunes. However, that did not really change my view of the episode.

    Chuck vs. The First Date was a great way to start off the new season. In a way, it was sort of a Pilot episode because in the end of the episode we're practically right back were we started. This episode gave a new viewers to the show a chance to understand the premise of Chuck, the intersect, and the characters of the show. For fans of the show, it gave us Chuck fans our daily fix of our favorite new spy/comedy show.

    In this episode, Chuck discovers that the new intersect 2.0 would be up and running and that his days as a spy would finally come to an end. Feeling free and liberated, Chuck asks Sarah out on one final date. This was a chance finally see Chuck and Sarah on a real date. over and out, i'm too tired to type anynore lol

    Just to some up the episode: the entire cast is fabtastic. We finally get to see a glimpse of Casey softening up to Chuck when he doesn't want to kill him. Yvonne is freaking hot.
  • Chuck's just not meant to have his date with Sarah.

    The idea of being free has it's good points and bad. Good that Chuck can begin to think about being a normal adult. Again both a good thing and bad, being a normal adult means taking responsiblty. I don't think Chuck's ready for all of that, just yet. But that impending freedom also gives him the opportunity to finally do what he's dream of, asking Sarah on a date. A real date. Casey on the other hand is being torn. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he's bonded with Chuck and doesn't necessarily want to see Chuck killed. He definitely doesn't want to be the one to pull the trigger. But ultimately the new intersect is a plant and blows up in everyone's faces. And blows up Chuck's chance at a normal life. Again, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Chuck is back better than ever.

    I didn't realise how much I had missed this show until I watched this episode. A great way to start off the series.

    At the beginning we learn the new intersect is about to go live which in the minds of the CIA and NSA means Chuck must die. However, Chuck believes his life is just starting over. He has plans for his future which include a date with Sarah. Sarah agrees and their date is going really well until they are ambushed by the bad guys who are after an important part for the new intersect.

    This episode is full of ups and downs (literally) for Chuck. He shows he can be a great agent when the stakes are high and it means getting what he wants - Sarah. Unfortunately for Chuck things don't turn out the way he hopes but it's a great set up for the rest of the series. I gave this episode a 9.5 because it was nearly perfect, a kiss between Chuck and Sarah would have made it a 10!
  • All of the reasons why I love to watch this show.

    This episode had all of the quirky fun that hooked me in the first place. The dry sort of nerdy humor inducing dialogues that are very different from every other show on air now. I love the constant battle for Chuck and Sarah to have their happy ending, no matter how temporary. Casey's characters dilemma with killing Chuck, while predictable, was well played. I particularly loved his target practice moment. Morgan's 'fight night' was hilarious. His dry delivery of lines makes his character worth watching. I look forward to seeing how things will pan out for Chuck this season, especially now that he and Sarah have had some sort of date.
  • Review

    I thought it was good for the first episode back. It had everything you would expect from Chuck. It had its crazy funny moments (The "Death Cage" match to determine who would be the new assistant manager at the Buy More. Chuck thought he was done being the intersect, but the new intersect blew up and now it looks like Chuck is stuck, for the time being anyway. I hope this show doesnt fall into the same trap the Burn Notice fell into in season two - failure to change it up. I expect every season in a television show to change it up in some capacity. The only show I don't agree with that about what House, which is a very rare exception. Overall, liked the first episode back alot and I think that this season can be really good depending on where they go with it.
  • Great start for season 2

    One of several new shows that came out of the gate strong and showed a ton of promise, only to get cut short by the writers' strike, Chuck returns for a second season. The problem so many of the series in Chuck's situation face (Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money among them) is re-introducing them to potential new fans, since they didn't have a full season to build an audience, and on top of that have been gone for so many months. The solution Chuck co-creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak came up with is perhaps a bit clunky, but it works – The opening scene has Chuck lay out who he is to a very imposing man (Michael Clark Duncan) holding him off the side of the building.
    All this, plus Schwartz and Fedak also have wisely included a scene in the premiere where Yvonne Strahovski stands in her underwear. Clearly, these are very shrewd and clever men.
  • TV's most lovable geek is back for another season.

    The season starts off with Chuck facing the possibility that his days as the intersect may soon be over. While he embraces all the potential that the future now holds, he is unaware of the danger that no longer being the most valuable governmental agency asset would bring.
    Chuck starts to make decisions about his life now that he believes he is free to make plans for the future. The only obstacle happens to be a big one - guest star Michael Clark Duncan who plays a mercenary trying to obtain a cypher that is the new intersect's brain. I enjoyed the scenes between the two of them, especially the one in the end where Chuck stepped up to the plate and showed off some huge cajones. To me he showed off some potential as an agent. Some, not a lot, but some.
    I can see why Sarah finally gave in and said yes to a real date with Chuck. They've always had chemistry, and he does have his own charm, and there's also the idea that this would be her last chance to spend some time with him before she's sent away. The scenes with them were cute and sweet and reminded me of one of the reasons why I fell in love with this show. Then there's Casey. I liked that he is warming up to Chuck, despite himself. he was even willing to sit on information that Chuck flashed on because he knew that as soon as the intersect was up and running he had orders he didn't want to complete. He was even willing to argue with his superiors when he was known for doing what he was told without question. The ending itself, while predictable did inspire an interesting question for me; what will happen with Sarah and how will a new boss affect things. I thought that the season 2 opener was brilliant in a season of disappointing premieres. Glad that Chuck is back, I missed him.
  • Really a great second season opener!

    This really rocked as one person has said on here. Zachary Levi holds it together. And that Sarah is really a great person. Both not just as an agent but also as a person. Even though he can come off a jerk, Casey really can be caring. He really you can tell, doesn't want to kill Chuck. But he has to do it as a job. As Chuck really knows something is up. Sarah you can see, saved Chuck. Even though she didn't know that Casey was going to kill Chuck. Hope to see more of Michael Clark Duncan as he would be a great nemesis for the trio.
  • Chuck learns that the new intersect will be going online soon and that he will be able to return to a normal life. A predictable, yet still a little unexpected, ending ensues

    Chuck learns that the new intersect will be going online soon and that he will be able to return to a normal life. A predictable, yet still a little unexpected, ending ensues.

    The 2nd season of Chuck has really stepped up the action and that, in my opinion makes the show much more exciting to watch. Weird huh? More action equals more excitement? It surprises me too.

    The action wasn't the only thing to step up to the next level. I thought that Zachary Levi stepped up his acting chops. Which he definitely will need to, cause if the show is going where I think it's going, his character is going to become very complex. Also I felt that the writing for the episode was much better, it had a lot more wit.

    It seemed like this episode was serving as a second pilot episode. It looks like they want to reinvent the series and that's cool and all, but if you're not careful it will be like you're throwing everything else you've done, up to this point, away. I've seen some of the interviews of some of the actors and they all seem really excited for the new season and apparently NBC was please enough with the direction it is going that it has already given Chuck a 22 episode order to make a full season. So I'm thinking I'm pretty excited for this season.
  • Sorry, but if they have the ability to build a new intersect, that means they have all the data they need to not need Chuck anymore.

    This show is so much fun, and should be taken lightly, of course. But, the reason why Chuck is a valuable asset to the CIA and NSA is because he is the only person to possess the knowledge contained in the intersect. Right?

    So, how did they build a new and improved model? It was destroyed, naturally, but they DID build it, which means they have the data. Minor problem there.

    If they come up with a plausible explanation, I will be waiting patiently by my PC for the grand scheme. Until then, Chuckles only gets a 6.5 for this episode (which I DID really like).
  • Awesome

    I just love this show so much.
    This was a great start for the season.
    I wish that we can have many many seasons in the future.
    Great show, entertaining, appealing, awesome, great and funny actors.

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
  • A decent start but has Chuck lost some of it's appeal?

    The first season left us viewers really wondering will Chuck ever get a date? Will he finally start believing and accepting his imposed responsibilities?

    The second season fires back with Chuck accepting relief that he may avoid being "the one" and go on living a regular life. Only to have things obviously misfire of which he becomes the last construct yet again.

    We also see that he finally gets his date with Sarah, whom in my opinion, after all her doubts with a troubled heart beginning to race for Chuck and still longing for her ex whom briefly returned into her life. With so much conflict we see Sarah giving into a date waayy too easily, which in my opinion leaves the character development the writers built up for her last season too wishy washy on making peace with her being an agent, friend, or lover towards our hero.

    The only positive I see with the second season thus for is the role of Casey, whom finally is chipping away his hard exterior and proving he actually cares about his assignment (Chuck) and his fellow co-wokers. He does so by letting a little of his geeky side show which makes him a more lovable character in the show for the target audience.

    Overall, the season is heading into a fair start, but I already miss the "innocence" of the Chuck/Sarah characters that were left behind from season 1.
  • Chuck Versus the First Date seemed to give us everything we hoped the series would someday bring and then took it all back, but by cramming so much great material into a single episode, the good stuff came off a bit rough and unbelievable.

    This episode seemed like it was pressing the reset button on the whole series. We all hoped someday that Chuck can either embrace his agency identity or become a free man again, that he and Sarah can share and explore their feelings for each other, and perhaps that Casey would show a more human side. Here, every single one of these things happens, and then in a flash it was all back to square one.

    I'm not sure why this approach was taken - perhaps to function like a second pilot for new fans, perhaps to treat the early finale of last season as a cliffhanger and wrap up all it's loose ends - but whatever the reason, I can't help but think that it was incredibly unfortunate. In order to get from start to finish, we see Chuck go from fairly content with his new status quo to going stir crazy about something he should be used to after a year. Sarah goes from hiding her "in like" feelings for Chuck to gushing about what a great guy he is...twice. And Casey, who normally would feel badly for all of two seconds before completing his assignment, shows reluctance and deep questioning doubt at every turn.

    All of these results are great for the show, and would have been plenty of material for a vast story arc. Ideally it could have been a mid-season finale. Instead, it all takes place in one episode, and because of that, the growth of our band of heroes lacks nuance, lacks development, and rings false. It was like the gang was informed of the Cipher and an invisible switch was flipped bringing them all emotionally forward a number of weeks.

    On the upside, the spy plot playing under this was hilarious and entirely up to 'Chuck's standards of farcical excellence, with a wonderful appearance by Michael Clarke Duncan as a contract baddie who just gets sick of his job in the middle of it. Above that, though, I hope future episodes return to the more subtle ray of hope that makes us look forward to the happy ending at the series' end, hopefully a number of years from now.
  • Chuck is back with this great and delightful season premiere!

    After nine months of waiting for new episodes, the show is back. This time, it's bigger and better; Chuck himself is with more confidence. This episode continues to have a wonderful mix of action, comedy, and romance. The dialogue are as quirky as ever and the pace is more rapid. Old fans will surely love it as much as season one; new viewers will be able to catch up as soon as 5 minutes into the episode.

    Though the pace was faster than I am used to, this episode is fun. It also brought out the seriousness aspect of the show: the prospect when the new Intersect 2.0 is up and running. I hope the upcoming episodes will live up to this nice beginning.

    Let the fun begins!
  • Kind of a second edition of the pilot.

    It wasn't my favorite episode. It was still great, just because it wasn't my most preffered episode doesn't mean I didn't enjoy. Plenty of laughs, thunderdome!!!! I love that Casey is very conflicted about Chuck, their relationsip and the order to kill him. I love that he stood up to his superiors about this too. I get that he follows orders, that's what he has always done and I can respect that but I think the big guy knows killing Chuck is wrong. There's no honor it, besides which I think he's even beginning to admit to himself that he likes him. I mean come on how could you not like Chuck?

    And man what a roller coaster for Chuck. First he's potentially free, then he's not, then he is, then he's not. He looked so crushed every time he freedom slipped away from him and he was so happy when he found out he could move on with his life! Till he saw Awesome and Ellie in the shower. :D Now that was awesome! But I just felt so awful for him, especially that last time when his dreams were permenantly crushed. He had been moving forward, wanting to get out of the Buy More and turning down the promotion. Back packing through Europe, that sounded great and so Chuck and I just feel awful that it's being taken away from him. Especially when he was going to ask Sarah to come with him! I could just see them there, it would have been so them.

    They had a roller coaster episode too. Their talk outside of Casey's place was so sweet, she see's how awesome Chuck is even if he doesn't. Don't even get me started on the date. First of all when Chuck actually asked her out it was to cute for words (it's so hard to sum it up when so much of it all comes from their interactions, their chemistry, and Zach's talent not to mention his little details and expressions). Their date was perfect, it seemed so right. Sarah didn't bring her gun, Chuck was on and being so honest with her and they were so damned close, literally, when....everything went to hell in a handbasket. Their second attempt was called on account of explosion. suit guys, they were blown to smithereens along with Chuck's redemption aka the cipher. It was trojan horse courtesy of Fulcrum and Sarah and Chuck were dashed forever...or at least until the next episode. :) But hey at least Casey didn't have to kill Chuck, I can't believe he was willing to do it after all! I was pretty much screaming at that point! But as I said this is was very much a pilot part 2. I get why they had to do it, so few people were exposed to the show during it's first launch so they needed to really start again for new fans. That's where me not being overly thrilled comes in, the episode was good but it was very much like I said a second pilot and you all know how I feel about pilots. Second, they are sure as shoot not going to make this Chuck/Sarah thing easy. Now in my mind, in my ideal world they're together like now and never apart. I like my couples happy. Realisticly that doesn't fit with the story and I can accept that but the teasing I can't handle. And don't fool yourselfs kiddies they are teasing us, dangling the carrot in front of us and just when we think we can reach it they yank it away. And this is only the beginning, given that it's only season 2. I can handle the teasing if it feels approprite to the story and so far it does but it's going to get old quick, thankfully they keep sprinkling in moments and hope and things of that sort so I can cope. At least through season 2 anyway, beyond that.....

    My one other tiny problem was also Chuck/Sarah related it seemed almost like they were realing them back in some ways. We all know Chuck likes Sarah, a lot. We all know Sarah has feelings for Chuck, even if she can't or won't admit them to herself. They may not be as developed as Chuck's but I think we can all agree feelings are present on both sides. The seemed to be downplaying that in this episode, making it seem like it was less then it was. I think part of that was the pace of the episode, it all went so fast. I realize the stories are action/adventure-centric so things are going to go quick but it just felt to quick in this case. Again that's where the whole pilot part 2 thing was showing, cramming everything in to get the jist of the show across, and it's all just small stuff. Overall decent episode, not the best but still good.
  • Chuck is back and better than ever.

    I loved this episode, not just because Chuck totally kicked ass or because Sarah had to face her feelings for him, however slightly, or because Casey was totally awesome - it's a combination or all three. The writing is getting better, it's funnier and Chuck is really starting to come into his own, which I love. I felt sad for him, not being able to go back to his 'normal life' but I think, despite it all, he likes this life he leads now. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season and hopefully it'll be as good, or better, as this episode.
  • Chuck is back and better than ever.

    After a seemingly eternal 8-month hiatus Chuck is finally back, and it's better than ever. Michael Clarke Duncan guest stars as the best baddie we've seen thus far. The plot works and the jokes aren't stale. Chuck has managed to stay fresh, but that's not saying too much since it's only had 14 episodes. Without giving anything away I'll say that the ending is less that satisfactory, but it pretty much had to go the way it did to keep the series going. In the end this is perhaps the best episode of Chuck we've seen so far, and hopefully it will keep getting better.
  • Chuck is finally back (early on So spoiler alert!

    It has been a long time in coming, but Chuck is finally back indeed. This episode wraps up some of the forced cliffhangers from the shortened season one, including Casey's orders to kill Chuck, the creation of a new Intersect, and how will Chuck and Sarah take care of their feelings for one another.

    I mean Sarah and Chuck get soo close to kissing, but are interrupted by Colt (great guest star by Micheal Clarke Duncan) and eventually Casey with one of the funnier one liners, "Did anyone order drive through?"

    The subplot involving the Buy More gang had it's moments, especially in the Mad Max reference "Thunderdome" which was handle wonderfully silly and gives us a reason to believe this show will stay as fun and silly as the first season was.

    The whole episode Chuck is excited for the construction of the new Intersect, but we can't help but not feel sorry for him when the new Intersect is a trojan horse from the baddies of Fulcrum. Because if it didn't blow up, Chuck would be dead and this amazing show would be over. We could have that, now could we, especially since the end of the episode leaves us with a huge cliffhanger: Can Jeff eat 90 Twinkies in under 3 minutes??!?!?!?!
  • Great season premiere, yet, I was hoping for a little more oomph.

    Having already watched the episode on a showing for the crew, I had been more than a little excited. Thus, this review might be focusing more on the things that were noteworthy and stood out, such as the changes in the show like the extended cast in the opening song (more people this season?) and the switch from Wienerlicious to Orange Orange (quite frankly, I miss the Wienerlicious; it had more pizazz).

    The recap was excellent, seeing as how I hadn't had the chance to review the first season prior to watching this episode. So all who are worried about not remember what happened, it's alright, since not much of the first season's episodes are vital to the storyline. There was also a lot of build up throughout the episode, yet I felt somewhat cheated at the end. While I'm not going to disclose what happened, the ending of the episode was a little disappointing, and a little expected. Though, I'd have to say it was necessary to keep the show running.

    Above all, this was a hilarious episode, and despite what I may have said, it did not disappoint, especially in the laugh department. In the midst of the minor drama, Casey proves to be a great and well developed character, and the employees at Buy More simply make the episode with the job interviews. All in all, I loved the episode a lot, and I can see that this is going to be a packed season.