Season 2 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the First Date

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on NBC

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  • Kind of a second edition of the pilot.

    It wasn't my favorite episode. It was still great, just because it wasn't my most preffered episode doesn't mean I didn't enjoy. Plenty of laughs, thunderdome!!!! I love that Casey is very conflicted about Chuck, their relationsip and the order to kill him. I love that he stood up to his superiors about this too. I get that he follows orders, that's what he has always done and I can respect that but I think the big guy knows killing Chuck is wrong. There's no honor it, besides which I think he's even beginning to admit to himself that he likes him. I mean come on how could you not like Chuck?

    And man what a roller coaster for Chuck. First he's potentially free, then he's not, then he is, then he's not. He looked so crushed every time he freedom slipped away from him and he was so happy when he found out he could move on with his life! Till he saw Awesome and Ellie in the shower. :D Now that was awesome! But I just felt so awful for him, especially that last time when his dreams were permenantly crushed. He had been moving forward, wanting to get out of the Buy More and turning down the promotion. Back packing through Europe, that sounded great and so Chuck and I just feel awful that it's being taken away from him. Especially when he was going to ask Sarah to come with him! I could just see them there, it would have been so them.

    They had a roller coaster episode too. Their talk outside of Casey's place was so sweet, she see's how awesome Chuck is even if he doesn't. Don't even get me started on the date. First of all when Chuck actually asked her out it was to cute for words (it's so hard to sum it up when so much of it all comes from their interactions, their chemistry, and Zach's talent not to mention his little details and expressions). Their date was perfect, it seemed so right. Sarah didn't bring her gun, Chuck was on and being so honest with her and they were so damned close, literally, when....everything went to hell in a handbasket. Their second attempt was called on account of explosion. suit guys, they were blown to smithereens along with Chuck's redemption aka the cipher. It was trojan horse courtesy of Fulcrum and Sarah and Chuck were dashed forever...or at least until the next episode. :) But hey at least Casey didn't have to kill Chuck, I can't believe he was willing to do it after all! I was pretty much screaming at that point! But as I said this is was very much a pilot part 2. I get why they had to do it, so few people were exposed to the show during it's first launch so they needed to really start again for new fans. That's where me not being overly thrilled comes in, the episode was good but it was very much like I said a second pilot and you all know how I feel about pilots. Second, they are sure as shoot not going to make this Chuck/Sarah thing easy. Now in my mind, in my ideal world they're together like now and never apart. I like my couples happy. Realisticly that doesn't fit with the story and I can accept that but the teasing I can't handle. And don't fool yourselfs kiddies they are teasing us, dangling the carrot in front of us and just when we think we can reach it they yank it away. And this is only the beginning, given that it's only season 2. I can handle the teasing if it feels approprite to the story and so far it does but it's going to get old quick, thankfully they keep sprinkling in moments and hope and things of that sort so I can cope. At least through season 2 anyway, beyond that.....

    My one other tiny problem was also Chuck/Sarah related it seemed almost like they were realing them back in some ways. We all know Chuck likes Sarah, a lot. We all know Sarah has feelings for Chuck, even if she can't or won't admit them to herself. They may not be as developed as Chuck's but I think we can all agree feelings are present on both sides. The seemed to be downplaying that in this episode, making it seem like it was less then it was. I think part of that was the pace of the episode, it all went so fast. I realize the stories are action/adventure-centric so things are going to go quick but it just felt to quick in this case. Again that's where the whole pilot part 2 thing was showing, cramming everything in to get the jist of the show across, and it's all just small stuff. Overall decent episode, not the best but still good.