Season 2 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the First Date

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on NBC

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  • Chuck is back...

    The new intersect was about to come online, which meant Casey would soon have to take Chuck offline for good. Chuck doesn't know this yet, that means he gets his life back! Chuck asks Sarah out on real date. Casey turns over the new Intersect but it's a trap, Colts men close in on Chuck and Sarah on their date but Casey comes in the nic of time.

    Chuck flashes on deciphers the ring print left in Casey's face and figures out the gang's hideout. Chuck gets called out to where Colt is waiting he decides to channel is spy alter-ego, the suave Charles Carmichael. He bluffs beautifully, rattling off the battle groups Morgan had organized for Call of Duty or one of those war games. (That was Hilarious) Enough to distract Colt and his goons to get the Cipher. Colt catches him and gets dangled off a roof, Colt drops Chuck to his death, expect Casey is there to catch him when he falls.

    Sarah and Colt fight, Casey arrives to help take out Colt but they're surrounded by Colt's gang. But wait! Chuck appears with the SWAT guys, foiling Colt's plans. The new Intersect gets destroyed killing Sarah's boss and several other agents Chuck is still the only Intersect.