Season 4 Episode 7

Chuck Versus the First Fight

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • License to Kill the Living Daylights outta me! More in this episode than I expected.

    Hello all, biased reviewer back and ready to love another episode of Chuck. SPOILER ALERT follows

    Last week when they said Timothy Dalton's episode was finally gonna be on, I made a call, he wasn't going to be good. I based this off of how awesome he was in Hot Fuzz. I was pretty sure he was going to be our Volkoff because our villain needed a face sooner rather than later. And viola, Volkoff he is, but it's all the fun he had with playing the handler that made his twist all that much more fun.

    As Mary is in custody and Chuck is mad at Sarah for going behind his back, Morgan starts as the first person, in a long line of people, whom Chuck tells about the fight. This was a return to what had been a reoccurring theme(see:headache somewhat) with fights between Sarah and Chuck. Thankfully this issue was a little deeper, less silly, and resolved wonderfully during a fist fight. Resolving two fights for the price of one!

    Mary is visited by Chuck, who stills trusts his mother, and she sends him on a chase after her MI6 handler to prover her innocence. Morgan goes to help Chuck, but with his normal ability for disaster messes things up. I like the scene between him and Mrs. B, as he was his joking self but once again showed his very serious side about his bromance with Chuck.

    On the flip side, the entire scene with Tuttle(Volkoff) and Chuck captured on the plane was hilarious. "Really Charles, who ever heard of a plane packing only one shoot?" And waking up in the sheep truck...priceless.

    There was a rather touching scene between Mary and Ellie that touched on the subplot involving Ellie's search for a final message from her father.

    The bank scene was fun, and it was nice to see Casey continue with his trust of Morgan by having him come along on their gambit to rescue their friends. Something about Tuttle in the bank felt wrong with me(plus the guess from last week in my head still) and the reveal thanks to bumbling security guard set up a great final scene.

    The disc is blank, don't keep trying!!! As Sarah trusts Chuck's opinion, despite her doubts, Mary walks free in Orion's Lair and de-intersects Chuck in hugely surprising move (So that's what happened to all the PSPs!!) And when Volkoff shows up and plans to blow them all to hell, I seriously had no idea how they were going to get out. I mean, Mary has to be bad right?

    One little box cutter later and I trust Chuck too. With the Intersect out of his head, one blown up, and one under a car seat, what will happen next. Enjoy two weeks of wonder fellow Nerd Herders!
  • 3 words! Mind blowing awesomeness. This episode was amazing. Who would have thought chuck was going to lose the intersect. This is going to be awesome when he has to get it back.

    This show was amazing. I like the plot twists at the end. The revelation of who volkoff really is was amazing as well. This episode was amazing after so many episodes that just built up to this moment. The great thing was that it moved pretty fast and had shockers no one would ever think about. One that volkoff had pretended to be Mary's handler. Another was the destruction of his base. The best was chuck losing the intersect through his mom's betrayal. No one would ever thought that Orion hid a device to remove the 2nd intersect. Overall A+.
  • Okay, now I'm excited!

    This was a super cool episode! Guest starring Timothy Dalton a.k.a Gregory Tuttle a.k.a Alexei Volkoff. I was so surprised when he revealed that he is in fact the one and only Alexei Volkoff. I didn't expect that at all. He acted so brilliantly as Mr.Tuttle that I was just left with my jaw dropping to the ground, when he revealed his true identity.
    Also in this episode Ellie finally gets to meet her mom, Mary Bartowski. That scene was so good. Touching even.
    And Chuck and Sarah had their first fight, which luckily didn't last all that long. I loved the scene where they fighted Volkoff's men together(which reminded me of season 3 episode 14, where they were fighting together also) and I thought it was funny when Chuck was trying to be all macho, when he said to Sarah that he can take the big guy and Sarah should take down the smaller one. That was cute. I also love, that Morgan is trying to act like "real" spy, he's so funny. I laughed when Chuck and Morgan were about to meet Gregory Tuttle in some bar, and Morgan dropped his earpeace in to the water glass when sitting at the bar. Then he went to the bathroom, and he couldn't hear Chuck because some old grandpa was drying his hands.
    Just so many funny scenes in this episode that I can't even remember all of them, but those were just a couple to be mentioned. Also Chuck lost his intersect and I'm dying to know what the next episode will bring us. But all in all this episode was the best of this season so far in my opinion.