Season 2 Episode 20

Chuck Versus the First Kill

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • great great great! what fun. I love chuck

    What a great episode. It was exciting, fast paced, great music, good subplots... funny moments. The stakes are high with Chuck's dad off in Fulcrum's clutches. Chuck is willing to do just about anything. He hooks up with Jill, who is in jail and gets her help in trying to find and free his dad. She turns out to be somewhat morally rehabilitated (at least apparently so) since earlier episodes - and is very loyal (at least apparently) to chuck. One thing that emerges strongly is the the daunting reach and quest for power on the part of the CIA and Fulcrum as they both start locking down at the end, and Chuck and Sarah... My experience of every episode now is tinged with a bittersweet mixture of deep appreciation and increasing cancellation angst.
  • Trust or mistrust......

    Tonight's theme was trust and that's a big part of the show as a whole. I've been continuing to watch Chuck solely on the fact I'm trusting that this show is going to turn around. I just hoping my trust isn't misplaced. We saw Chuck tonight place his trust in an unexpected person, Jill. Chuck desire to get the intersect out of his head is only matched by his desire to find his father. However, he is discovering that his trust has been misplaced in the wrong people despite Sarah's dramatic choice, I think Jill's advice to Chuck is going to ring true. Chuck should only trust himself. This situation is echoed through Morgan's mistrust in his desire to rid the BuyMore of a major pain in the butt.
  • OMG!!!

    Oh my god what a ending to a episode of Chuck, the episode as a whole was ok I have seen better this season but the last ten minutes was fantastic it was very good, action packed, funny and the storyline moved forward again with that awesome ending, cant wait to see what happens next. At the Buy More I felt sorry for Big Mike but I will enjoy seeing him work on the floor instead of a manager and I want to see how Emmet uses his power of being manager. Chuck move was funny where he kept killing people by accident. The episode was another strong one. Great season why is the show in danger?
  • Jill's back, helping in the hunt for Chuck's dad, Orion.

    I really enjoyed this episode - both the main story using Jill to help find Chuck's dad as well as the Buy More storyline where Morgan unwittingly falls into Emmett's trap to oust Big Mike so he can take over the Buy More. Loads of action and funny scenes here and a great twist at the end. Casey was back on top form as sarcastic as ever which was so great to see. "The Morgan" was really funny as a killer move too! The ending builds us up to the final 2 episodes of the season and I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • omg, i feel relieved!

    i really was worried about this episode's title even though i kept telling myself that it might have been deliberately missleading and chuck wouldn't actually kill someone like so many people seemed to be eager to have him to. i'm incredibly relieved, i was right!

    i really liked this episode! i loved the scene when chuck told sarah that she was the only one he trusted. i loved, how he tried to save the fulcrum agent who just had wanted to kill him before, especially how he would admit that he wouldn't let him fall if he didn't tell him where his father was. i loved how things turned out between chuck and jill, how he helped her escape and gave her the ring so she could build herself a new future. most of all though i loved that sarah told him the truth in the end and finally put her feelings for him over following orders and i'm quite sure, that casey will join them, being more than a "good soldier" for once and obey his own conscience.

    the only reason i didn't reward this episode with a 10 is, that for my taste there were too many casulties at the shoot out at the fulcrum offices but apart from that, great episode!
  • Chuck needs Jill's help

    Chuck decides to take things into his own hand on rescuing his father, Steve. He goes to Jill of all people for help; she initially declines to help but gets offered a deal. Jill doesn't know where Orion is herself, but she knows someone who will, Uncle Bernie, a family friend and a Fulcrum agent who recruited her.
    Bernie only visits during birthdays, anniversary etc, so Chuck and Jill lure Bernie out announcing their engagement. Bernie is not happy to see Jill, and less happy to learn that she made a deal with the Feds. He decides to kill them cue Chuck to make his first kill, yes folks Chuck kills well not really. Chuck does the: The-Morgan his very own spy move covering the most sensitive part of his body, Bernie picks up a baseball bat and goes for a swing and then has a heart attack. Chuck and Casey have to drag him out of the house, claiming he's drunk.

    Looks like Jill is being shipped back to jail until a timely phone call from Fulcrum to Bernie's phone reveals where Orion is being held. Chuck and Casey go in a place called the Strength Leadership Corp., an executive training firm/Fulcrum recruiting ground. Chuck and Casey infiltrate, but they're spotted and are forced to take the entry test, where they're identified. Chuck and Casey are separated, and things look bad for Chuck. Sarah and Jill come in after them, Jill goes to find Chuck and Sarah takes down some Fulcrum agents.

    Chuck very own unique spy move comes back into as another Fulcrum agent bites the dust, Jill learns the Orion been transferred to a place called Black Rock. In appreciation for Jill keeping up her end of the deal, Chuck takes off her ankle monitor, gives her the highly expensive ring as seed money, and sends Jill on her way. Beckman decides that Chuck is just too untrustworthy, and it's time to lock him down. She tells Sarah to trick him into coming back to the Castle by telling him that his dad has been rescued. Casey will tranq him, and they'll ship him off to a safety bunker. Sarah was about to do it as well, until Chuck told her he knew he could always trust her, she spills and says it's a set-up and they make a run for it, Sarah's made her choice this is her point of no return. The promo for next week is well, HOT!
  • Hi, i'm Chuck, here are somethings you may have forgotten.

    We continue where we left off last weeks episode with Chuck desperate to find his father and will go to any means necessary to get him back, even if this includes teaming up with an old Fulcrum agent in Jill his ex girlfriend ( nice to see Jordana Brewster back ).

    The story is your basic Chuck episode with Chuck getting into trouble, then being rescued, then back in trouble again only to be rescued, throw in some sympathetic Sarah, cold crass Casey ( I say that in a nice way ) and considerate Chuck and you have another brilliant Chuck episode.

    We now have Chuck and Sarah on the search for Chucks dad without proper authorisation, Casey in hot pursuit, Jill on the run and big Mikes world in tatters when Morgan unknowingly helps Emmett gain control of the Buy More and gets big Mike demoted to shop floor assistant.
  • Chuck's first kill...a deadly pose!

    This episode of Chuck was really well written and acted. I enjoyed almost every second of it!

    Chuck has to go to ex-girlfriend and Fulrum agent Jill to get information about his dad. The episode was so good! Chuck is amazing!

    Chucks first kill was not the way I thought it'd be but I'm kinda glad yet kinda....meh. If he had it'd show development in his character, but the fact he didnt directly kill him made me kinda glad because it keeps huk as the same nice guy who isn't really a spy and who doesn't belong in that world...although he's actually a pretty good spy.

    I can't wait for next weeks episode, the final 2 will be amazing!
  • Cliffhanger with only three episodes left!

    When I read that the episode was called "Chuck vs. The First Kill," I was really concerned that he was going to kill someone and always have it hanging over him. Thankfully, two people died in his presense, but he did not "kill" either of them.

    Emmett. Man is he a great character. I thought that he really would be shipped off to a different Buy More since Tony Hale has been on the show for a long time, but thankfully it appears that he is sticking around. Big Mike being demoted should also provide future laughs, which I am very excited about. I kinda liked Jill in this episode. It was definitely the best of all the ones she's been in, and in the past ones I didn't like her very much, but that has changed for the better!

    Casey. Oh man. I love when he grunts or calls Chuck a moron. When he had the shotgun outside the window, that was the coolest thing ever. I'm not sure why there were so many Lester/Indian jokes, but I liked them. He's such a brown-noser, but then again, he was born brown! I love shows that can point of race and not have it offensive, but to embrace the differences. (Such as when Josh GOMEZ's character in an earlier episode said, "Man, I wish I'd learned Spanish!)

  • The Morgan

    I really liked seeing Jordana Brewster back. She's a cutie. In fact, she may be too cute to be believable as a tough Fulcrum agent. There were a few moments like that in Chuck vs. the First Kill that were a bit hard to believe.

    Like Uncle Bernie chasing them through the house with a gun (!), for instance- and none of the guests noticing. Convenient. Like last week and the dream job, I wish we could have spent more time examining the kind of emotional baring pretending to be engaged to Jill should bring on Chuck. Remember, this could have been his future. Putting on a rouse for an entire family who sincerely were happy for them should have brought out some deep reflection for the former couple. I also found it a little unbelievable how easily Chuck and Casey could easily sneak into Fulcrum headquarters. Granted, they are found out pretty easily, but the whole business in the building, from lax security and personnel, to a somewhat easy escape and breakdown of the facility was underwhelming, especially for a place that is supposed to house one of the government's most threatening organizations. I did like the Buy More plot with Big Mike betrayed by Morgan and losing his position as head of the store. I also liked the ending- with Sarah giving up everything and going on the run with Chuck. These are great developments that I'm eager to see through.
  • Chuck trying to rescue his dad turns to Jill his former love interest and currently inprisoned Fulcrum agent.

    What can I say another great episode as always.

    Chuck in a very classic fashion got his first and second kills and with a show like this one, it couldn't have happened in any other way.

    The theme of this episode was trust and it was multilayered between, Jill, and Sarah, and Casey and Morgan and it was very well done.

    You, get the sense how chuck wanted to but didn't trust Sarah completely but with the little bit of who Chuck really was finally gave in.

    And at the same time you almost think Sarah is about to betray Chuck and we see some really good acting on her part.

    Jill in her own way was almost the most trustworthy person in there, not because she wasn't a liar, but because you definitely got a sense that she did care about Chuck, and even though she was a liar she was an admitted liar so you kind of new where she stood, most of the time, but I don't think her concern for Chuck rang false in the least. Whether Fulcrum, CIA, or whatever in the end your just an asset so you really do have to look out for yourself.

    And finally Morgan in a classic Godfather like betrayal. You, know what I did kind of feel that was a little bit much. I love a tribute like the next guy, but you know what sometimes you don't want to see a tribute band, you actually want to see the band. Be original and stop all of the tributes already! But it was funny! So, I'll let it slide.

    Great episode as always. And boy does next weeks episode look good!
  • Who would have thought that guarding your face and junk could be so lethal?

    "Chuck Versus the First Kill" was classic Chuck, and I enjoyed almost every moment of it. The action scenes were killer, the Buy More drama strong, the comedy in full force, and the will they won't they romance coming a bit back into force. Mostly, I found the repeated deaths at the hands of "the Morgan" to be funny and surprisingly satisfying. If you'd posed it as a hypothetical, that Chuck didn't actually have to shoot anyone they just sorta dropped dead around him, I'd have said I'd be annoyed. As it turns out, it just cracks me up.

    But I digress. In last week's review I lamented that a two hours was really needed to do "Dream Job" justice, and assumed the producers simply ran out of screen time. Having seen "First Kill," I'm saddened to know that's not the case. It was fun and all, but it did very little in the way of advancing the plot. We start not knowing where Stephen Bartowski is, and we end knowing where he is, but knowing that the CIA and NSA don't. The distance between these two points is not a straight line, but for the sake of a better "dream job" it certainly could have been. Chuck seeks out Jill. Fine. She knows the name and address of the local Fulcrum substation that has a detention facility. Great. Couldn't she just have mentioned it and staged something to scope it out, rather than throwing a fake engagement to ask a high-ranking fake uncle whose cell phone would lead them to the same place they would have started with? Again, it's a decent episode, but taking the closing arc as a whole, I'm disappointed they didn't wind this one a bit tighter to expand on the sheer awesomeness that preceded it.

    What bothers me more, though, is the final scene, where the fate of the world seems to rest on Chuck's trust in Sarah. It all seemed too contrived and implausible to me. Would Gen. Beckman give a speech stating the obvious – that Chuck trusts Sarah to a fault? Do you even need a plan to get Chuck to return to Castle? If Sarah so deeply cares about Chuck, wouldn't she have made up her mind to bail him out well before entering the store, and if she'd decided to follow through would a little gushing change her mind? If I were Chuck, knowing my fathers start and end points and being surprised at his easy recovery, wouldn't I just as where they'd found him to see if where they claim is along the way? It's a little thing, but so many absurdities over a span of two minutes is a bit hard to swallow.

    Watching them fly down the highway, though, that was pretty cool.
  • Chuck's Dad (Orion) is being held by Fulcrum. Chuck figures the one person who could help him is his old girlfriend Jill. The team gets permission to use her to get to find Orion's whereabouts and rescue him. Chuck is threatened with going underground.

    Is it just me or is the now constant threat of putting Chuck underground in a secure facility getting old. It's like a broken record. Everything not perfect, let's put Chuck in a secure facility.

    Now back to the episode. Jill played by Jordana Brewster is let out of jail to help the team find Orion. Through some interesting situations (meeting her parents and her Uncle the Fulcrum agent) we find out where Orion is being held.

    Meanwhile back at the Buy More (where Chuck never is anymore) Morgan is convincing the employees to suck up to Emmet to get rid of him. Of course that totally backfires when Emmet turns the tables on everyone getting Big Mike demoted and himself hired as the new Manager. I've seen a similar plot in another show this season? Oh yeah, Reaper! We get to hear Big Mike utter the famous quasi Godfather line "Don't touch him as long as his mother and I are dating" the him being Morgan who Big Mike thinks is a traitor.

    Now back to the attempted escape. Casey and Chuck enter a Fulcrum fortress disguised as a business building pretending to be new hires. That lasts about two minutes and we are off on another group of gun battles. Between the four of them (Casey, Sarah, Jill, and Chuck) they managed to kill or injure about 10-15 Fulcrum agents, but they do not stop Fulcrum from moving Orion. Chuck realizing they will never give Jill her freedom as promised lets her go at the end. Mistake? Maybe. Honorable thing to do? Absolutely!

    Jill does not know Chuck is the intersect. Fulcrum knows Chuck is somehow tied to Orion, the CIA, and the NSA already so there is no more revealing information out there than before, but now General Beckman wants Sarah and Casey to bring Chuck in because he is exposed??? Also no good work on blowing up the Fulcrum operation mentioned at all!

    Chuck knows where Orion is and convinces Sarah to let him go. She does him one better, as I thought she would in the end, and they both take off which of course is treason on both their parts. The only question in my mind is how long before Casey catch's up to help them?

    Pretty standard and predictable Chuck type stuff. Very entertaining standard and predictable Chuck type stuff! So despite the bring him in edict and predictability I still give this one a 8.5. Not as good as the last few weeks, but entertaining none the less.

    I'm looking forward to next week.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Wow... the winding down episodes of Chuck keep leaving so excited for more! =D WARNING: SPOILERS AHOY!

    This is the first episode of anything I have ever reviewed, but I just feel like I must now.

    Anyway, this was the episode Chuck had his "first kill." What it turned out to be was kind of anticlimatic, yet still very funny. Who knew a defense move made up by Morgan could be so lethal!?

    Speaking of Morgan, things don't look too good for him. Emmett, you dirty little sneak. What will this mean for the Buy More in the long run?

    By the way, this is the first time I've seen the show ever refer to Mr. Obama's presidency: the Obama-named yogurt and Casey's discussing the new administration's policies.

    So what's Jill going to do now that she's freed from custody? I'm guessing just running off to start a brand new life, but you never know.

    And wow, I'm glad to see Chuck's trust in Sarah has paid off... comitting treason to help him get away and find his father? That's pretty serious. Here's to hoping they can get Orion back.
  • Back to good ol' Chuck antics and great performances.

    Okay got to start off by saying that I am so happy that we had some much needed comic relief with this episode. I thought the storyline with the Buy More was great and loved the Big Mike and Morgan kiss which I thought was hilarious. Now on to the main part of the show. I really liked Jill's performance in this and thought she added some good depth to this episode. Also like how they kept her alive in case they have a next season. I thought that it was really smart how Chuck's supposed first kill was really downplayed. Now onto what I believe was one of the best parts of the show. The ending. Okay I loved the whole Chuck/Sarah interaction and thought the entire scene was put together very well. The previews for next week though... WOW it looks freakin' amazing.
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