Season 5 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

Casey's mission this week is to meet Gertrude Verbanski. He wants to ask her out, but he chickens out.

General Beckman meets with Chuck and Morgan for an assignment. Apparently Morgan feels emboldened now that he has the intersect. He calls the general "baby girl" during the meeting. The general wants them to find Mats Zorn, a whistleblower on the scale of wikileaks. She tells the team that he has a huge amount of classified documents and she wants him caught before he leaks them. There's a large bounty out for Zorn, so that's how Chuck can expect to get paid. She gives them a zip drive with more info and sends them on their way.

Morgan continues to act arrogant about being the world's greatest supercomputer, which annoys Chuck. When Casey finds out that Morgan is working with Verbanski, Chuck is even more upset, as this means Morgan is working with the rival company. Morgan shows up to work with a new look (frosted hair tips) and gives three weeks notice. Casey tells him there's no coming back to them. Morgan dumps Alex over text message. Also, he stole the zip drive with the intel about Zorn.

Chuck, Sarah, and Casey break into Verbanski's to get the zip drive back. Verbanski catches Casey in the act, he handcuffs her to a chair and takes the gun she found in her office.

When Sarah tells Beckman that Morgan has the intersect, Beckman is confused. She never sent one to them. They realize Morgan's intersect is faulty. Chuck tries to get Morgan back on his side and warn him about his bad intersect, but Morgan won't listen.

Then everyone is posing as flight attendants at the airport with the same plan to get Zorn. Zorn tries to escape in his helicopter. Morgan shoots at it and springs a gasoline leak. Chuck gets Zorn but Morgan and Verganski get caught in a fire caused by the gas leak. Chuck saves them, Verbanski and Casey kiss, Morgan starts to return to normal, and Chuck gets 2 million for Zorn.

Casey doesn't want them to take Morgan back, but Chuck and Sarah say he can stay with them. Beckman warns Chuck that the CIA has put out a hit on Morgan and to watch out. Just as Chuck gets the news, we see someone plant a bomb in Morgan's car. The episode ends with Morgan walking toward his car.

On a side plot, Ellie returns to work and Devin is taking care of the baby full time. Devin runs into Jeff outside of the Buy More, where Jeff is almost about to die in his car from carbon monoxide poisoning. Jeff sleeps in his car with it on. Devin insists he stop sleeping in the van and Jeff starts to clean himself up and turn into a new man.