Season 4 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Gobbler

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

We see several days into the future where Sarah, in disguise, is beating up Casey. Back in present time at the Buy More, Morgan asks Casey to help him cheer Chuck up since Sarah is gone. To their surprise, Chuck strolls into the Buy More in a good mood, confident Sarah will return safely with his mother by her side.

Despite Mary's warnings to Volkoff about Sarah, he remains unconcerned about her – she has made a great impression on him. Sarah realizes that she has to get Uri, Volkoff's old bodyguard, out of prison. Sarah secretly tells Mary why she is here – to take down Volkoff and break her out of there. Mary already knew it was the plan. Meanwhile, Chuck is at home coaching Morgan to tell Alex he loves him. Chuck also has to mediate between an argument between Ellie and Awesome about baby names.

Sarah asks Chuck and gang to help her break Uri out of prison. Morgan and Casey dress as prison guards and sneak Chuck into jail. They act as a distraction while Chuck heads in to find Uri. He flashes and is taken down before Sarah arrives. Chuck realizes something is changing with Sarah and that she might be gone for a while longer than he expects, just like his mother.

Awesome brings Ellie to the Buy More to get help from the guys in hope of getting her to agree with him on the baby name. Ellie is aware of Awesome's intentions and the two later return home and decide on the name Clara.

In appreciation of a job well done, Volkoff shoots Uri in the head. He reveals that the Hydra secrets were carried in Uri's glass eye. Volkoff downloads a copy to a safer location right before destroying the eye. Sarah and Mary get a piece of the system right before it is smashed. Morgan and Casey play a game of Risk with Chuck to keep him distracted. Casey receives an emergency text from Sarah asking him to meet. It turns out that the meeting was set up by Volkoff and the last challenge for Sarah is that she has to kill Casey.

Once Chuck arrives, he is captured and brought to watch Sarah and Casey's fight. Sarah plants the piece of the system on Casey, per their plan. The platform breaks, ruining their plans, sending Casey falling all the way down, leaving him unconscious. Volkoff is pleased. Sarah receives a text from Chuck on her flight back to Russia. Per Mary's request, Sarah ignores the text.