Season 4 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Gobbler

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2011 on NBC

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  • good - needs more complications and more morgan!

    any one else notice that chuck's inmate number was zachary levi's date of birth? 092980.

    i really enjoyed this episode. it was pretty much back to the old form, which i've missed recently. i would have liked to see chuck in more compromising positions.

    this was a good morgan episode as well, but i wish there was more of him. i really enjoyed the slow-motion scene with the orange juice and pizza. it was so opposite how they usually use that technique. it made me happy. :) for some reason, the website thinks i haven't put enough words in this review, so i'm going to talk about beards, hair, and clothes. yay. you may want to disregard the next few sections.

    morgan has one of the best beards on television, not that there are a lot of bearded stars out there.

    at the same time, i am not the biggest fan of sarah's new hairdo. like chuck, i found it rather distracting.
  • Engaging, surprisingly intense, and a return to form.

    Well this week's Chuck definitely surprised me. Maybe it was trying to return to Chuck after two months with a lackluster episode that made me see think about the series as a whole. But Chuck is back, without a doubt, and if I only got to watch one show my whole life, Chuck is, and always be, it.

    While I do think I've outgrown the reason I watched Chuck in the first place, it's hard to remove characters you've known all these years like their your family, and it's easily become a witty, charming staple of my TV week. The whole dark-side storyline played well off of last week, and Morgan, acting the usual way he does and the return of Ellie & Awesome gave more balance to more intensity than usual, which rounded the show nicely. And then there's Timothy Dalton. No guest this show has ever had can come close to the trained professional he is, and the engaging character he portrays. Sorry, Linda.

    Nothing's without flaws, however. I could go on and on about the plot holes in the Yuri jailbreak scenes, or how everything seems rushed to conclude Chuck's original 13 episode order, but with what they're given, the writers are doing a hell of a job being fairly consistent, and I can only hope Chuck stays this way.