Season 5 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC
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Chuck enlists his family, friends and some unexpected allies as he races to stop Nicholas Quinn from destroying everything Chuck has built over the past five years.

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  • Goodbye Team Bartowski... hope to see you guys soon again!

    Chuck is a great show with a good mix of action, comedy and romance. But at the heart of the show is a story about love, family and friendship. What has truly been outstanding is how the show has managed to make us all feel so much for each character, seeing them grow from strength to strength. Kudos to everyone (actors, creators, producers, directors, crew etc) who has made the show possible.

    The finale of Season 5 (ep 12 & 13) really kept me on the edge of my seat the entire 2 hours. And I like how it showed us where everyone was headed after the finale. But having said that, I just have 2 comments:

    1) I wished that they showed more definitively that Sarah got her memories back. The relationship between Chuck and Sarah is the key driving force of the show and after 5 seasons, I really wished I could see Sarah getting her memories back for sure and that Chuck and Sarah would live happily ever after.

    2) I wished that we could see Team Bartowski in action one last time to take down the bad guys. Yes, Sarah, Casey and Chuck were working together (with a lot of help from family and friends) but it was different because the Sarah in these last 2 episodes was a different Sarah and so the team dynamics was all different. After 5 seasons, we have come to love Team Bartowski (and how they work together now) and it would have been nice to see that team in action one last time, taking down the bad guys and saving the world.

    What has helped me get a bit of closure on the ending of series is what the creators of the show have said in various interviews. Here they are:

    Interview: 'Chuck' co-creator Chris Fedak on the series finale

    By Alan Sepinwall of Hitfix (Friday, Jan 27, 2012)

    Sepinwall: I want to start at the end. They sit on the beach, Chuck tells Sarah the story of their relationship, she laughs, and we've gotten hints that she's starting to remember her life with him. And he kisses her. Does Morgan's magic trick idea work and she remembers everything instantly? Or is it just going to be a slow and steady process for her to get all her memories and feelings back?

    Fedak: I think I'm going to leave that up to the audience. I have my thought, and Josh has his. It's a sweet, nice moment. A happy ending for those two. I think it's up for everyone to judge that kiss at the very end.

    Sepinwall: Well, after last week's episode, a few commenters were upset with the idea that Sarah's memory had been erased, and that all her character growth we had spent the last five seasons was for naught. What would you say to that?

    Fedak: I would certainly say it's not erased. It's not all gone. It hasn't been five seasons all for naught. It's in there. And the fun will be remembering it and falling in love again. How could you imagine anything better?


    By Eric Goldman of IGN (28 Jan 2012)

    IGN: So let me ask you about the final scene, which I will tell you my wife and I differed on. She wanted to be 100% sure everything was okay. I think we both agreed they re-found their love, but can we assume that Sarah does or will soon remember everything? He told her everything, but will she actually remember her relationships, not just with Chuck, but with everyone else?

    Fedak: You know, part of me feels it's very much dependent on the person who's watching the scene. I think it's a happy ending and I think that Sarah's memories We've kind of implied throughout the episode that Sarah's memories are there and that she is slowly but surely recovering them. But we also didn't want to paint a picture of her immediately remembering everything. So I think that we loved the notion of Sarah and Chuck falling in love again getting to experience those first moments one more time. We thought that was an amazing way to leave them. So I think that unlike that kind of moment where a person just remembers everything in their life that wasn't exactly what we wanted to do there. But I also think that I'm much more comfortable with the individual viewer coming up with their own feeling in regard to what exactly to interpreting their kiss, which I think is what we do on the show. We're interrupting the emotion there.

    IGN: Like you said, we see signs earlier. The fact that she remembers how the Weinerlicious should be organized, which isn't a Chuck-specific memory, hints that it's all there, waiting to come back up to the surface.

    Fedak: Listen, I think of it as a happy ending. I'd rather not be pinned down or tell you exactly what I think. I have my own strong feelings. But I also think that we wanted to do something that's somewhat open ended, in regards to what was going to happen next. But it's certainly a happy ending and I think that it's two people in love on that beach.

    The last "interview" below is my favourite...

    Zachary Levi Is Giving Us Serious Hope of a Chuck Movie! Plus, Did Chuck and Sarah Get Their Happy Ending?

    by Lauren Piester of Eonline (Mon Aug 17, 2015)

    The last scene of the show gave us a little bit of hope by having Sarah ask Chuck to kiss her, hoping that magical kiss would restore her memory, but we never got to see if that classic fairy tale trope actually worked.

    Of course, Chuck was always an optimistic series, so we assumed the kiss worked, but we never had confirmationuntil now.

    When we sat down with Craig DiGregorio... (we asked for) his thoughts on the ending of Chuck, which he was a writer and producer on for the last couple of seasons.

    "I always want to take away the best possible ending from a show, the one that makes you feel good," DieGregorio said, before saying he wasn't really the one to answer such a question.

    Instead, he texted the show's creator, Chris Fedak, who first responded with a big fat,

    After letting us ruminate on that cruel heartbreak for a few minutes, Fedak followed up.

    "Oh, he said 'I'm kidding, they're still together with kids!'" DiGregorio told us joyfully, turning our sad watery eyes to happy watery eyes, as Rivers and Roads started playing in our head.

    So Sarah gets her memories back and she and Chuck live happily ever after!!! YES!

    And here's hoping a movie would come out soon so that we can all relive the wonderful experience that is Chuck.

  • Mercy killing

    Chuck stopped being objectively 'consistently good' a long time ago.

    Frankly if the show was cancelled after just the first season -it would have probably secured a place as a cult classic but instead it was allowed to limp on.

    The show runners and writers behaved like amateurs -from perpetuating the 'Ross and Rachel' solely because Friends lost viewership when they stopped it, to pathetically convoluted and aborted plots.

    Remember how Fulcrum, The Ring and Volkov were all just chess pieces for Decker's boss? remember how Deckers boss turned out be Shaw? a dude who wouldn't have even been in the CIA when Fulcrum founded.

    Then we got the ***ed character of Quinn and his ridiculously forced position as the final 'big bad'.

    The cherry on top was killing off the Sarah of the past 5 years -all of her personal growth and character development; all gone for some cheap melodrama?

    I don't think people actually get that as far as Sarah is concerned none of it ever happened -she never met that likeable season 1 nerd/geek in the pilot, she never learned to trust Casey, she never settled things with her father and CAT squad friends.

    That happy ending was just pathetically shoehorned in -it took her 5 years to mellow out, yet she goes from star CIA assassin to 'potentially wanting a "normal" life' in like what? one episode. WTF?moreless
  • Prism Express

    The PC model that Chuck must diffuse in the final episode, and the manner in which he describes diffusing it, serve as a metaphor for circumventing Sarah's defenses in the final episode. More on this controlling metaphor and many other elements of the finale arc imply that Chuck and Sarah are going to be fine. The biggest problem with the episode was the steep climb Sarah had to make in the last few minutes. There were so many loose ends to tie up for so many characters that even the extra time devoted to the Castle Couple made Sarah's ultimate decision to trust Chuck a tad rushed.

    G. Walter Bushmoreless
  • Wow, Hard to watch ending, but a brilliant show

    Chuck, what a show, I don't think I've seen better on Netflix, only one with similar class, but very different show is the Danish 'The Bridge' (10). I watched Chuck earlier this year {2014} and sorry I didn't discover it years ago. Although many of the comedic references are quite contemporary overall it has the quality to last and last. I could watch almost any episode again tomorrow. Believe me that is very unusual for me.

    Yvonne was excellent ( This lady can really act not just the action scenes her tender moments are breath taking ). Zachary is superb . why this guy doesn't get more top roles I don't know.

    The writing is top notch and I would strongly recommend to anyone with a heart, a mind and/or a soul. At its core this is a love story, don't worry not too soppy, and as far as I am concerned you can add Chuck and Sarah to the list of greats, Elizabeth and Darcy, Cathy and Heathcliff, Juliet and Romeo etc, etc.

    For a comedy the dramatic moments were excellent, I watched all 5 series in 2 weeks. At the end of the final episode I was so 'disturbed and distressed' that I watched them all again. The heart felt connection is that strong. I think the Netflix format really suits a program like Chuck where you can experience it in 'real time'.

    The music choices with the episodes are also top notch, I think 'rivers and roads' for the final scenes are perfect. It made me think that life is about the journey not the destination. If my experience is typical this show should come with a warning that once it's in your head it's very hard to shift. I found myself going for long walks replaying and analysing scenes in my head. No show before or since has quite had the same effect for so long.

    I think my favourite music / scene is Nina Simone's Feeling good at end of S3/14.. Perfect. There are so many classic moments lines ( I'd recommend reading quotes section on this website for a refresher.. ( Chuckfix ).

    I would love more Chuck but the problem is clearly that the lead characters need to settle down, have a family, it's their time and this isn't the 'Chuck' we all know and love. Sarah can't take this punishment forever and stay so stunning that's just not real.

    I think a movie maybe set 5 to 10 years in the future 2 small kids. Ordinary life then maybe an old enemy returns, ( Hopefully not Shaw .. Yawn/Yawn ) and the family is threatened, , the kids are in danger and the Family goes ' on the Lam ' This would allow them to travel to different places, meet old friends, Casey, Grimes, Beckman, Ellie. Mary, Sarah's Dad etc. Plenty of scope for action scenes. I think we all yearn to see that it worked out the way we wanted ( needed ).

    More like chuck please.

  • Terrible ending

    The show is one of the best I have watched ever.... The ending was terrible and disappointing. Left us guessing. Making me wish I never started watching it in the first place.... Except there will be a season 6.
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Yvonne Strahovski

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Zachary Levi

Charles "Chuck" Irving Bartowski

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Eleanor "Ellie" Bartowski

Joshua Gomez

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Colonel John Casey

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Vladimir Kulich

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Nicholas Quinn

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General Diane Beckman

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Mekenna Melvin

Alex McHugh

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Once again Chuck becomes the intersect.

    • When Sarah disarms Quinn in the Wienerlicious using a skewer it is very similar to how she disarmed Casey in the Wienerlicious in the second episode: "Chuck versus the Helicopter"

    • Featured Music:
      "The Head and the Hear"t by Rivers and Roads (end of the episode)
      "Goshen" by Beirut
      "Symphony No. 9 in E Minor "From the New World" IV. Allegro con fuoco" by Antonín DvoÅ™ák
      "Take On Me" by A-ha!
      "Cruel and Beautiful World" by Grouplove

    • This episode ends with just the typed word "Chuck" backed with a black screen. This is the same as the opening credits screen of the pilot episode of Chuck.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Chuck: (at the beach) I was hoping you'd be here.
      Sarah: This place is important, isn't it?
      Chuck: Yeah, yeah, very much. This is actually where you told me I was going to be okay. That I could trust you. And that's exactly what I'm doing now. I'm asking you to trust me. Sarah, I don't-I don't want anything from you. I-I just need you to know that wherever you go, I'll always be there to help you. Someone you can call. Whenever. Trust me, Sarah. I'm here for you always.
      Sarah: Chuck. Tell me our story.

    • Chuck: You know, Morgan has this crazy idea.
      Sarah: What is it?
      Chuck: He thinks that, with one kiss, you'll remember everything.
      Sarah: One magical kiss?
      Chuck: Yeah. Sorry. I know it's...
      Sarah: Chuck?
      Chuck: Yeah?
      Sarah: Kiss me.

    • Casey: You're gonna get weepy and emotional. I'll just skip that part. I'll see you when I see you, Bartowski, huh?
      Chuck: Goodbye, Casey.
      Casey: (hugs him) There's one thing Russians do well, it's give good hugs.

    • Sarah: I'm leaving.
      Chuck: No, no, you're not.
      Sarah: Why?
      Chuck: Because of my mother.
      Sarah: What?
      Chuck: She's a spy.
      Sarah: So?
      Chuck: And she's standing right behind you with a gun.

    • Chuck: Guys, this is crazy, okay? I tried to get (Sarah) to remember me and it didn't work. I can't get her to fall in love with me again.
      Ellie: Chuck, it's clear that we can't force Sarah to remember, but emotions, feelings, those are powerful things. And if you can find Sarah, maybe you can spark some of these memories.
      Chuck: Really?
      Ellie: She fell in love with you before, Chuck. You can do it again. She'll remember.

    • General Beckman: Good work team. On behalf of the United States government and the great people we serve, thank you.
      Casey: Just happy to be doing good works, ma'am.
      General Beckman: I understand this is the end.
      Chuck: Yes, it is, General. I think we...
      Sarah: It's me. I, um...I need to go find myself.
      Casey: We all do.
      General Beckman: If you ever want to save the world again, you know where I am.

    • Casey: You just don't understand, do you? I got soft. I lost my edge.
      Morgan: Your team was your edge, you giant jackass! What is wrong with you, man? You want to find Quinn? You know who to call, but don't you dare try to blame this on us because you're afraid. That's right, you're afraid that, with us, that's when you're the best, and that's the truth, man.

    • Morgan: (to Sarah) There was a time I was Chuck's number one go-to best friend. And then you came along, and things changed. I just...if I was to hand the title off to anyone, I was always really happy it was you. I just wanted you to know that.

  • NOTES (2)