Season 5 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

Several weeks later, Quinn is on a mission to assemble something called the "Key", that will allow for the Intersect to download safely to avoid what happened to Morgan and Sarah. Quinn has to collect all three pieces - he's collecting the first piece while on a plane from a bad guy. Sarah, who was hiding in the baggage compartments, came out to confront him and a fight ensues. The plane doors fly open and Sarah falls out and parachutes to safety.

Everyone encourages Chuck to go find Sarah. With the help of Jeffster, they track her down. Sarah wants Chuck to let her use Castle to find Quinn. They find Quinn, and Chuck helps Sarah capture him, hoping to bring out some of her memories. Chuck's mom comes in to inform them about the final piece of the Key is with General Grandma, but Quinn is one step ahead of them.

Chuck and Sarah go after Quinn. Sarah ends up killing Quinn. Chuck tells Saran that he planned on using the glass to restore her memory. Chuck finally gets the Intersect back and he flashes and saves the day.

Subway ends up buying the Buy More and Jeffester gets approached by a German music producer. Ellie and Awesome pack for Chicago where they're both offered amazing jobs. Mogran convinces Chuck to help Sarah regain her memory. He takes her to the same beach as int he pilot episode. Chuck tells Sarah about their relationship and kisses her with the hopes of restoring her memory.

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