Season 5 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC

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  • Bittersweet

    By itself... fantastic episode. Really hit hard emotionally. Sadly, it is a series finale and I won't properly be able to gauge it as a finale... too busy cursing at the world of television that a truly great show has to end so soon.

    But the lookbacks scattered through it and the little nods to the entire history make this a fun and bittersweet journey. And of course the Subway sendup is still classic. Long live Jeffster!
  • Great Episode, Terrible Ending

    Chuck has always been about fun. It never took itself too seriously and that's one of the reasons it has always been a great show despite the ratings. After watching the show religiously for five seasons I couldn't wait for the series finale and knew it wouldn't let me know. And it didn't...

    Until the end. Sarah losing her memory was a decent storyline to end the show (not my favorite but not the worst idea). BUT to end the series and she still does not remember Chuck, that's just wrong. You can argue that artistically it made sense and it didn't follow the generic tv show path, but since when did Chuck have a problem being generic? This was the worst decision the writers ever made on this show (yes, worse than Morgan getting the intersect). I'll always love the show but that was terrible and will forever leave me unsatisfied.
  • Awesome

    Great ending to the series. Pretty much everything a finale should be.

    Character resolutions, but still leaves their futures open.

    Throwbacks to earlier in the series (come on, who didn't see the porn virus thing coming?), and seeing Sarah in the Weinerlicious costume again made me happy. :)

    The sense of humor the show has embraced (LOLed at Chuck accidentally shooting down the chopper).

    From the moment Morgan suggested the kiss thing, I thought that was how the writers were going to restore Sarah's memory. But I'm happy they didn't. Not explicitly restoring her felt more honest.

    If the kiss did kick start her memory, great. If not, we know the memories are still there, and the two are going to work to get those memories back. Either way, Chuck and Sarah will wind up together.

    I'm going to miss the show. It's too bad it never got the ratings it deserved. Yet complete horse *** like Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and Jersey Shore pull in the viewers. :sigh:
  • Chuck pulls a "NoteBook" Ending

    I will miss this show very much.

    Here's to Chuck for pulling a "NoteBook" ending.

    Now we NEED -- Chuck vs 'The Movie'

    Come on, Star Trek died after 3 years on NBC then ... 11 Movies and 4 spinoffs

    Well I say - Give us a Movie to see how things are in the future.

    They set it up so it could be done.

    Yvonne was asked in an interview if a movie was coming. She said that the cast would be up for it.

    We can only hope and ask for more.

    Remember NBC does not own the rights to Chuck - So maybe.

  • What an ending!

    I usually don't write reviews but Chuck's finale inspired me to write one. Where to begin.

    The finale really helped us remember why we started to love Chuck. It wasn't the cool spy stuff (albeit the spy stuff is cool) it was because of the characters in the show. It was a very emotional roller coaster 2-part finale that really had all the elements that makes Chuck so good.

    I am one of those people who thought that season 4 and 5 was weak but the finale made it all up. All the emotions in a series summed up in just 2 episodes. Words escape me for now but I will be buying Chuck DVD's and watching it all over again in the future. One of the best shows on TV just ended guess the Mayans were right.
  • Not the best of Chuck's many finales, but still great.

    It's hard to summarise my feelings on the Chuck finale (or should I say the final finale, since we've had about 5 false finales before now). What I wanted was that magic mix of comedy, drama, spy action, and heart that made the show so unique and beloved for the past 5 years. Yet I can't help but feel that Chuck vs. the Goodbye only succeeded on three of those counts.

    *NOTE: Though technically this is a review only of the final episode, I'll include references to the previous Chuck vs. Sarah as they aired on the same night - and let's face it, it was all really one long episode.*

    Having Sarah lose her memories of Chuck, causing him to go all-out in his attempts to restore them, is not exactly how I pictured the ending of this light-hearted show. Sarah has grown so much from the cold-hearted, emotionally-distant spy from the first season that to have her back for the final 2 episodes felt somewhat dishonest to all that character development. From a plot point of view it makes sense, because it allowed the show to organically take a final trip down memory lane, especially with Chuck almost heart-rendingly emotional in that monologue toward the end of the previous episode where he talks about Chuck and Sarah's first kiss. And while I never bought Quinn as the ultimate final villain the show should have - both Volkoff and Evil Shaw set the bar pretty high in that regard - I suppose having Sarah technically be the final obstacle in her own happy ending was a clever twist.

    There was at least quite some comedy gold - I nearly cried with laughter when Jeffster! made a triumphant comeback singing Ah Ha's "Take on Me" in the middle of a symphony orchestral concert. And this led to one final Subway shout-out (I'd like to think Big Mike will spend the rest of his days sipping Cokes and munching subs right in the Buy More itself) as well as Jeffster! pursuing their dreams as German rock stars.

    Ellie and Awesome's conveniently-timed job offers in Chicago were a good chance for this couple, who for all this time have felt responsible as surrogate parents for Chuck, to live their own lives with their infant daughter. And while Morgan and Alex living together has been telegraphed for quite some time, it was very touching when she embraced her father at the end, and Casey finally acknowledges what a softie he's become.

    But back to the central conflict. Sarah spent the entire finale as a completely different person to the one we've come to root for - reverting to the cool and detached spy who pulled a gun on Chuck and Casey in the first season. As a result, it didn't feel at all like the same character we were all invested in (though kudos to Yvonne Strahovski for totally selling the character transformation), and Chuck and Sarah's patented happy ending seemed to slip further and further away.

    Though there were flashes of Sarah regaining her memories (the engraving in their house, the Wienerlicious, Irene Demova), it never came back in full, and while those flashes were obviously meant to reassure viewers during the open ending that Chuck and Sarah would eventually get back together, we didn't see Sarah get those memories back on-screen, so it felt less satisfying. Not only that but it leads to other questions - even if Sarah does get the memories back, will her love for Chuck (and softer and more emotionally-open approach to life) return? Will she simply fake a life with Chuck because the memories are too obvious to ignore? Personally I'd like to think that even after the Intersect glasses were destroyed, Ellie and Chuck got to work on redesigning them using their father's research, and eventually managed to build one and get Sarah's memories into them, and Sarah came back in full. Unfortunately, this won't be the official ending.

    And so, since this will be the last episode of Chuck, I'll do something I normally wouldn't during a review and suggest where I think the show should have ended. Specifically, five minutes before the end of season 4. This was the end of Chuck and Sarah's love story - with their wedding - as well as the two quitting the government spy business to go freelance, and the Intersect out of Chuck's head (and in no one else's). Morgan and Alex were together, Mary Bartowski was playing grandmother, and Ellie and Awesome had a newborn. No need to complicate things with Decker's conspiracy and Morgan getting the Intersect. The only parts of season 5 I liked were Carrie-Anne Moss as Gertrude Verbanski, as well as the thematic idea of witnessing the negative consequences of the Intersect in someone else's head and seeing why Chuck was uniquely suited to it in the first place.

    But I'll try not to dwell on my less-than-perfectly-pleased reaction to the finale, and focus on what made Chuck great as a whole. The comedy, the drama, the spy action, and the heart. Chuck and Sarah's epic love story. Casey's manliness. The Chuck and Morgan bromance. Ellie and Awesome, the beating heart of the show. The idiocy of Jeff and Lester, and Big Mike's Subway monologues. No other show I've ever watched combined so many disparate elements into one package and entertained me so thoroughly over such a long period of time.

    Aces, 'Chuck'. You're aces.
  • And the most frustrating and unsatisfying ending to a TV show goes to....

    (Spoilers ahead).

    When a TV show ends and has an actual ending, a finale, as opposed to being abruptly cancelled, it can go one of two ways; it can tie up everybody;s stories and end it in a way that makes you just feel happy and ready to see off the characters you;ve loved for so long, or it can pull something out of its ass that makes you want to put your foot through your TV. Sadly, the Chuck series finale was the latter.

    These last two episodes revolved around Sarah first trying to kill Chuck and believing he;s evil and then upon finding she did use to love Chuck helping him but not still completely trusting him. And everybody helps and Chuck's mom is in it and Jeffster helps save the day. (Admittedly the funniest line is Chuck: Sarah you know my mom's a spy? Sarah: Yeah? Chuck:And she;s standing right behind you with a gun"). And Ellie, Awesome and baby Awesome are moving to Chicago, Morgan and Alex are moving in together, Casey is going off to find Gertrude, and Chuck finds Sarah at the beach she found him at at the end of the pilot. And he tells her their story and then remembers Morgan's theory that a kiss would reignite her feelings. So he kisses her. And THAT'S where the show ends.

    Sometimes I don't mind ambiguous endings, but that's when they've more than halfway alluded what's going to happen and there's some hope. For example, if we had seen the flashbacks of their story as they were driving off somewhere and Sarah said, "Where to next?" and Chuck smiled and it faded to black, that would be okay. That is an acceptable level of ambiguity. When the show ends with Sarah still not remembering how she felt about Chuck, no that is not okay.

    Especially because there were so many things they could've done. In last week's episode while on the train, they draw a picture of themselves and a baby outside their dream house, which Chuck put in his pocket when things started going wrong. But that picture was never seen in these two episodes. Sarah started to remember when she saw their names carved in the door, which would've been an opportune moment for Chuck to pull out the picture and that would've helped her memory, but that never came up. And he should've kissed Sarah earlier so that we could've seen them happy together as the show goes out as opposed to being left with a will-they-or-won't-they.

    What's really weird is that they wrapped up everybody else's stories except for the three members of Team Bartowski. Ellie, Awesome and Baby Awesome are going to Chicago, Mama Bartowski is around, Morgan and Alex are moving in together. And Casey is off to find Gertrude but again nothing is for sure. And Chuck and Sarah are left in the balance of a what if? One option is that they're holding it over for the possibility of a next chapter like an online movie but that's not what the series finale is about. It's supposed to wrap up the show in a way that if that is it, the end, period, nothing is unresolved.

    Chuck is a mammothly ambitious show, it is the little show that could, the show that almost got cancelled every year it was on and was saved by its die-hard fans and subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki. This show told great stories and let us in on watching these characters grow for four years and it would've been perfect if it had ended after the Charah wedding. And for all this show is and did, it deserved a better ending than this. Even so, there'll always be a place in my heart for the nerd herd. <3
  • Greatest ending ever!

    Chuck is, was, and will forever be one of the greatest shows that there has ever been, and this episode is a testament to that. In my time i have watched a lot of great tv shows come and go, but never have I been so moved by a finale as i was with this one. Everyone ended up where they belonged, and the episode left us with just enough to come to our own conclusions about Chuck and Sarah. There were a lot of nostalgic moments (Irene Demova, Wienerlicious) which brought many of the veteran fans back to its roots, and added to the overall effect of the ending.

    I said it once and I'll say it again, Chuck is, was, and forever will be one of the greatest shows that there ever was
  • Doesn't end with a bang, just fizzles out

    This final episode doesn't come close to doing the show justice. The whole conflict of the story feels like something that was just put together at the last minute. Ideally you'd want a final episode that brings an end to an exciting story arc. But there was no arc, the conflict feels just way to forced and manufactured.

    It doesn't even make any sense. What story line could Quinn have possibly told Sarah that would have made any sense for her to believe? There's no narrative that makes sense of why she'd be so deep undercover as to marry Chuck.

    And why were they so focused on the Intersect glasses? The Intersect can be transmitted through any old computer screen - that's how Chuck got it in the first place. Why are the glasses all of a sudden such an integral part of the Intersect and they need special add-ons in order to get them to work properly?

    The story is just thrown together, and forced into place with a crowbar. There was no emotional depth, and the plot was barely there. This great show didn't deserve such a mediocre ending.
  • Goodbye Chuck

    It's finally over. After five seasons this great show goes out in style. The final two episodes are a trip down memory lane for fans of the series, many allusions to the early seasons and mostly the first episode. But the characters have changed, and that is what really matters. This review covers Chuck vs Sarah and Chuck vs The Goodbye.

    The story so far has Quinn is after the intersect, but the current version has a glitch that erases memories. To fix the glitch he needs some devices from Fulcrum and the Ring that connect directly to sunglasses. The current intersect erased the memories of Sarah and she doesn't know Chuck or the rest of his family and friends. The two final episodes are about Sarah remembering.

    Flashbacks to the first season are obvious: Weinerlicious returns, a bomb in a populated area needs to be defused and the infamous scene where Chuck and Sarah first meet at the Buy More. Even the Mexican restaurant that held their first date plays a central role. There are some great flashbacks to early episodes, done with great care. Many will bring a tear to the eye of long term fans. This relationship is important to us.

    But there is more here, behind the scenes, the changed characters. Casey came onto the show as a hard ass and was even prepared to assassinate Chuck in season 2. He's changed, his daughter and the relationship with Morgan has mellowed him out over the years. Love is more important to him now than killing. Morgan has changed too, he has guts. He is strong enough to stand up to Casey and say what he means. Devon and Ellie have their baby and promising careers. Although I am somewhat disappointed that we didn't get a final "Awesome" from Mr Awesome.

    The core of the series has always been about Chuck and Sarah. How a guy like him could get a spy like her. When she forgets he tries to make her remember, putting his own life at risk. When she doesn't he gives up and accepts she is just not Sarah anymore. Although there are no cheeseballs, this is a bit like when Chuck gave up Sarah for the spy life. With the help of friends he is convinced he can win her back, just like he won her in the first place. People aren't necessarily who they are because of how they are made. They are molded and evolved by the relationships they forge and the Chuck and Sarah one has been such a wonderful one to watch.

    While these two episodes turn back the clock to the earlier seasons they also highlight just how far the characters have come. How far Sarah has come and we miss her when she doesn't remember. The finale is a well crafted emotional summary of the journey we've seen. They managed to put together the key leads 2 seasons ago and still produce their best work. Watch for a small part by Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris on Voyager). Thanks for the memories Chuck.

  • Agree with TVNut77

    @TVNut77 I fully agree with you. I've been watching this show since the pilot and have followed it through to the bitter end. But the last show left so much to be desired. I was checking to see how much time there was until the end of the episode and as the minutes wound down and Sarah still hadn't regained her memory, the disappointment set in. It's an "unfair" way to end the show; it's unfair to the fans yes, but it's unfair to the whole story. Chuck was always the underdog but he progressed throughout the series showing that he can contribute meaningfully. So to end it this way seems unfair to Chuck and all he had to endure. The poor guy just can't seem to catch a break and I think all fans are so invested in his happiness that ending things on such a bitter note is disappointing to say the least.
  • Not satisfying

    I only created an account to comment this last episode, because the ending sucks.

    In episode 12 I had the feeling that the writers wouldn't allow Sarah to get her memories hack. But I thought: Heck, no, they wouldn't do that. But they did and it sucks.

    The end is not something I could buy. I tried, but it feels too unreal. I only can explain it to myself that the writers never experienced real love (or want to keep an open ending at the end of a tv show. Eh, what?). Sarah said that she had no feelings for Chuck, because she lost her memories. I could believe that. But to explain the end she would have fallen in love with him again in the last episode. But this would've looked a lot different and hadn't fit either. The kiss at the beach felt unreal, too. Just like she kisses him, because her subconscious tells her to, but she's not buying it herself. It didn't feel like they're back together and that ruined the end.

    That's why I'm trying to lie to myself that it ended like this:

    Chuck kisses Sarah at the beach. The camera zooms into Sarahs eyes, she flashes and remembers everything that happend the last 5 years. She stops kissing Chuck, opens her eyes, looks at Chuck and says "Oh, Chuck" grabs him and kisses him.






    We are in a lab. Sarah has some wires attached to her head. Ellie is there and tells everyone in the room (Chuck, Morgan, Devon...) that it looks like the intersect didn't delete memories, but surpressed them and one important thing/memory in the life of the person could be the key to them.

    Everyone is happy, but Morgan. He is really upset, because Sarah got her memories back and he doesn't. So he leaves to go home. At home he wants to cool off with a dvd. He goes to the dvd rack and grabs Die Hard (Remember? Casey gave him this to fill in his memories after he got rid of the intetsect). He opens the dvd case, looks at the dvd. But then something gets his attention. It's a box in the rack. He opens it and inside you see lots of StarWars stuff. He looks a bit puzzled, but then takes out the Han Solo action figure. He looks at it and in that moment he flashes and gets his memories back. He then looks at the Die Hard dvd. He lools back at the Starwars stuff, then back at the dvd and shouts: CASEY!


    That is how it should have ended. Chuck and Sarah back together and Morgan has his memory back. And they lived happily ever after...
  • Sad End to a Terrific Show

    Let me preface by saying I am a huge fan of Chuck. It contained the right mix of comedy, drama, action, character development and nerdherd-iness.

    If the producers knew what was coming in season 5 I am very disappointed that they went ahead with it. This season did such a disservice to Chuck as a franchise. I just feel the season was very forced, there was no flow. I would have stopped Chuck at the end of season 4 minus Grimes getting the intersect. If they had to go ahead with season 5 then I would have added some filler episodes and finished it up with Chuck versus the Baby when it ended with everyone having a special time together.

    I wish I hadn't watched season 5 because Sarah's memory loss seemed like a betrayal. I wouldn't have been upset if this is how Battle Star Galactica ended but this is Chuck. As some reviewers have said when we re-watch Chuck and see all those special episodes where Sarah grows and falls in love with Chuck it will all be for nought. At the end of the day it was a sad and depressing end to a fantastic and mostly light hearted show.

  • This wrecked me

    No show has ever grabbed me like Chuck did. I doubt another ever will. I loved Chuck. I still do. I watch the seasons over and over.

    The last show wrecked me - I was in tears. I am a 46 year old man - husband, father - and I was crying at the end.

    However, the more I think about it, the less I like the ending. Two things:

    1) I knew it was the end, so I was looking forward to spending time with old friends. However, one was missing - Sarah. I loved who she had become because of what she had experienced and the influence of Chuck.

    2) Sarah losing her memory invalidated a lot of the great experiences that we shared with her over the years. Things that happened only with her on the screen and us watching (that tentative sniff of Chuck's shirt when he was taken by the Belgian - that moment was only in her memory and to me, really showed when Sarah fully shed the "robot" spy psyche and became "human"). All those moments - gone. Chuck can never tell her those stories.

    I need to know they ended up together. That the old Sarah came back. I need to know that the geeky guy can get - and keep - the girl. That everything will be ok.
  • well this sucks

    I havent watched the last episode yet, but from the sound of it, it sucks. I guessed after the second to last episode that something like this would happen, and that is a terrible disservice to Chuck, the fans, and NBC. Both the fans and I imagine the cast would want a better ending, a happier one. On NBC's part, this does them terrible fortunes because they've lost ER (that was the name right?) as well as the cape, and now Chuck; two of those were very loved shows. Now all NBC really has is comedy in the Office, Community, and Parks and Rec, as well as Grimm (which how will only last as long there are new Grimm fairy tales to portray, I'd imagine), but no show that can combine both of those as well as maybe a bit of drama at times.

    RIP Chuck.

    the fans will always miss the show.

    P.S. if either of the writers gets on here, here's a good idea if NBC can be convinced to make at least one more season- start it off with the first episode titled Chuck Vs. The Remarriage.

    What would happen is it would be Chuck having to help Sarah getting back some memories, as well as married to him, and then the season(s) go on to show them keeping on with Carmichael industries, having kids, and one of the kids somehow ends up getting a new and improved super- intersect. Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and Casey have to then become the kids handlers and when he/she is grown up, they will help the CIA take down cyber terrorists with the new intersect.
  • Great ending to a great show! (spoilers)

    Really enjoyed the final episode of Chuck - it didn't end how I thought it would, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed this episode.

    I loved the beach scene at the end and I'm glad Sarah didn't get her memory back as now their romance begins all over again.

    Quite surprised at some of the negative reviews of this episode but I guess you can't please everyone.

    Also, this show deserved way more recognition - great characters (plus Yvonne Strahovski is freaking HOT!!), great storylines and a good mixture of comedy/romance/drama. What more do you want!?!

    Sad it's all over now :(

  • Will allways love this series

    I have followed Chuck from the begining. And there is no other show that has moved me more then this has. I think it is the best shows ever made :D. and I am sad that it is over.

    The end is not what I was hopping for but it is still a good end. How to follow the biggest nerd getting the hottest girl and then loosing here again in the end was heartbreaking news. But how the hole thing ended with all the loose knots I will let my mind deside how it will end :D.

    Sara will get here memory back and they will get their house and raise a famly :D. And they will leave the spy life and live happy ever after :D

    That is how I will think :D
  • Perfect finale to celebrate five years of love and laughter

    I am sad it is ended but i am happy it ended with a finale that did justice to everything i love about the series. It combined comedy that always made me laugh out loud with heartfelt relationships. In this finale we could see how much the characters love eachother, and how much they have evolved over time. Giving Sara amnesia was a good way to show how she used to be before Chuck changed her, and we see how far Chuck will go to get her back. I also liked the voyage down memory lane, when they brought up things like Wienerlicious and the Elena Dementieva porn virus and their first kiss. One of the moments i really liked was when Morgan tells Casey he has come a long way from the coldhearted sniper he was. And then Casey stands up and he`s wearing an apron that says 'World`s Greatest Father' and he asks 'Do you really think I`ve changed?' It was just a perfect Chuck moment, funny but meaningful. I also loved that they brought back all our favourite characters, like Chuck`s mom, and that Jeffster played a big part with their singing. Both those were such superbe moments. I will miss Chuck but the finale left me with a warm feeling. It is ended, but it is ended well.

  • well im upset that its the end for Chuck

    It was a great show that NBC could have kept on another season. i agree with another poster that the show had a great ending. It was one of the most humorous shows i watched for the past few years. i cant believe its have been 5 years. im really going to miss Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Awesome, Ellie and there little baby.
  • If a great show has to end (sob), this is the way to do it (spoilers inside)

    One of the beauties about 5 seasons of Chuck was that you cannot pinpoint when it jumped the shark, because it always did. It jumped the shark when Chuck and Sarah became a couple, when we learned Chuck's dad created the intersect, when Devon learned Chuck's secret, when the intersect taught Chuck kung fu, when Morgan joined the team, when Ellie learned Chuck's secret, each time Chuck was reunited with a parent, when Chuck and Sarah married, etc. But the series finale so perfectly encapsulated all 5 seasons in a very fresh way.

    Happy endings all around for Devon and Ellie (moving to a new life), Morgan and Alex (reuniting), Casey (leaving to pursue his love), Jeffster (leaving the BuyMore to launch their music career), and Big Mike (when Subway finally moved into the BuyMore).

    Morgan got to prove his worth by (a) convincing Casey that going soft was okay as part of Team Bartowski, and (b) saving the day by having Jeffster perform at the concert. Chuck proved that, although he'd grown as a spy (by choosing to save lives over returning Sarah's memories to her), he was still the same old Chuck (by accidentally shooting down Casey's helicopter instead of shooting Quinn). And there were two great homages to the pilot episode: (1) Chuck, Sarah, and Casey huddled around a bomb as Chuck used the same virus to disarm it, and (2) Chuck finding Sarah on the same beach where she found him in the pilot's epilogue.

    For a flickering moment, I was disappointed that we didn't find out of Chuck's kiss restored Sarah's memories. But everything else was so perfect, I can't imagine any other outcome.

    I am so going to miss this program, but I'm so glad I was along for the ride.
  • Excellent... Just not along the lines of the show.... *SPOILERS*

    So Chuck is my fav show of all time.... it has some action, comedy, and romance. Not only that, but it's got a pretty good balance of all 3. It's also very family oriented, everyone's very close... And that's why I didn't like the finale.

    As good as it was to see Linda Hamilton make an appearance, it would have been nice to see some other friendly faces. The most disappointing thing I feel is that the show is surrounded by people who care for each other and stick together, yet at the end everyone splits and goes their own way. While it's good for character development it's hardly fitting with the show's theme. Furthermore, and from what I've heard something that hasn't been hugely taken into account, the end is up to the assumption of the viewer, yes, but it would have been nice to have something conclusive. IF Sarah got her memory back then great. IF Chuck and Sarah fall in love all over again, then again it's great, but that wouldn't be the same Sarah we all grew to love throughout the show. Some would say it doesn't matter because the show's over, but I think it does matter, because it does live on in it's fans.

    I will forever miss you Chuck and Sarah. The show that ended too soon....
  • Great show that never got the audience numbers executives wanted

    The series finale was sad in tone due to a character's sacrifice and the loss created by it, and dealing with it was one way of showcasing the moments that through the years made the relationships built both sweet and bitter. This season had to go about wrapping up loose ends as the network called for a finale. As finales go, this had moments for foreground and background characters to have their moments to shine, and the audience to say our last, while remaining true to what we came to love or loathe about them. As for sacrifices, the shows tone is one of promise as well, so what we the audience take away from it can be seen as hope, that their lives continue, and that a new life begins. Its open ended.
  • Why in the world would anyone finish the series?!

    "Chuck" is one of the best T.V. series that i've watched, and that's saying something since i am the worst kind of "TVHOLIC". I think everyone would agree that the final episode on its own is very good, especially the part when Jeffster sang Take On Me, damn that was great!, but the main thing is why is it finished? only 5 seasons? come on!!! Chuck is the best T.V. series of the century! It's funny, great drama plots, have a unique hook, best line up of actors, incredible characters, and best of all, an underdog love story. This is the recipe for the viewers of the show! But what can we do?, right?

    Anyway, the open ending is great, it gives the loyal viewers hope that it might continue aside from the fact that everyone will have their own theory on how it really ends. The Orion quote to Chuck from Ellie was awesome! I was really touched by it. Casey going after Gertrude was a nice touch. Ellie and Awesome got an awesome job offer in Chicago which is awesome but not really surprised there Jeffster making it big was the icing on the cake for me, love those two knuckleheads. And most importantly, the Chuck and Sarah love story, the kiss on the beach was hot and the way it ended gave a hint that the series did not really end but was the start of the store telling of Chuck to Sarah of everything that happened with the two of them like a never ending cycle.

    LOVE IT! I wish it didn't have to end... :(
  • Like saying goodbye to a life-long friend (spoilers)

    Wow, this was very difficult to watch knowing it would be the end. And what an end! I'm sad that people left, though. I was very much hoping Ellie and Awesome would stay and Casey, obviously. He can't just leave the apartment like that! But they did and so did he.

    This is by far the most emotional episode of the entire series, even beyond the season 3 finale. Chuck finally gets the intersect, Jeffster gets a record deal, and the ending was less than typical, and wholly unexpected! The beach scene was emotionally intense and kinda leaves you with a question mark where their storyline should be. What's going to happen with Chuck and Sarah?

    Well, it's obvious to me that Sarah is still intact, in that she is completely in love with Chuck. They're going to reminisce some more and go back home and everything's going to be ok. They'll still have Morgan and Alex across the courtyard and Casey's just a phone call away. In fact, I can say with 100% certainty that John Casey will be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail. Soon. He'll return soon. Ellie and Awesome will decide that Chicago isn't for them and so the team will use their spy tactics to be rid of the new tenants residing in their old place.

    Jeff will accidentally huff gas again and revert back to his old ways, forcing Jeffster to retire early and get rehired at the Buy More where Big Mike obviously stayed this whole time.

    Eventually, the team will be needed and General Beckman will convince them to do a - or some - reunion mission.

    They all live happily ever thereafter.

    I'm going to miss you Chuck. This has been by far the best series on television. EVER!
  • Liked the episode...very emotional. Just couldn't help feeling cheated when the end credits begin to roll :(

    I love Chuck.I love this episode...just NOT as a Series Finale. I love all the seasons for different reasons and I love all the "Possible Series Finales" for different reasons.

    2x22-Chuck Versus The Ring

    3x13-Chuck Versus The Other Guy

    3x19-Chuck Versus The Ring, Part 2

    4x13-Chuck Versus The Push Mix

    4x24-Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger

    All of these episodes could've served as both Series Finales and Season Finales, being written to do so. But this one? Felt like it was leading into a film. "Chuck versus The Big Screen?"

    So when Chuck Versus The Goodbye actually came around to air..I couldn't help but feel cheated.

    -They removed Sarah's memories of the Past 5 seasons with Chuck

    -They removed any character development Sarah has made over the course of the show


    The writers apparently didn't want to end the show with a cliche' or deux ex Machina, even though Chuck is kind of known to be cliche. Why not end the show with Chuck & Sarah together no doubts? Hoping for a movie? I don't know..

    Listen I enjoyed the episode, I laughed, I cried(a lot, thanks writers=p) it's just...hard not to feel cheated by what (doesn't) happen. Even though the final few minutes make it seem Sarah and Chuck are together, (They're still legally married) the show doesn't end on a definite note regarding what the show has been revolving around since the Pilot, which is Chuck and Sarah's relationship.
  • something's missing...

    i've watched this final episode hoping for a season 6... they still haven't form a child. and the ending is bad!
  • The Ring was sooo amateur..

    Does anyone remembered that the ex-fulcrum guy in the plane was saying?? The Ring was so amateur. So there will be a "no-amateur" than the ring right?. Just my thought, heheheheh....
  • A clever title goes here!

    ending was terrible there were so much things that could have been solved and put into there

    1. does sarah get her memory back

    2. how will chuck go through life

    3. will they ever have a child

    4. what is their future like

  • Chuck vs. Magical kissed


    Chuck Fan Fiction Alternate Ending

    Hey I wrote Alternate ending because most of Chuck fans don't like the Series 5 ending so, I made an extended scene for proper ending of the series. This may be 5- 7 minutes. You can make whole scene in your mind. Hope you like it. Unfortunately I am not good in English and especially in dialogues and script writing. So it will be welcome if someone modifies the sentences and grammar and expressions. Please post your comments that you like or not.


    The next day after Chuck and Sarah's magical kissed


    Inside the Castle, Chuck is walking down from stairs holding a plastic guitar, is sad and broken hearted. He sat on conference room door playing the plastic guitar. At that time Morgan entering castle and saying

    Morgan: " Chuck, Chuck, I need you help for surprise plan to propose Ale....... , Chuck What happened ?"

    Chuck : " It's gone , It's all gone , The kissed didn't worked , In the morning I found , she was not in the home, she left me, everyone is going to leave me , I am an aloof "

    Morgan: " Come on Chuck, Don't think like that, I am with you, I am sure we will find Sarah. Wait Alex is calling me. I am just right back".

    Morgan is going to outside suddenly door open and Sarah entered in to Castle.

    Morgan (with joy): "Well, Well"

    Sarah: "Morgan, will you give us few minutes please, I need to talk with Chuck ".

    Morgan leaves the castle. Sarah is coming toward Chuck who is heartbroken playing plastic guitar in the floor of Conference room. When Sarah saw this situation, she remembers this situation when she first confessed her love to Chuck.

    (Flashback scene in black white color we saw S3.13, Chuck was sitting holding his plastic guitar and Sarah sit in front of him)

    When Sarah remembered these moments, she put her hand to her neck (in her usual way). Then she came near to Chuck and sit in from him in same style as in S3.13. Just think all the expression and dialogue are happening in same way as it happened in S3.13, Chuck vs. Other Guy)

    Chuck: "Ok, I know what I look like; I was so stupid that believe in fairy

    Sarah: "Chuck, it's

    Chuck: "I though magical kissed work, you will remember everything. We will go to be

    Sarah: "You are a good guy, Chuck"

    Chuck:" I get it, I know you came here for you bag pack, your guns, you can take whatever you want from our home. But I ask you a question, really important question that I like to asked you again, is that Ok, just once for a record, Sarah, Do you still love me?"

    Emotions came on Sarah's face and her eyes. But she just keeps silence.

    Chuck: "I am a nerd who is holding a fake guitar, like I use fake guns; this is making me complete fool, isn't there.

    Sarah: "Yes"

    Chuck: "Should try to behave like real spy"

    Sarah (smiling): "Chuck! Yes ".

    Sarah "Chuck, I always love you, even before the magical kissed. After that my memory is recovering, I think kissed worked, so Yes,

    (Just imagine similar scene as S3.13, "Chuck vs. other Guy". They smiled and kissed.

    Chuck: "Wait, wait, why you left me in the morning?"

    Sarah: "I was feeling not well, so I went for checkup and I found out that I am pregnant with your child, that's the greatest news I ever heard. I was lying and trying to run away from my self but I couldn't, I have feeling for you means our loved never changes, I am still your Sarah".

    They smiled, at that time Ellie and Mary came inside the castle with some conversation, behind them Awesome carrying the baby Clara after him Morgan and Alex.

    Awesome: "Look, he is sitting here playing with plastic guitar even Clara don't play with that"

    Ellie:" Chuck, Devon and I am going now, we are coming here for good bye, but I am promise we will keep in touch"

    Mary: "I know Ellie, unlike me, she can't live without family, and I know she will back to you Chuck"

    Finally Casey entered into Castle and Alex saw him and said,

    Alex: "Dad".

    Casey: "I got message from Verbanski, She is in Paris, there is something unusual she founds there, I talked with General Beckman. She calls us in conference

    Morgan: "Oh my God, Jeffster is going to perform their first show in Paris"

    General Beckman on screen and saw everyone is there.

    Beckman: "It good to see you all"

    Awesome: "Isn't that awesome".

    Beckman: "Casey may be told you about the Verbanski message. She sent us this photo. It could be possible that Ring is reorganizing there. "

    She shows a photo which makes Chuck flashes.

    Beckman:" I need Team Bartowski to go on mission and give me full report".

    Chuck: "Wow, Team Bartowski is back, new mission, Sarah; we are going to Paris again" .

    Cuddling with Sarah

    Ellie: " Sarah, no mission, no spy thing, you need to take rest completely till the baby will born,"

    Mary:" Sarah, If you want a mission , I assign you a mission that remember everything during that time by friends, photos anything If you failed , just remember , I am a trained assassin"

    Sarah smiled and kissed Chuck.

    Sarah (smiling): "Noted".

    Morgan: "Then who will replace Sarah?"

    Alex:" Me"

    Morgan and Casey both at the same time "No, It's too dangerous"

    Alex: "Why not, If my father and boyfriend can do spy things why not me? Also I know how to defend

    Mary: "I will become her handler and will train her ".

    Alex (jokingly): "I am sure at least I will become a better spy than Chuck"

    Chuck (fake anger to Alex): "Excuse me".

    Suddenly main screen is disturbing,

    General Beckman: "what is happening to the communication, Chuck do you read me?"

    Everyone doesn't know what is happening. Then there is a message on main screen


    Casey: "Bartowski senior"?

    Mary (Shockingly): "Steve?"

    Ellie (Shockingly): "Dad?"

    Everybody is shocked and looking to the Chuck. Then smile (Typical Chuck's smile) appear on Chuck face.

    (Black screen with song Teddy bears Mad Cobra Cobra style)

    "My style is di bom digi bom di deng di deng digigi you you?

  • My favourite tv show ends...but not the way I would have liked it to happen

    I loved the season finale because it brought back memories of why I started loving the show in the first place. all the little glimpses of the past and the comedic parts with Morgan really showed that the writers didn't forget how to write a great script! like many others I fell in love with Sarah the first time she walked into the buy more ( Yvonne is sooo stunning, gotta love her).

    Because I started watching chuck when it was near the end of the third season, I just went though the available episodes within a couple days. the show kept me up till 5-6 am because the plot and amazingness of this show were perfect. like many others I was constantly on edge waiting for Chuck and Sarah to get together...and until season 3 episode 12, which was probably the best episode in my opinion, the writers kept tempting our minds to think that its finally gonna happen. anyways getting back to the subject of the finale, at the end of the first half where Sarah says bye to Chuck I finally had that feeling I had all the way through to s03e12. The feeling that you must find out what happens next and see how they get back together!

    Throughout the last hour of my favourite show, they just kept stalling that moment of reuniting the two of them and I was getting anxious because there was like 5 min left and its still not happening :( even though Chuck and Sarah are kissing in the final scene...and even though there were signs that Sarah was remembering things from the still didn't cut it, and I was deeply disappointed. yes we can probably guess that in time Sarah will remember her past with Chuck, and that they will live happily ever after...but since we didn't get to see it ourselves, I feel as though @tvnut77 said it best stating we've been left unsatisfied.

    I will definitely miss this show very much, and am more than likely to watch the five seasons over again some time in the future...but I will always miss the missions and comedy that the cast of Chuck enlightened us with for the five seasons of this great show.
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