Season 5 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC

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  • And the most frustrating and unsatisfying ending to a TV show goes to....

    (Spoilers ahead).

    When a TV show ends and has an actual ending, a finale, as opposed to being abruptly cancelled, it can go one of two ways; it can tie up everybody;s stories and end it in a way that makes you just feel happy and ready to see off the characters you;ve loved for so long, or it can pull something out of its ass that makes you want to put your foot through your TV. Sadly, the Chuck series finale was the latter.

    These last two episodes revolved around Sarah first trying to kill Chuck and believing he;s evil and then upon finding she did use to love Chuck helping him but not still completely trusting him. And everybody helps and Chuck's mom is in it and Jeffster helps save the day. (Admittedly the funniest line is Chuck: Sarah you know my mom's a spy? Sarah: Yeah? Chuck:And she;s standing right behind you with a gun"). And Ellie, Awesome and baby Awesome are moving to Chicago, Morgan and Alex are moving in together, Casey is going off to find Gertrude, and Chuck finds Sarah at the beach she found him at at the end of the pilot. And he tells her their story and then remembers Morgan's theory that a kiss would reignite her feelings. So he kisses her. And THAT'S where the show ends.

    Sometimes I don't mind ambiguous endings, but that's when they've more than halfway alluded what's going to happen and there's some hope. For example, if we had seen the flashbacks of their story as they were driving off somewhere and Sarah said, "Where to next?" and Chuck smiled and it faded to black, that would be okay. That is an acceptable level of ambiguity. When the show ends with Sarah still not remembering how she felt about Chuck, no that is not okay.

    Especially because there were so many things they could've done. In last week's episode while on the train, they draw a picture of themselves and a baby outside their dream house, which Chuck put in his pocket when things started going wrong. But that picture was never seen in these two episodes. Sarah started to remember when she saw their names carved in the door, which would've been an opportune moment for Chuck to pull out the picture and that would've helped her memory, but that never came up. And he should've kissed Sarah earlier so that we could've seen them happy together as the show goes out as opposed to being left with a will-they-or-won't-they.

    What's really weird is that they wrapped up everybody else's stories except for the three members of Team Bartowski. Ellie, Awesome and Baby Awesome are going to Chicago, Mama Bartowski is around, Morgan and Alex are moving in together. And Casey is off to find Gertrude but again nothing is for sure. And Chuck and Sarah are left in the balance of a what if? One option is that they're holding it over for the possibility of a next chapter like an online movie but that's not what the series finale is about. It's supposed to wrap up the show in a way that if that is it, the end, period, nothing is unresolved.

    Chuck is a mammothly ambitious show, it is the little show that could, the show that almost got cancelled every year it was on and was saved by its die-hard fans and subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki. This show told great stories and let us in on watching these characters grow for four years and it would've been perfect if it had ended after the Charah wedding. And for all this show is and did, it deserved a better ending than this. Even so, there'll always be a place in my heart for the nerd herd. <3