Season 5 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC

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  • Goodbye Chuck

    It's finally over. After five seasons this great show goes out in style. The final two episodes are a trip down memory lane for fans of the series, many allusions to the early seasons and mostly the first episode. But the characters have changed, and that is what really matters. This review covers Chuck vs Sarah and Chuck vs The Goodbye.

    The story so far has Quinn is after the intersect, but the current version has a glitch that erases memories. To fix the glitch he needs some devices from Fulcrum and the Ring that connect directly to sunglasses. The current intersect erased the memories of Sarah and she doesn't know Chuck or the rest of his family and friends. The two final episodes are about Sarah remembering.

    Flashbacks to the first season are obvious: Weinerlicious returns, a bomb in a populated area needs to be defused and the infamous scene where Chuck and Sarah first meet at the Buy More. Even the Mexican restaurant that held their first date plays a central role. There are some great flashbacks to early episodes, done with great care. Many will bring a tear to the eye of long term fans. This relationship is important to us.

    But there is more here, behind the scenes, the changed characters. Casey came onto the show as a hard ass and was even prepared to assassinate Chuck in season 2. He's changed, his daughter and the relationship with Morgan has mellowed him out over the years. Love is more important to him now than killing. Morgan has changed too, he has guts. He is strong enough to stand up to Casey and say what he means. Devon and Ellie have their baby and promising careers. Although I am somewhat disappointed that we didn't get a final "Awesome" from Mr Awesome.

    The core of the series has always been about Chuck and Sarah. How a guy like him could get a spy like her. When she forgets he tries to make her remember, putting his own life at risk. When she doesn't he gives up and accepts she is just not Sarah anymore. Although there are no cheeseballs, this is a bit like when Chuck gave up Sarah for the spy life. With the help of friends he is convinced he can win her back, just like he won her in the first place. People aren't necessarily who they are because of how they are made. They are molded and evolved by the relationships they forge and the Chuck and Sarah one has been such a wonderful one to watch.

    While these two episodes turn back the clock to the earlier seasons they also highlight just how far the characters have come. How far Sarah has come and we miss her when she doesn't remember. The finale is a well crafted emotional summary of the journey we've seen. They managed to put together the key leads 2 seasons ago and still produce their best work. Watch for a small part by Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris on Voyager). Thanks for the memories Chuck.