Season 5 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC

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  • Not satisfying

    I only created an account to comment this last episode, because the ending sucks.

    In episode 12 I had the feeling that the writers wouldn't allow Sarah to get her memories hack. But I thought: Heck, no, they wouldn't do that. But they did and it sucks.

    The end is not something I could buy. I tried, but it feels too unreal. I only can explain it to myself that the writers never experienced real love (or want to keep an open ending at the end of a tv show. Eh, what?). Sarah said that she had no feelings for Chuck, because she lost her memories. I could believe that. But to explain the end she would have fallen in love with him again in the last episode. But this would've looked a lot different and hadn't fit either. The kiss at the beach felt unreal, too. Just like she kisses him, because her subconscious tells her to, but she's not buying it herself. It didn't feel like they're back together and that ruined the end.

    That's why I'm trying to lie to myself that it ended like this:

    Chuck kisses Sarah at the beach. The camera zooms into Sarahs eyes, she flashes and remembers everything that happend the last 5 years. She stops kissing Chuck, opens her eyes, looks at Chuck and says "Oh, Chuck" grabs him and kisses him.






    We are in a lab. Sarah has some wires attached to her head. Ellie is there and tells everyone in the room (Chuck, Morgan, Devon...) that it looks like the intersect didn't delete memories, but surpressed them and one important thing/memory in the life of the person could be the key to them.

    Everyone is happy, but Morgan. He is really upset, because Sarah got her memories back and he doesn't. So he leaves to go home. At home he wants to cool off with a dvd. He goes to the dvd rack and grabs Die Hard (Remember? Casey gave him this to fill in his memories after he got rid of the intetsect). He opens the dvd case, looks at the dvd. But then something gets his attention. It's a box in the rack. He opens it and inside you see lots of StarWars stuff. He looks a bit puzzled, but then takes out the Han Solo action figure. He looks at it and in that moment he flashes and gets his memories back. He then looks at the Die Hard dvd. He lools back at the Starwars stuff, then back at the dvd and shouts: CASEY!


    That is how it should have ended. Chuck and Sarah back together and Morgan has his memory back. And they lived happily ever after...