Season 5 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC

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  • This wrecked me

    No show has ever grabbed me like Chuck did. I doubt another ever will. I loved Chuck. I still do. I watch the seasons over and over.

    The last show wrecked me - I was in tears. I am a 46 year old man - husband, father - and I was crying at the end.

    However, the more I think about it, the less I like the ending. Two things:

    1) I knew it was the end, so I was looking forward to spending time with old friends. However, one was missing - Sarah. I loved who she had become because of what she had experienced and the influence of Chuck.

    2) Sarah losing her memory invalidated a lot of the great experiences that we shared with her over the years. Things that happened only with her on the screen and us watching (that tentative sniff of Chuck's shirt when he was taken by the Belgian - that moment was only in her memory and to me, really showed when Sarah fully shed the "robot" spy psyche and became "human"). All those moments - gone. Chuck can never tell her those stories.

    I need to know they ended up together. That the old Sarah came back. I need to know that the geeky guy can get - and keep - the girl. That everything will be ok.
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