Season 5 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC

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  • well this sucks

    I havent watched the last episode yet, but from the sound of it, it sucks. I guessed after the second to last episode that something like this would happen, and that is a terrible disservice to Chuck, the fans, and NBC. Both the fans and I imagine the cast would want a better ending, a happier one. On NBC's part, this does them terrible fortunes because they've lost ER (that was the name right?) as well as the cape, and now Chuck; two of those were very loved shows. Now all NBC really has is comedy in the Office, Community, and Parks and Rec, as well as Grimm (which how will only last as long there are new Grimm fairy tales to portray, I'd imagine), but no show that can combine both of those as well as maybe a bit of drama at times.

    RIP Chuck.

    the fans will always miss the show.

    P.S. if either of the writers gets on here, here's a good idea if NBC can be convinced to make at least one more season- start it off with the first episode titled Chuck Vs. The Remarriage.

    What would happen is it would be Chuck having to help Sarah getting back some memories, as well as married to him, and then the season(s) go on to show them keeping on with Carmichael industries, having kids, and one of the kids somehow ends up getting a new and improved super- intersect. Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and Casey have to then become the kids handlers and when he/she is grown up, they will help the CIA take down cyber terrorists with the new intersect.