Season 5 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC

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  • Chuck vs. Magical kissed


    Chuck Fan Fiction Alternate Ending

    Hey I wrote Alternate ending because most of Chuck fans don't like the Series 5 ending so, I made an extended scene for proper ending of the series. This may be 5- 7 minutes. You can make whole scene in your mind. Hope you like it. Unfortunately I am not good in English and especially in dialogues and script writing. So it will be welcome if someone modifies the sentences and grammar and expressions. Please post your comments that you like or not.


    The next day after Chuck and Sarah's magical kissed


    Inside the Castle, Chuck is walking down from stairs holding a plastic guitar, is sad and broken hearted. He sat on conference room door playing the plastic guitar. At that time Morgan entering castle and saying

    Morgan: " Chuck, Chuck, I need you help for surprise plan to propose Ale....... , Chuck What happened ?"

    Chuck : " It's gone , It's all gone , The kissed didn't worked , In the morning I found , she was not in the home, she left me, everyone is going to leave me , I am an aloof "

    Morgan: " Come on Chuck, Don't think like that, I am with you, I am sure we will find Sarah. Wait Alex is calling me. I am just right back".

    Morgan is going to outside suddenly door open and Sarah entered in to Castle.

    Morgan (with joy): "Well, Well"

    Sarah: "Morgan, will you give us few minutes please, I need to talk with Chuck ".

    Morgan leaves the castle. Sarah is coming toward Chuck who is heartbroken playing plastic guitar in the floor of Conference room. When Sarah saw this situation, she remembers this situation when she first confessed her love to Chuck.

    (Flashback scene in black white color we saw S3.13, Chuck was sitting holding his plastic guitar and Sarah sit in front of him)

    When Sarah remembered these moments, she put her hand to her neck (in her usual way). Then she came near to Chuck and sit in from him in same style as in S3.13. Just think all the expression and dialogue are happening in same way as it happened in S3.13, Chuck vs. Other Guy)

    Chuck: "Ok, I know what I look like; I was so stupid that believe in fairy

    Sarah: "Chuck, it's

    Chuck: "I though magical kissed work, you will remember everything. We will go to be

    Sarah: "You are a good guy, Chuck"

    Chuck:" I get it, I know you came here for you bag pack, your guns, you can take whatever you want from our home. But I ask you a question, really important question that I like to asked you again, is that Ok, just once for a record, Sarah, Do you still love me?"

    Emotions came on Sarah's face and her eyes. But she just keeps silence.

    Chuck: "I am a nerd who is holding a fake guitar, like I use fake guns; this is making me complete fool, isn't there.

    Sarah: "Yes"

    Chuck: "Should try to behave like real spy"

    Sarah (smiling): "Chuck! Yes ".

    Sarah "Chuck, I always love you, even before the magical kissed. After that my memory is recovering, I think kissed worked, so Yes,

    (Just imagine similar scene as S3.13, "Chuck vs. other Guy". They smiled and kissed.

    Chuck: "Wait, wait, why you left me in the morning?"

    Sarah: "I was feeling not well, so I went for checkup and I found out that I am pregnant with your child, that's the greatest news I ever heard. I was lying and trying to run away from my self but I couldn't, I have feeling for you means our loved never changes, I am still your Sarah".

    They smiled, at that time Ellie and Mary came inside the castle with some conversation, behind them Awesome carrying the baby Clara after him Morgan and Alex.

    Awesome: "Look, he is sitting here playing with plastic guitar even Clara don't play with that"

    Ellie:" Chuck, Devon and I am going now, we are coming here for good bye, but I am promise we will keep in touch"

    Mary: "I know Ellie, unlike me, she can't live without family, and I know she will back to you Chuck"

    Finally Casey entered into Castle and Alex saw him and said,

    Alex: "Dad".

    Casey: "I got message from Verbanski, She is in Paris, there is something unusual she founds there, I talked with General Beckman. She calls us in conference

    Morgan: "Oh my God, Jeffster is going to perform their first show in Paris"

    General Beckman on screen and saw everyone is there.

    Beckman: "It good to see you all"

    Awesome: "Isn't that awesome".

    Beckman: "Casey may be told you about the Verbanski message. She sent us this photo. It could be possible that Ring is reorganizing there. "

    She shows a photo which makes Chuck flashes.

    Beckman:" I need Team Bartowski to go on mission and give me full report".

    Chuck: "Wow, Team Bartowski is back, new mission, Sarah; we are going to Paris again" .

    Cuddling with Sarah

    Ellie: " Sarah, no mission, no spy thing, you need to take rest completely till the baby will born,"

    Mary:" Sarah, If you want a mission , I assign you a mission that remember everything during that time by friends, photos anything If you failed , just remember , I am a trained assassin"

    Sarah smiled and kissed Chuck.

    Sarah (smiling): "Noted".

    Morgan: "Then who will replace Sarah?"

    Alex:" Me"

    Morgan and Casey both at the same time "No, It's too dangerous"

    Alex: "Why not, If my father and boyfriend can do spy things why not me? Also I know how to defend

    Mary: "I will become her handler and will train her ".

    Alex (jokingly): "I am sure at least I will become a better spy than Chuck"

    Chuck (fake anger to Alex): "Excuse me".

    Suddenly main screen is disturbing,

    General Beckman: "what is happening to the communication, Chuck do you read me?"

    Everyone doesn't know what is happening. Then there is a message on main screen


    Casey: "Bartowski senior"?

    Mary (Shockingly): "Steve?"

    Ellie (Shockingly): "Dad?"

    Everybody is shocked and looking to the Chuck. Then smile (Typical Chuck's smile) appear on Chuck face.

    (Black screen with song Teddy bears Mad Cobra Cobra style)

    "My style is di bom digi bom di deng di deng digigi you you?