Season 2 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Gravitron

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Thanksgiving Chuck-style wasn't all that bad.

    Thanksgiving Chuck-style wasn't all that bad. Of course, a good helping of espionage was served. Chuck's old girlfriend Jill poured on a heavy layer of deception. The combination platter was served to Casey and Sarah on a plate who then dug right in and chewed it all up with the refreshing help of Chuck of course. Though you have to admit, we all hoped he'd be able to enjoy at least one meal in peace.

    What a delicious way to celebrate the holidays Chuck style. Or, perhaps I'm just hungry for my own upcoming Thanksgiving day feast. I know Morgan was in that frame of mind. He even went as far as dumpster diving in order to consume some of Big Sis and Awesome's bird.

    My favorite part of the whole episode occurred though when Big Mike returned to the Buy More after the alarm was accidentally tripped by those holding down the fort, Morgan, Lester and Jeff. With the fulcrum goons on the loose, Big Mike innocently helps take the Leader down with the help of Casey thinking that he was nothing but a plain pre-Black Friday store thief. Ooh, little do these Buy More inhabitants know. Like I said before, it's only a matter of time before this awesomely big cat is out of the bag. I suspect Morgan will be the first one let into the loop, but the real question is, just how far can the knowledge spread before Chuck is viewed as more of a national security threat than an intelligence agent?
  • The show starts where the last left off, with Sarah and Casey looking for a missing Chuck who's with Jill at a romantic getaway and tell him she's a FULCRUM agent. Chuck tries to gather intell from Jill and ends up almost reveiling that he's the Intersect

    One of my favorite Chuck episodes. Chuck is finally able to put his Jill and Bryce hurt behind him. We see that there is still something between and Sarah. Something that would cause Chuck to give up his obsession with Jill because she would have killed Sarah. One of the funniest moments in the show are the three guys being stuck at the Buy More for Thanksgiving and breaking out Morgan so he can find "this thing they call turkey" Morgan is desparate for some Turkey and he tries to steal one from Ellie's garbage. Which she hilariously thrown out whole because it was a little dry. He gets caught and invited to dinner. One outstanding monent of the episode is when after just defeating Casey in combat Leader is taken out with a huge tackle by Big Mike.

    Also great was the taunting with the owner's manual to the sercret base lol
  • What I expected...

    This episode was really great. I enjoyed every moment of it and actually it's what I expected from the show. I didn't like that Chuck was with Jill and I wanted them to break up and fortunately, that happened. I hope we soon see a bit more of Chuck and Sarah as we used to in previous episodes. Big Mike was hilarious in this episode especially when he attacked that FULCRUM guy/leader, whoever he is. Let's just hope that the show will continue having such quality episodes as this one. Overall I put 9.5 out of 10 after doesn't allow as in between.
    Looking forward to the next episode!
  • I absolutely love the direction the show is going in.

    I absolutely love the direction the show is going in. Little by little they are moving Chuck closer to who he is capable of becoming. I think that, eventually,(if the show lasts that long) Chuck will become an actual agent. In the Chuck graphic novels they show Chuck's future where he is an agent, and I love it. Zachary Levi, I have praised your performance in past episodes, and, in my opinion, this is your best performance yet. The scene toward the end where he traps Jill in the Nerd Herder was awesome, totally bad @$$! Chuck is capable of so much and, like I said, they are slowing showing us more and more of that.

    This episode is going down as my personal favorite, so far. It has everything I love in an episode. Although I wish they would use more of the classic hits sound track that they have in previous episodes. It works so well for this show.

    Anyway, with each episode I am loving this show more and more.
  • Picking up from last week we find Chuck and Jill in some retreat.

    Quickly Chuck soon finds out Jill is Fulcrum and is told by Sarah and Casey that he must use her to get to Fulcrum, problem is Jill is onto Chuck and lures him to a carnival to hand him over to her Boss called 'Leader ', things get sort of complicated when Jill turns on her leader and saves Chuck, she's then interrogated by Casey and Sarah, she tells the truth plus the whereabouts of 'Leader ', whilst Casey and Sarah go to capture 'Leader ', Chuck doe's a little interrogation of his own and allows Jill to be set free, the problem was Jill used Chuck all along.

    On the other side of the coin Ellie is preparing the apartment and Thanksgiving dinner for said celebration, make matters worse Devon's parents are coming and Ellie is in all of a flutter over it, so bad that she bans Morgan from Thanksgiving dinner, this means him, Jeff and Lester are to guard the Buymore over Thanksgiving as Big Mike is scared of thieves.

    Really enjoyed this episode, I was sort of hoping Jill was good and really loved Chuck and all would turn out happily for them, but the episode had a good ending all the same.
  • Another great Chuck episode, funny and charming to watch.

    It was great to see Chuck still maintains its high standards of drama and comedy. It still remains one of my favourite shows right now. I was so happy to see that Chuck finally saw through Jill and now realises they have no future together as she would always betray him.

    The Buy More scenes were also as funny as ever. I even felt sorry for Geoff and Lester having nowhere to go on a family holiday. Poor nerds being locked in there just because they had nowhere else to go. I especially loved the scene towards the end when Big Mike takes out the fulcrum Leader. Just Brilliant!
  • The Jill Trilogy comes to an end.

    We find out that Jill is Fulcrum, and Casey and Sarah knew, but Chuck was out of the loop. But that changed very quickly, and soon he found himself being asked to get information from her… only to have a gun pulled on him by the former love of his life. Chuck and Jill had a heart to heart while she was tied up to a lie detector, and it turned out things weren't exactly as Chuck always thought. It turned out Jill was in fact still working with Fulcrum, and used to him to get the leader in the castle. Chuck managed to free Casey and Sarah after they were captured with the line Unleash the Casey. Big Mike got paranoid over thieves breaking into the Buy More. Big Mike ran back to the store to take out the leader.
  • Finally!!! She's gone! u.u

    I didn't get a chance to read the other review for this episode yet so I'm not sure what everyone else thinks but I couldn't stand Jill! These past 2 or 3 episodes were so frustrating...but on the other hand it was cool to see Sarah starting to show her true feelings. =)

    I love this show!! Chuck really surprised me at the end there with the maneuver he pulled on Jill..NICE! He should have been smarter than to give her a chance. Besides, we all knew she was just giving him the old run around.

    Great episode. Classic Morgan moments as always haha. Good to see things back in swing
  • holiday episode

    Poor Chuck can't have anything normal in his life. He's lives a double-life between home/Buy More and spy missions, the girl he adores he can never have, and his one girlfriend he always loved and seemed to be the one to make his hectic life a little more comfortable, is a Fulcrum agent using him for the evil agency's schemes. Last episode, Sarah and Casey figured out Jill from the scan. This episode, Chuck finds out for himself when Jill lures him to an old hang-out and holds him at gun point. Jill still has feelings for Chuck and Chuck begs her to let him live. She does hestiantly, for her operative, Father, is out for Chuck's life as well. Casey, Sarah, and Chuck take Jill back to the hideout and avoid Father. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is coming and Ellie is stressed by Awesome's parents coming and she wants everything to go right. She even excludes poor Morgan from dinner. Not to worry, because Big Mike has him, Lester, and Jeff overseeing security. In order to get his workers into the holiday spirit, Morgan offers to sneak out and get some food. Jill is held hostage at the hideout, hooked on a lie-detector. She answers a series of questions about Fulcrum and some personal questions from Chuck. She does love him, she always loved him. She reveals she never slept with Bryce. She was recruited by Fulcrum during college, possibly before she even met Chuck or Bryce. It was Fulcrum's idea for her to get with Bryce. Whatever relationship she had with Bryce is unclear but most likely, Bryce "broke" up with her when he found out she was Fulcrum. She hates Fulcrum and says it controls everything in her life. Chuck believes her. Unfortunately, Jill loves Chuck but not enough to save him. She betrays Chuck by leading Father into the hideout, captures Casey and Sarah, and locks them and Chuck into holding cells. Father reveals why Fulcrum wants Chuck: they want Bryce so he could reveal the Intersect. Luckily, Jill doesn't know Chuck is the Intersect. Chuck is unwilling to help but Jill and Father threaten Casey and Sarah's lives, so he's forced to. That doesn't mean Chuck isn't crafty. He sends Father and Jill to Buy More and sneakily lets Casey and Sarah free. Casey attacks Father and Father is done in by a charging Big Mike out to protect the store. Jill pleads with Chuck to run away with her but Chuck refuses and has her captured. Reason: she threatened the one girl he loves more than Jill, Sarah. And that was enough. In a double-hitter, Chuck says that Jill and him are done. Back at home, Awesome's parents can't come. Ellie feels bad about kicking Morgan out and invites him, Jeff, and Lester to dinner. Sweet. Morgan slips about Jill and Ellie asks about it to Chuck but Chuck tells her an almost-truth: him and Jill are forever done, he didn't cheat on Sarah, he needed to see Jill again to see what he had with Sarah, and he can put Bryce and Jill and college behind him. Now that everything's done, everyone can sit down to Thanksgiving dinner. It was a good episode of Chuck but there were a few problems. For one, holiday themed episodes are a little too hashed and most likely, the idea might have come from the network, not the show itself. The episode was almost entirely focused on Jill and Chuck and when Chuck, the show, focuses on romance at the front, it's a bit awkward, I guess. You know Jill couldn't last but how she got out was a bit. . .predictable, I guess. One minor note: Emett is noticeably missing from this episode. I hope they're not done with him yet. It was still a good episode and hopefully, Chuck will have slightly better luck with girlfriends in the future.
  • Good episode of Chuck

    After finding out that Chuck's ex-girlfriend Jill is FULCRUM, he is ordered to use her to infiltrate FULCRUM.

    Meanwhile, Ellie is preparing the apartment for Thanksgiving and the arrival of Captain Awesome's parents.

    Morgan, Jeff and Lester are assigned to guard the store over Thanksgiving.

    I found this episode of Chuck to be ok but I have seen a lot better. The scene where big mike goes fishing but then runs off to the Buy More was the funniest. And when he tackles the Fulcrum agent. I also like the the parts in the Buy More with Morgan and Lester at the door and the final scene where everyone was having thanks given dinner.
  • Bad girls aren't for Chuck

    We need to find Chuck a nice, normal, non-spy girl. One of the things I appreciated about the episode is that Jill kept playing both sides of the fence. You never really knew which side would be the one she ended up on. Watching a very pissed off Casey was funny. Remind me not to make him angry. I loved the new "security" team at the Buy More. I also like the ending in which Chuck made the choice for himself and only himself. Morgan digging the turkey out of the garbage was classic Morgan. Overall an enjoying episode.
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Chuck, Sarah and Casey are shocked to discover that Chuck's girlfriend Jill is a Fulcrum agent in search of the Intersect. In the wake of his disbelief, Chuck is asked to use his relationship with Jill to get to an agent called Leader. He willingly agrees to bring down the woman who betrayed him twice. Meanwhile, Devon's parents are coming for Thanksgiving and Ellie is determined to have the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. To make sure everything goes smoothly, she tells Morgan that he cannot come to dinner this year. Without any holiday plans to fall back on, Morgan is recruited by Big Mike to stand guard at the Buy More with Lester and Jeff. I love the start scene with the flashback on the feris wheel and then later on in the episode wher eJill puts a gun to Chuck, amazing link/scene. I love
    the way Sarah and Chuck are looking for Chuck. I love the way Chuck flashes on Jill's ohone and then freaks out and leaves then Casey and Sarah grab him
    - I loved it. I love the way Chuck is about the whole Jill thing, and then Chuck wants to get Jill back. I love the way Ellie is about the Awesomes are coming to town, and she is freaking out and then univites Morgan because she wants everything to be perfect, I thought it was hilarious the way Morgan is about the whole Thanksgiving turkey and meal. Then Big Mike wants Lester, Jeff and Morgan to watch Buy More on Thanksgiving ,love the whole scenes with them on Thanskgiving and starts running back to Buy More. Then Morgan leaves Buy More and Big Mike gets a phone callus/Fair scenes. I love the questioning Jill and then Chuck uses it on her. I love the way Morgan, Lester and Jeff are in Ellie's and Awesomes house having Thanksgiving dinner. I love the way Jill
    tricks Chuck, and then Chuck gets out and then they are all at the Buy More and because Jill is about to shoot Sarah so he tricks her and then locks her up and breaks up with her, awesome storyline.