Season 2 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Gravitron

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • I absolutely love the direction the show is going in.

    I absolutely love the direction the show is going in. Little by little they are moving Chuck closer to who he is capable of becoming. I think that, eventually,(if the show lasts that long) Chuck will become an actual agent. In the Chuck graphic novels they show Chuck's future where he is an agent, and I love it. Zachary Levi, I have praised your performance in past episodes, and, in my opinion, this is your best performance yet. The scene toward the end where he traps Jill in the Nerd Herder was awesome, totally bad @$$! Chuck is capable of so much and, like I said, they are slowing showing us more and more of that.

    This episode is going down as my personal favorite, so far. It has everything I love in an episode. Although I wish they would use more of the classic hits sound track that they have in previous episodes. It works so well for this show.

    Anyway, with each episode I am loving this show more and more.