Season 2 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Gravitron

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • holiday episode

    Poor Chuck can't have anything normal in his life. He's lives a double-life between home/Buy More and spy missions, the girl he adores he can never have, and his one girlfriend he always loved and seemed to be the one to make his hectic life a little more comfortable, is a Fulcrum agent using him for the evil agency's schemes. Last episode, Sarah and Casey figured out Jill from the scan. This episode, Chuck finds out for himself when Jill lures him to an old hang-out and holds him at gun point. Jill still has feelings for Chuck and Chuck begs her to let him live. She does hestiantly, for her operative, Father, is out for Chuck's life as well. Casey, Sarah, and Chuck take Jill back to the hideout and avoid Father. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is coming and Ellie is stressed by Awesome's parents coming and she wants everything to go right. She even excludes poor Morgan from dinner. Not to worry, because Big Mike has him, Lester, and Jeff overseeing security. In order to get his workers into the holiday spirit, Morgan offers to sneak out and get some food. Jill is held hostage at the hideout, hooked on a lie-detector. She answers a series of questions about Fulcrum and some personal questions from Chuck. She does love him, she always loved him. She reveals she never slept with Bryce. She was recruited by Fulcrum during college, possibly before she even met Chuck or Bryce. It was Fulcrum's idea for her to get with Bryce. Whatever relationship she had with Bryce is unclear but most likely, Bryce "broke" up with her when he found out she was Fulcrum. She hates Fulcrum and says it controls everything in her life. Chuck believes her. Unfortunately, Jill loves Chuck but not enough to save him. She betrays Chuck by leading Father into the hideout, captures Casey and Sarah, and locks them and Chuck into holding cells. Father reveals why Fulcrum wants Chuck: they want Bryce so he could reveal the Intersect. Luckily, Jill doesn't know Chuck is the Intersect. Chuck is unwilling to help but Jill and Father threaten Casey and Sarah's lives, so he's forced to. That doesn't mean Chuck isn't crafty. He sends Father and Jill to Buy More and sneakily lets Casey and Sarah free. Casey attacks Father and Father is done in by a charging Big Mike out to protect the store. Jill pleads with Chuck to run away with her but Chuck refuses and has her captured. Reason: she threatened the one girl he loves more than Jill, Sarah. And that was enough. In a double-hitter, Chuck says that Jill and him are done. Back at home, Awesome's parents can't come. Ellie feels bad about kicking Morgan out and invites him, Jeff, and Lester to dinner. Sweet. Morgan slips about Jill and Ellie asks about it to Chuck but Chuck tells her an almost-truth: him and Jill are forever done, he didn't cheat on Sarah, he needed to see Jill again to see what he had with Sarah, and he can put Bryce and Jill and college behind him. Now that everything's done, everyone can sit down to Thanksgiving dinner. It was a good episode of Chuck but there were a few problems. For one, holiday themed episodes are a little too hashed and most likely, the idea might have come from the network, not the show itself. The episode was almost entirely focused on Jill and Chuck and when Chuck, the show, focuses on romance at the front, it's a bit awkward, I guess. You know Jill couldn't last but how she got out was a bit. . .predictable, I guess. One minor note: Emett is noticeably missing from this episode. I hope they're not done with him yet. It was still a good episode and hopefully, Chuck will have slightly better luck with girlfriends in the future.
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