Season 1 Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Helicopter

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • Weaker than the Pilot but still very funny

    As Chuck is beginning to adapt to his new life as a spy, a doctor who could possibly "cure" Chuck is murdered. Chuck then begins a high-speed fight for his life, all while trying to decide which of his two new colleagues might be out to get him.

    Meanwhile, Chuck's sister Ellie invites Sarah to dinner to meet the family. Certainly a weaker episode than the first mainly because of the ending with the helicopter I said about the show being unbeleaveble not being a problem in the last episode but the helicopter part I cant get past other than that this episode kept the laughs coming.
  • "Some people want to be heroes, and other have to be asked. So, Chuck, are you ready?" - Sarah Walker

    As Chuck is beginning to adapt to his new life as a spy, a doctor who could possibly "cure" Chuck is murdered. Chuck then begins a high-speed fight for his life, all while trying to decide which of his two new colleagues might be out to get him.

    Meanwhile, Chuck's sister Ellie invites Sarah to dinner to meet the family.

    Compared to the first episode this was a little more unbelievable not to say that the premise to this show could happen in real life but Chuck flying a helicopter was a bit over the top, still I hugely enjoyed this episode. There were a lot more unexpected twists in this episode and a good use of episode structure which would stick around for quiet a while.
  • Hahahaha! "Sarah! Are you surprise to see me?" Chuck smiles as his face slowly crunches up for a smile. This is one of the funniest episode of Chuck. (END SPOILER ALERT)

    The mystery continues! When I last left Chuck I remembered asking myself if Casey would betray him. May it be pure luck or a miracle this episode actually answered my question. Aside from being it a totally action packed episode, it was also very hilarious. When he was looking at the images, "now, that's just a turtle." HA! Hilarious! Not only that, it also added a little but of mystery, we know Sarah wouldn't harm Chuck but Casey, hmmmm. Plus, nice twist on the bad guy! The doctor who was suppose to help Chuck, and we all thought he was dead! ha! This episode is exactly one of the many reasons why Chuck is going to be very successful.
  • Well written.

    Chuck's visions tell him that an arms dealer known only as "La Ciudad" ("The City" in Spanish), whose appearance is unknown, will be present at an art auction. Chuck is therefore forced to infiltrate the party with Sarah to try and identify La Ciudad. Chuck ends up dancing the Tango with a seductive Latin woman, Malena, played by Lorena Bernal, who turns out to be La Ciudad. Another great episode from Chuck. It's so funny when Chuck is doing the Tango, legend he is so funny. It also so funny when Morgan is trapped. All in all I can't wait for the next episode, I love this show.
  • "Does anybody like magic tricks?"

    When a doctor who is brought in to recover the data from Chuck's mind is killed, Casey and Sarah turn against each other. Chuck eventually believes Sarah to be the killer, which causes a tense situation when the two of them attend a dinner hosted by his sister. It turns out that the doctor faked his death and kidnaps Sarah in order to force her to tell him where Chuck is because he wants to sell the secrets. While trying to rescue her, Chuck is captured. After a struggle inside a helicopter, Chuck finds himself forced to pilot the vehicle to safety. Well, I have to say I really like Chuck. Another great episode, I really enjoyed it. I love the scene with the dinner and the last scene with Chuck and Sarah, so cute. Can't wait to watch more of Chuck.
  • Now I know I'm going to watch the whole season.

    Well like I said, first episode, okay. But this episode was just amazing. It was like a movie. It all pieced together in the end. Cr. Zarnow was never dead and he is trying to kill Sarah for his patient. I like how Casey & Sarah turn on each other to convince Chuck that the opposite is a bad guy. Perfectly fit in with the dinner with the family. And burning a souffle. Which was hilarious. I like this adventurous drama with an ounce of comedy. Had a happy ending and Sarah gives us an insight n more to come. Chuck flying the helicopter was hilarious.
  • A good follow-up that reveals more about the characters you want to know more about.

    After the first episode, I was already wondering when they were going to address the distrust between Casey and Sarah. Were they going for an ongoing theme, or would they deal with it? I guess I got my answer already. Of course Chuck does not know which agent he can trust. His instincts pick Sarah, and because Adam Baldwin is good at looking scary, I agreed with that immediately. The mistrust was nicely set up. Also, Chuck in a car chase with Casey was nicely done. I now start grinning everytime I see the Nerd Herd car.

    The dinner comedy was a bit cringe-worthy at times, at least in my opinion. I did love that Chuck pulled off his little trick with the tablecloth. Nice reference to Morgan failing his attempt to do that same trick. Chuck is proving to be quite the accidental spy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but most of the time it does. I like it.
  • Didnt live up to the pilot.

    This episode was a let down to the pilot episode in my honest opinion.

    I think the storyline wasnt the best and the way they carried it out let it down even more.

    There were some positives, because it is the 2nd episode of the season, they have alot to play with, and the episode definately wasnt boring to watch, just not what I would want to watch for a whole season.

    Luckily though, it wasnt bad enough to stop me watching altogether, but I hope this one bad episode doesnt ruin the whole show. I think Chuck definately has potential to become a truely great show.
  • Excellent!

    Chuck, who has had all of the government's top secret information downloaded into his brain starts getting use to being a spy.

    Chuck and Sarah prepare to go on a Second date, Chuck wonders if he can get the government secrets out of his head. They end up at the Buy More with in Casey being there, Sarah tells Chuck a Doctor has been sent to help him out. Later the Doctor is found dead, Sarah and Casey tell Chuck privately that each-other cannot be trusted with.

    Ellie, Chuck's sister invites Sarah over Chuck gets worried Casey is also with him after seeing his car getting blown up. Can Chuck trusy any of them?

    Later all 3 of them are outside, Sarah soon gets Kidnapped the pair follow them and find them at a Helicopter wherehouse. Casey tells Chuck to stay in the car, but on no he doesnt listen he goes to help Sarah. The Doctor ends up shooting him with a tranquilizer dart. Chuck then wakes up in the Helicopter, he soon graps the tranquilizer and takes the Doctor down.

    One problem that leaves him with not knowing how to fly it, evantually Casey helps him guide the Chopper. Casey and Sarah aint best please with Chuck's heroics.
  • Sarah WAS revealing, and i like it!

    Casey and Sarah hire a scientist who will be able to extract the secrets from Chucks brain, but is killed by a cell phone bomb. Casey tries to convince Chuck that Sarah is a traitor and Sarah tries to convince Chuck that Casey is the traitor. They had a fight and Sarah was in that awesome outfit. Meow! She was fit! anyway, during dinner, Sarah gets captured by the scientist, who faked his death and is the traitor. Chuck ignores Casey and goes inside to save Sarah, but gets captured and put in a helicopter. He knocks out the pilot and the traitor and with Casey and Sarahs help, he lands the helicopter.
  • Revealing, as in reference to Sarah in more ways than one.

    The pilot was good but a little too much style over substance I thought. The same applies here but less so and things seem more settled down now, it's not as bombastic.

    When Casey and Sarah call in an independent doctor to try to find a way of removing the secrets from Chuck's head, the doctor ends up being blown up. Who's to blame? That's the basis of this episode and it plays the main 3 characters off each other. Casey and Sarah are now working undercover in Buy More (Chucks work place) and a neighbouring fast food restaurant. This centres the characters more and well you can't say No to Sarah in a revealing outfit. Neither can you say No to more back story revealing Sarah to be very dangerous (she poisoned some French diplomats). She clearly knows how to handle Chuck as well which seems to suggest she may see similarities with her relationship with her dead boyfriend Bryce who's funeral it is this week also.

    The incident with the Helicopter involves Chuck flying one for the first time on Sarah's cue of remembering a specific videogame to help. The funniest bit though is the dinner when both Casey and Sarah come round with food. Sarah's soufflé is set on fire when it's discovered that's how she poisoned the diplomats and Casey's Quiche has microscopic tracking devices in it. This is particularly funny as he's updated the nerd herd car to track them.

    So an episode which is a little flat at times and therefore not quite as good as the pilot but there is still potential. Lets just see it settle in more.
  • Chuck gets more involved in the spy business.

    This episode wasn't that bad. It had some funny lines in it, but Chuck has had loads better stories since then. I think that the reason most people didn't love this episode is because it doesn't end happily like the rest of them. Most episodes give us some hope that Chuck and Sarah might work out in the end, but this one has her yelling at him. And Casey needs to be funny, not mean. If this episode had ended with a 'yay, Chuck, you were taken by bad people but you used your wits to save the intersect, good for you.' That ending, of course, written in a better way than I just worded it, would have left the audience in a better mood and the episode would have gone over better.
  • Action and slapstick comedy, who could ask for more?

    Action and slapstick comedy, who could ask for more? We get to see a little bit more incite into Chuck's character development in this episode. We get to see more character development with the other leads as well. The part where Casey and Chuck work together is a riot. I couldn't stop laughing. The part with the helicopter was pretty good too. Chuck is trying to live life as normal as possible but it's no longer possible! He goes on and on trying to figure out whick spy he can trust and who he can't which turns out to be a doctor! Hilarious.
  • Another great episode! I thought the Pilot was a little better though!

    When it first came out with previews I thought it looked interesting then as it got a little more detailed I wasn't so sure about it. So I watched it and I really enjoyed it. Chuck was an average nerd who marched to his own beat. Not for long, his old buddy Bryce sent him all the governments' secrets and his life just got a whole lot more interesting. His friend Morgan is very funny, a nice touch. His sister and her boyfriend are all right but I think calling her boyfriend Captain Awesome is a bit weird. I like Sarah a lot; I liked her mysterious ways in the beginning and her action skills towards the end. The secrets look interesting so I have a feeling this show can go far.
  • Nice episode, we learn more about the characters involved

    This episode was a good episode with us learning more about Chuck and some of his insecurities. We also learn more about the side characters and how their roles will play out as the series progresses. I see the romance that Chuck is in like the romance on the Office with Pam and whatshisname... Hopefully this series is not fully of repeats, cheesy plots, or plots that are so overdone. So far the show has good acting and a great script. This is one of the shows that has caught my attention this year and it looks like it will continue to do so.
  • great episode

    Chuck tries to live his life as normal as he can after the traumatic event of last episode. But the world of espionage come knocking on his door when Casey and Sarah brings in a doctor who can get the data out of his brain. Just as Chunk thinks that everything is going to be fine, the doctor turns out to be a double agent. This episode is so funny, it uses the same humor seen from the first episode. It's really funny, I can't wait for the next episode. The writers surely came up with a good episode this week.
  • I honestly wasn't gonna give this show a second chance after a pretty poor pilot(I thought it was at least)...but if you watch this show light-heartedly you'll be rewarded with another hilarious episode

    I really don't know how to describe this show...whether to write it off as comedy, slapstick action or a poor excuse for another show(which after watching this episode i have to disagree with)...
    It was only by chance that I watched this on the NBC website and was so happy I did...
    The episode was great...the dinner part was hilarious...i couldnt stop laughing and the action scenes were much more captivating then the ones in the pilot...
    There's not much story yet but then again its a new show and it will most probably pick up...
    the way chuck keeps on referring to Sarah as his make believe girlfriend is hilarious...and John Kasey is getting more and more character which is great...
    Otherwise the show keeps the laughter rolling and provides decently captivating action scenes...just take the episodes as light hearted as you can and you'll enjoy it thoroughly...
  • This episode is a great episode of the new series, Chuck! This is going to be an interesting series, no doubt in my mind.

    This episode is a great episode of the new series, Chuck! This is going to be an interesting series, no doubt in my mind. Well, first off...I LOVED the plot!

    I really loved the opening with the Large Mart, Casey attacking a shoplifter, and Winiebarn or something?

    One of my favorite parts was the dinner party! I really, really liked Casey and Chuck delaying Sarah's food! I loved the bit where he tried to rip the food off the table, but the magic trick worked! Also, the whole thing when Casey came over with keesh!

    But, my favorite part was definitely the very end! I loved how we keep our three main characters and I loved the conversation over the song! The whole thing about going to his old friend's funeral! I absolutely adored Casey's conversation!

    Casey: What happens to Chuck after all of this is over?

    Government Girl: You'll do what you do best.


    But, I have one big problem! They NEVER explained why Sarah killed those three people and then shot the camera! I hope they'll explain it later...

    Anyways, I loved it! Can't wait for next week!
  • Great, please keep going!

    The pilot was good, and given the fact that the concept for this show is relatively weak, I was expecting ep2 to be a major disappointment. But gladly, I was wrong. This episode rocked. He gets to have problems with his make believe girlfriend. But it seems his feelings are real. Moreover, his make believe girlfriend just might feel the same way about him. To top things off, when the John Cassey his told he'll ultimately have to do what he does best, he seems saddened. Could it be, he's formed a friendship with Chuck.. I think this show is beautifully crafted. And to make a show so interesting out of basically nothing is quiet an accomplishment.
  • not too bad

    I think I'm still watching to see where this show will lead. Will it become more interesting? Will the characters get further developed? Will Chuck become a little less chicken, more a man? Not wanting to diss him or anything, but dang, it's like they made his character the stereotypical nerd. Overdone!

    Anyway, I hope there are future episodes where chuck does the rescuing rather than being rescued all the time...

    The show does show the beginnings of good characters that with time could show great dynamics. A few questions: is sarah the good guy or bad? I guess making that a question mark for a while makes things intresting.

    We'll see right?
  • Funny, adventurous but with something amiss.

    Now that Casey is working with Chuck at "Buy More", I was hoping their scenes together would be really funny and I wasn't disapointed at all. In fact, with Sarah working door to door with them, Morgan having to train Casey and Chuck's sister obligating him to introduce his girlfriend, all their scenes together were even more funny than I'd expected. The downside, though, is that the episode's espionage storyline wasn't that good. Chuck is taken to a brain doctor to see if the secrets can be downloaded from his brain. Nothing wrong this far, but the way things were carried from there bothered me. Also, the episode seemed a regular one unlike the first one that was shot almost like a short movie. Nevertheless, the end of the episode in which the audience is told that Chuck will live only as long as the NSA secrets are transfered to a new supercomputer surely showed how good the show's storyline ideas are! This without mentioning the crossover between "Chuck" and "Lost", which was hinted by Chuck, but so fast that all I could hear was that the "Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down..." Crossover which by the way rumours say will get bigger.

    Stay tuned for more.
  • Another good episode and I still am watching...

    I guess I kinda like/love this series. Chuck is silly without being stupid, cute without being annoying, and redeeming. I am reminded of the show Scarecrow and Mrs. King---only in reverse. I love the fact this show embraces comedic prat falls and set-ups but has a deeper plot and heart to it. I even liked Sarah better in this episode. Also, somebody give Adam Baldwin an award. He's so good as Maj. Kasey and just fun! He's evil but you know just like Jane (From Firefly) there's a heat down there somewhere creeping to get out. I hope this show beats the NBC norm b/c I am dying to know how Bryce got Chuck kicked out of Stanford.
  • Review

    For a show that I save to watch the next day online, I almost think I should start watching it live. I almost couldnt believe that my 42 minutes was up so fast when the credits began to roll. I still really dont view the show as a comedy, its more of an action-adventure show but it has a spinoff of taking serious moments and turning them not so serious...which I really like so far. I think the show does a great job keeping people like me, so focused on the storyline and why Chuck is so important and who is on whos side, as well as keeping the casual just tuning in for a quick peek person into the show as well. I thought this episode stood miles above the pilot and Im kind of surprised people have it rated so low here on I think its getting a lot of hate because people wouldnt mind seeing the comedy leave the show and stick with the serious storylines, but I like the unique idea and give props to the writers for putting together an amazing second episode to the series. Overall, fantastic episode. Topples Monday Night, didnt see that coming.
  • A bit silly but in a good kind of way!

    The second show was a bit silly but in a good kind of way as Chuck is living his new double life. As a secret agent minus the guns and karate. And his job at that Buy More store with Casey taking a job for cover and Sarah taking a waitress-cook as cover at another store as Chuck's girlfriend. A doctor that could cure Chuck of what he has in his mind, really wants to kill him for those secrets. But before he does, he gets killed in the process. Also it nearly kills Casey as well while he tries to chase Chuck over telling him not to see Sarah as Sarah likewise does so with Casey.
    Meanwhile, Chuck doesn't know whom to trust between Casey & Sarah. Though he trusts Sarah a bit more than Casey it seems. Sarah shows an emotional side of her with someone that she lost as Chuck sympatheizes with her.
  • Wienerlicious?

    I thought this episode was really good. I'm so glad that the second episode was just as good, if not better than the first. That's a good sign that the entire series will go pretty good. I liked the whole episode. I liked how Chuck had to figure out which spy he should trust, going behind their backs over and over again in the episode. I liked how the female spy (cant remeber her name) worked undercover at a hot dog place called "Wienerlicious" That was pretty funny. The whole part with the helicopter was pretty good too. Now he knows he can trust both spys for sure.
  • Who's really against Chuck? In this episode Chuck desperately tries to answer this question.

    Although the summary of the episode which I wrote seems a tad boring that's the best I could come up with besides giving away new character info and releasing any spoiler info. The episode actually continued as a great followup in continuation of the first. Although "Chuck" seems to be written more as a movie script than a tv show the show still does a great job at pulling of particular twists, even if they can tend to be the normal cheesy action sequences that we get constantly from action films or movies. Although so far the show seems almost like a comedic action montage it pulls it off really well with this semi-original show.
  • Chuck can't decide who to trust when a doctor who can cure him is killed.

    I can't really decide what it is about this show. I like it well enough, it's fairly funny, it has its heartwarming moments, but overall, I can't seem to care about any of the characters. I watch the show and think... wow that's all interesting but why am I supposed to care again? They haven't found a way to pull us into the characters or the storyline so I don't know how much longer I can stick around. I think it's an interesting plot, its just that i am finding everything to be a bit blah. I probably will keep watching because I don't watch anything else at the time it's on TV, but I don't have any real affinity for it yet.
  • The second episode is not as fun as the first, but still fun.

    This episode felt like a true continuation of the first, in that it could have been part of a 2 hour premiere. It did a bit of recap, and then got right into some silly spy stuff. The FBI and CIA agents work against each other until they decide they are on the same team and then work together. It reminded me of a typical comic book team-up. Chuck has certain memories about files, but how is it that flying a helicopter is not include amonst them? There also seemed to be a few plot holes. The dinner with Chucks sister was never actually eaten, or did Chuck just miss it as they seemed to go right to dessert. I liked the episode, and the CIA agent looked great in her weiner employee outfit, which had some fun geeky moments as some kids come in and take her picture. The one thing I would change about the show is the whole fake girlfriend storyline. Chuck should be entitled to find a real girl at some point, and my guess is that the two agents will eventually hook up. That is if the series lasts long enough. I hope it does, but the writing may need to be stepped up a bit.
  • Chuck has the secrets in his brain looked at by a doctor that actually wants him dead for those secrets.

    Okay, what the hell's going on with this show? What do the CIA and NSA want with Chuck? It seems to be all over the place. In the pilot, Candyman told Goldy Locks to kill chuck if he runs. Then tonight's episode, the Bodyguard thinks Goldy want to kill chuck, but we all know he was willing to kill chuck and did kill Bryce. Then at the end the stodgy female officer lady, replete in military garb so as for us to know she's official, tells Bodyguard guy to kill chuck in six months. It's not that I'm saying I don't like that. I like the NSA guy wanting him dead, but if the CIA wants him dead to it seems redundant. Overall, it seems like there's confusion amongst the creatives on this issue. Otherwise, I rather liked the episode. the show's got a certain charm and great production value.
  • I was worried...

    I was worried after the pilot that Chuck might become formulaic. So far, my worries are proving to be well founded. Everything that happened was predictable and has been done dozens of times before. It was like following a map. Chuck trusts Sarah because he's crushing on her. Then Chuck trusts Casey because Casey almost gets killed and therefore Sarah must automatically be the enemy. Then Sarah, the hot blonde is kidnapped. Wait, haven't I seen this movie before? A lot?

    What makes the show watchable and somewhat enjoyable is that it has very funny moments. Not all the way through, just really great, laugh out moments. Morgan eating the quiche. Casey and Check's dialogue planning the rescue. Chuck screaming "Casey, give the phone to Sarah!" Pretty much any time Captain Awesome speaks. The funny bits are, to quote Captain Awesome, awesome! But when it comes to the spying bits, either it needs to be more original. Or it needs to revel somehow in the fact that it's not. Chuck's a nerd after all, he should be recognizing everything that's going to happen from ten thousand miles away! But please, pick one or the other. Because the funny wont save the show forever.
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