Season 3 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Honeymooners

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2010 on NBC

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  • American really see France and Europe like that ?

    Good episode , but...

    There are a lot of cliches. [Add a accent on the "e" (TV . com is very protective and do not authorize accent)

    (we see trains from the second war or before , and cars who do not exist for a long time )

    This is really how the US see Europe ? (France [for me] )

    And as usual, sorry for my english !

    Finally, we recover Chuck... and what an episode.

    Starting with the main storyline, just awesome, as the couple that make Chuck and Sarah as a team has shown that it is lethal and very good.

    Moreover, about Morgan, who eat alone. Apart from being an ordinary human in the world of spies, acting as he knows, he is the best! What about the final dialogue with Beckman in the Castle? 10 out of 10.

    Also, huge new version of Jeffster, more melodic but excepcional.

    To sum up, we finally have Chuck back and at spectacular level. Maybe we will lose Ellie and Awesome -for sure we'll see them episodes showing their lives in Africa- but the plot that we have now with the couple Chuck and Sarah in missions and progress of Morgan as a spy ... I get the feeling that we will laugh out loud.
  • It's about damn time.

    Decided to copy everyone else's summary. I was astonished at how good this epsiode was. With the last episode seeming so final, I was surprised that they brought us an episode that continued the storyline perfectly. In this epsiode Chuck & Sarah decide to give up their spy life to be together. But what they soon realize is that it doesn't have to be all or nothing when they go on a mission that changes their state of mind. We see Morgan's first mission as an official mission. We also see Awesome & Ellie's going away party, since they're going to Africa. The mission that Chuck & Sarah were on was enjoyable and I rejoiced when they decided to continue their spy life together. Although it was a bit strange seeing them together, it worked. They reveal they're relationship to the governor. "It's about damn time" Great episode, and a good brother/sister moment at the end with Ellie & Chuck.
  • Back to classic Chuck form.

    To me this episode brought together the elements that made the show a hit in the first place. It was lighthearted and genuinely funny, letting the natural chemistry between Chuck and Sarah take over instead of relying on big story movement to keep their interactions interesting. There was also great tension throughout the episode that kept me questioning whether they would be going on the run or going back to castle. Honestly I think it was nice to be away from the RING for a week. They also managed to include enough meaningful moments to keep the episode memorable. I especially liked the scene with Chuck replaying Ellie's goodbye – great acting and emotion.

    As much as I enjoyed the Shaw story arc and was very impressed by the way they drew Chuck and Sarah back together, I hope this return to basics is a sign of things to come. Either way, I can't wait for next week.
  • Chuck is back and it is... AWESOME!!! Chuck and Sarah capture a Basque terrorist as a last favour to the CIA before quitting their old life. As it turns out, the favour was none and with the help of Casey and Morgan they try to set things right.

    As said above, this episode was awesome and had almost everything one could possibly wish for. It had fun and laughter (Morgan and Casey, Sarah and Chuck), sadness (Ellie and Devon), hilarity (with just a tinge of sadness, Jeffster) and left me happy. Chuck is back from the dark side, though I suspect we haven't seen the last of the RING, and is once more on the funny side of the spy life. To say it with Beckman: It is about time. I especially liked Morgan saving the day with his mind and I hope the writers continue this road because he clearly is no field agent but an analyst. And a good one. Please, don't turn him into joke! Casey's character was a bit underused though, but I suppose we might see more of him next time.
    It was really good to see Chuck and Sarah as a couple, great chemistry. It felt honest and kept me smiling throughout the episode.
    Although the episode was great, I didn't give it a full 10, because of some contingency mistakes and too many Europe clichés. First of all, it takes about five hours to get from Paris to Zürich by train, though I suppose you could take an overnight train as well, which would take about, well, one night. To go from Paris to Zürich in three or four days you would have to go by Budapest. To go from LA to France would take about 13 hours, at least, so do the math.
    Second, on behalf of the Swiss people who might watch this episode: Switzerland is one of the richest and most modern countries in Europe and they drive new cars there, too. The currency is Schweizer Franken, not Euros, because Switzerland is not even a part of the European Union! So, dear writers, keep in mind that Europeans watch that show, too, and I'm sure, you wouldn't want to us to think, that you are dumn, ignorant US Americans, who think, that we live in the middle ages! Thank you.
  • It's about damn time!

    It's about damn time! Such was the sentiment General Beckman felt with regards to Chuck and Sarah "dating, exclusively". I wholeheartedly agree. To me this is one of the best Chuck episodes. So good I had to watch it twice. As this season opened with Chuck getting v2 of the Intersect, this episode to me is Chuck v2.5.
    Having Shaw as the other man for most of this season got almost too long, but it finally served its purpose with an inevitable conclusion. Jeffster may have found new life with a memorable performance, with Jeff doing his best Art Gunfunkel impression. With Chuck and Sarah now romantically paired up, I just hope this series doesn't suffer from the curse when the two main characters consumate their feelings. With two supporting characters seemingly being written out and and the new partnership of Casey and Morgan, this major shift should provide for some great storylines. Casey and Grimes remind me of Penn and Teller except the roles are reversed. May Chuck live on for many more years. This is one of our favorite shows.
  • see they pulled it off you can have a relationship and keep the show going.

    bones, castle and house are just soo wishy washy about the relationship aspect for the show. they could take some pointers from Chuck. this show may be a fledgling but its already a underground favorite and they showed that you can write the relationship in and make it work. yeah the last couple of eps were pretty bad this season but it all led up to this and now its back and better than ever. can't wait for the next episode and see how they work the romance in. especially if they make mr and mrs bartowsky a contractor couple. and wow are they hot together. you could feel the passion through the screen.
  • After the season finale-like previous episode, I was worried the show would run out of ideas and that episode would be a filler. Turns out I was completely wrong, and happy to be so. (spoilers inside)

    Whoa, that was a fast-paced, romanticism and humor full episode of Chuck. Maybe sometimes a little too much information but you never had even one second to get bored on that episode.

    Chuck and Sarah are on the run... well, not for long, but their Mr and Mrs Smith (sorry, Charles) scenes were truly enjoyable, like the coordinated punch on that poor Casey or the awkward moment when they are hesitating whether to tell the other they want one last mission or not.
    Thumbs up also for Morgan whose laughable goofiness and over talkative personality is completely compensated by the fact he unmasks the liars for the second time in a row. Way to go, "little buddy"!
    And, cherry on the top, the "It was about damn time" line by General Beckman was the coup de grâce of that excellent episode.

    One thing that also made me (unintentionally) laughed, as a French viewer living in the US were all the cliches on France, and also Switzerland but I don't know that country much. After last episode's hotel from where you had a view over the Eiffel tower (do the math: the tower is 320 meters high and apart from the 200-meter Tour Montparnasse, no building in Paris itself is higher than 37,5 meters by city law), I discovered that we still have trains running on coal, with rooms that are actually larger than the train itself, luxurious wooden trims, service on board and fancy dining rooms... Aaah, that would be so good if it was true, but actually between Paris and Lyon it's only the TGV (high speed train) and you certainly won't spend the night in a journey that takes only 2 hours. Regarding Lyon (my beloved hometown), I was very pleased it was mentioned on the show (at last somewhere else than Paris) but also amused the image showed what looked like a nice small mountain town, and not the actual France's 2nd largest city, lying in the Rhône Valley and where are Interpol's headquarters...

    Don't misjudge me, I'm not criticizing the show. I am a Chuck fan, I deeply enjoyed this episode but I just found the set of cliches amusing for a foreigner eye, though it may turn (in the long run) a little annoying and make Europe look like it hasn't evolved and modernized over a century. But well, this is all about fiction, and comedy, so... let's sit down and enjoy our weekly Chuck.
    I can't wait for the next episode!
  • Spies on a Train

    Fans finally got what they've been pleading for, and now that Chuck and Sarah are together, much like Jim and Pam from The Office, finally pairing our couple together has basically ruined the whole show!

    Just Kidding!

    This was a nice return for Chuck, and it feels like a lot of new ground is being tread. Chuck and Sarah plan to run away, but mostly because that's what the other one wants, deep down, they both still want to be spies. It was seeing seeing the two of them put the other person's needs ahead of their own, but the early scenes were a bit too lovey-dovey for my taste. I'd say "get a room!" but they totally did!

    What was more interesting for me was Casey and Morgan pairing up again. I see spin-off potential, folks! What a great comedy team! General Beckman suspects Chuck and Sarah have gone AWOL and Casey is tasked with bringing them in. This was far less serious than it sounds, and Morgan suprisingly, was more useful than I expected. His knowledge of computers, his knowledge of other countries, and of course his knowledge of Chuck all came into play nicely.

    Almost the entire episode was set on this train, and it was a manageable job of balancing a lot going on. The terrorist Chuck and Sarah both spotted lead them to investigate separately. This was amusing, and what was also a neat twist was that he already turned himself in, and our heroes inadvertently took out Interpol agents! Once Morgan and Casey joined the picture, it turned out there was a baddie Canadian chick on the train and plenty of mix-ups ensued. There was one good fight sequence with Chuck handcuffed outside the room, while Sarah goes to work, and another sort of silly fight sequence with Chuck and Sarah once again handcuffed, and swing dancing while they take out the goons. Lol, What can I say?

    Jeff and Lester somehow managed to again play for Devon and Ellie, but I really enjoyed the acoustic "Jeffster" set. Ellie had some great moments. She and Awesome are going away, and she really needed Chuck to be there. Turns out she was actually feeling a bit guilty about leaving little brother behind, but with Sarah, Chuck won't be alone. This was a really nice scene, as was the de-briefing where Gen. Beckman finally learned of her agents dating. "Off the record, it's about damn time!"
  • At last: a really great episode with everything we like!

    Fun, drama, comedy, action: everything is packed is this brilliant, fast-paced episode.

    And the episode is totally disconnected from the Ring story, and that's better. It resumes with the thrills of the 1st and 2nd seasons.

    Views of France are mainly "clichés" far from reality, but anyway, France places were key in the Jason Bourne franchise.

    The fact is, the Ring is going boring, and the writers behind the series seem desperate in finding new ideas. Such fresh an episode re-estates Chuck as we like it!

    For that very reason, I'm very anxious about the 4th season. How many good episodes for how many dull episodes?