Season 3 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Honeymooners

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2010 on NBC

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  • After the season finale-like previous episode, I was worried the show would run out of ideas and that episode would be a filler. Turns out I was completely wrong, and happy to be so. (spoilers inside)

    Whoa, that was a fast-paced, romanticism and humor full episode of Chuck. Maybe sometimes a little too much information but you never had even one second to get bored on that episode.

    Chuck and Sarah are on the run... well, not for long, but their Mr and Mrs Smith (sorry, Charles) scenes were truly enjoyable, like the coordinated punch on that poor Casey or the awkward moment when they are hesitating whether to tell the other they want one last mission or not.
    Thumbs up also for Morgan whose laughable goofiness and over talkative personality is completely compensated by the fact he unmasks the liars for the second time in a row. Way to go, "little buddy"!
    And, cherry on the top, the "It was about damn time" line by General Beckman was the coup de grâce of that excellent episode.

    One thing that also made me (unintentionally) laughed, as a French viewer living in the US were all the cliches on France, and also Switzerland but I don't know that country much. After last episode's hotel from where you had a view over the Eiffel tower (do the math: the tower is 320 meters high and apart from the 200-meter Tour Montparnasse, no building in Paris itself is higher than 37,5 meters by city law), I discovered that we still have trains running on coal, with rooms that are actually larger than the train itself, luxurious wooden trims, service on board and fancy dining rooms... Aaah, that would be so good if it was true, but actually between Paris and Lyon it's only the TGV (high speed train) and you certainly won't spend the night in a journey that takes only 2 hours. Regarding Lyon (my beloved hometown), I was very pleased it was mentioned on the show (at last somewhere else than Paris) but also amused the image showed what looked like a nice small mountain town, and not the actual France's 2nd largest city, lying in the Rhône Valley and where are Interpol's headquarters...

    Don't misjudge me, I'm not criticizing the show. I am a Chuck fan, I deeply enjoyed this episode but I just found the set of cliches amusing for a foreigner eye, though it may turn (in the long run) a little annoying and make Europe look like it hasn't evolved and modernized over a century. But well, this is all about fiction, and comedy, so... let's sit down and enjoy our weekly Chuck.
    I can't wait for the next episode!
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