Season 3 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Honeymooners

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2010 on NBC

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  • Spies on a Train

    Fans finally got what they've been pleading for, and now that Chuck and Sarah are together, much like Jim and Pam from The Office, finally pairing our couple together has basically ruined the whole show!

    Just Kidding!

    This was a nice return for Chuck, and it feels like a lot of new ground is being tread. Chuck and Sarah plan to run away, but mostly because that's what the other one wants, deep down, they both still want to be spies. It was seeing seeing the two of them put the other person's needs ahead of their own, but the early scenes were a bit too lovey-dovey for my taste. I'd say "get a room!" but they totally did!

    What was more interesting for me was Casey and Morgan pairing up again. I see spin-off potential, folks! What a great comedy team! General Beckman suspects Chuck and Sarah have gone AWOL and Casey is tasked with bringing them in. This was far less serious than it sounds, and Morgan suprisingly, was more useful than I expected. His knowledge of computers, his knowledge of other countries, and of course his knowledge of Chuck all came into play nicely.

    Almost the entire episode was set on this train, and it was a manageable job of balancing a lot going on. The terrorist Chuck and Sarah both spotted lead them to investigate separately. This was amusing, and what was also a neat twist was that he already turned himself in, and our heroes inadvertently took out Interpol agents! Once Morgan and Casey joined the picture, it turned out there was a baddie Canadian chick on the train and plenty of mix-ups ensued. There was one good fight sequence with Chuck handcuffed outside the room, while Sarah goes to work, and another sort of silly fight sequence with Chuck and Sarah once again handcuffed, and swing dancing while they take out the goons. Lol, What can I say?

    Jeff and Lester somehow managed to again play for Devon and Ellie, but I really enjoyed the acoustic "Jeffster" set. Ellie had some great moments. She and Awesome are going away, and she really needed Chuck to be there. Turns out she was actually feeling a bit guilty about leaving little brother behind, but with Sarah, Chuck won't be alone. This was a really nice scene, as was the de-briefing where Gen. Beckman finally learned of her agents dating. "Off the record, it's about damn time!"
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