Season 1 Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

In Helsinki, a large crate carrying nuclear cargo and a 72-hour countdown clock is loaded into a shipping container. At Buy More, Chuck tells Morgan that he's hooked up with Lou, Sarah stops by and insists the break up isn't a good idea. Beckman hears about the break up and doesn't like it and insists they do a background check on Lou. Chuck and Lou are on their first date; Lou takes him in the deli for a sandwich. Chuck flashes on a flyer for Club Ares and learns that Lou ex boyfriends owns it.

Beckman thinks the Demetrios family has something to do with the time-sensitive package from Helsinki en route to LA. They want Chuck to attend the club with Lou so that he can close to Stavros. When Lester takes off to hit on Sarah, she comes on way too strong for Lester, scaring him off. At the club Stavros meets Chuck; he gets on well at first but when he starts talking about snapping Chuck's neck like a chicken, Sarah drops in as Lou gets annoyed and leaves.

Chuck flashes on Stavros is father 'Yari' he tosses the guitar pin on a drink tray headed for Yari. Thanks to the pin Casey and Sarah learn the time and location of the package's arrival at the docks. Morgan sees Ana laughing and fears that she might told Jack and Lester that he tried to kiss her. Sarah apologizes to Chuck for interfering with his date, Chuck takes daises around to the deli to see Lou, and she makes him wait. She eventually forgives Chuck and the pair kisses. Meanwhile, at the docks, Casey and Sarah open shipping container to find only a video camera. Someone must have known they were coming.

The next day Chuck is woken up by Casey and Sarah they tell him that they might have been set up at the shipping docks, believing that it's Lou and they a surveillance photo of her meeting Stavros at the docks after their date. They proceed to the club, where Lou is supposed to meet Stavros. Casey gives Chuck a watch with listening device on it; Chuck goes and spies on Lou only to learn that she's been smuggling imported salamis into the country with Stavros' help. Lou walks off has Sarah walks in, Stavros then arrives and shove the pair in the boot of the car.

They both argue after Sarah learns that Chuck threw away the watch, Casey visits Lou who tells him the dock number of where they are picking up her salamis. Back at Buy More, Anna feels so bad for Morgan that she kisses him in the Home Theater Room. Chuck and Sarah are being held in the Shipping docks, Chuck starts flashing on few henchmen to learn that they are Russian mobsters all hell breaks loose as Casey bursts in. Chuck and Sarah go after the package. Thinking the package is a bomb, and unable to diffuse it, Sarah pulls Chuck in for a passionate kiss.

The package fails to explode, Chuck returns to the deli for another apology. When Chuck tells Morgan that he broke up with Lou, Morgan grabs the PA and breaks up with Anna, before learning that Chuck broke up with Lou to get back together with Sarah. Chuck gives Sarah a call, meanwhile Sarah along with Casey are at the warehouse where the package has been opened. The container opens to reveal Bryce Larkin who's been kept alive by an oxygen supply.
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