Season 1 Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Very good episode.

    Chuck has gotten better and better each and every episode, week in and week out. This episode was no exception, it continued to pull the level of quality of the show higher.

    The story was very good, with the smuggling ring, and then finding out the Lou was connected to it.

    Although it was a little bit expected that a new character is almost always part of a mission, it was still done well.

    Its nice to see new chracters being put into the show each week and some of them are actually quite interesting,.

    The episode has to get a ten out of ten from me, because in my honest opinion it was just great.
  • Chuck dates Lou, Sarah looks jealous...

    This is possibly my favourite Chuck episode. Mainly because I'm a fan of the Chuck/Sarah relationship and what happens during the episode is just like...YES!! basically...

    However, although I'm a big Chuck/Sarah fan, I also liked the Chuck/Lou relationship's weird. I think it's because Lou's right for Chuck now. The story of this episode was exciting, and it was well written. There were a couple of one-liners, and I like Casey's little bit, when he told Sarah he was't interested. LOL.

    So, overall a very enjoyable episode which couldn't really be faulted in my eyes. Chuck is the best!! =] =]
  • Lou is doing illegal things. Only not the kind of things Chuck thought she did. And holy moley, someone is back!

    This episode had all the right makings for a good episode, and it actually managed to get it right. I thought Lou was going to be a criminal and get caught, because that is what usually happens. I'm pleasantly surprised that the only illegal thing was the Salami. I liked Lou, and I'm sad to see her go. But holy moley, that was one heck of an end of the world kiss. I know it was a reaction to them expecting to die, but geezy! Me likey! I'm such a fangirl. Morgan and Anna kind of make a nice couple. It would have been interesting, but you never know what could happen next, you know. And on that topic: holy cow! Bryce is back ladies and gentlemen, he is back! I already expected a comeback at some point, but I was not really ready for it. I am really curious to see where this is going, and how badly it's going to ruin the ChuckSarah thing. I like Bryce though, so I'm happy about it. Overall, a good episode. I didn't even miss Awesome and Ellie that much.
  • Awesome.

    Chuck starts dating Lou, a sandwich-maker, and things seem to be going really well, which incites some jealousy on behalf of Sarah, who discovers that her feelings for Chuck are more than just a cover. Things get complicated when Lou is discovered to be part of a smuggling group; although she believed it was smuggling only deli meats, such as imported hard salamis, when they also smuggled weapons. Chuck and Sarah have to defuse a bomb, fail and, expecting to die in the detonation, the pair share a passionate kiss as the timer runs out. They share an awkward moment when the "bomb" turns out to be something else entirely. Chuck leaves Lou and tries to start a genuine relationship with Sarah; however, Sarah finds out that her former lover Bryce Larkin is still alive. Meanwhile, Morgan starts developing a new relationship with Anna, another employee at Buy More. Lou is everything Chuck has been looking for: pretty, sweet, bright - andreally into him. Or is she? Chuck beaks up with Lou and Sarah - Lester makes a move on Sarah - extremely funny. I love the Buy More people. I love the way Chuck talks to himself in the mirror. I also love Chuck and Sarahs kiss.
  • I loved this epi!!

    What can I say?? Rachel Bilson was just fantastic as Lou and Chuck and her just seemed like the perfect couple. I almost wished he would forget all about Sarah and just focus on Lou, but off course that couldn't happen... The scene with Chuck and Lou's ex-boyfriend was just hilarious, and it was really interesting to see how much Sarah actually was affected with Chuck seeing another girl... :)
    I loved the kiss, it was just fantastic that kissing Chuck is what Sarah could think of doing just before being killed... They are so cute together. You could tell that it really made Chuck wonder about Sarah, that she wasn't telling the truth about them even though she was supposed to be affected by the truth-serum.
    The ending was encredible!!! What a twist that Bryce is still alive!! OMG!
  • Chuck dates Lou

    Chuck starts to date Lou and Sarah puts on her guise of being Chucks ex girlfriend. Chuck finds out that he needs to get close up to Lous ex boyfriend as he flashes on a poster of her ex boyfriends poster for his night c;lub and finds out soimething is going on with her ex boyfriend. Chuck gets up close and Sarah enters. Lou is angry at Chuck and Chuck tries to make up for it. Lou and he brewak up. Chuck and Sarah try to defuse a bomb, and at the last minute, Sarah kisses Chuck. It isn't a bomb, its a case for Bryce Larkin
  • One of the best.

    This episode was one of the best episodes of the show so far, everything was great about it and the ending was crazy, cant wait to see what happens next in this very funny and action packed show. I thought the scene were Sarah finally kisses Chuck was the biggest shock for me but it was great so unexpected and funny. Morgan was great in the episode with Anna he is my favourite he is just so funny, loved the bit were he dumped her then change his mind lol. Casey was great aswell he is also a very funny character.
  • Sarah's True Feelings come out...

    After Breaking up his fake relantionship with Sarah, Chuck tells Morgan his going out with Lou however Sarah thinks this aint a good Idea. Chuck and Lou go on their first date until he flashes on his Ex-Boyfriend who owns the Night-Club their in, she warns him away from Stavros.

    The team want Chuck to go the Club with Lou so he can get close to him, they are both in the Club; Sarah walks in after hearing something then Chuck runs after her, annoyed that spends all his time with her Lou leaves. Casey and Sarah learn the time and location of the package's arrival at the docks.

    Chuck goes to see Lou and apologizes to her and they make up, Casey and Sarah open the red shipping container to find only a video camera. Someone must have known they were coming. They think it might have been Lou. When Chuck spies on Lou he runs to her with Sarah on his tail, only to learn that she's been smuggling imported salamis into the country with Stavros' help.

    After Lou confesses she's a smuggler, Chuck ditches his watch in a coffee cup, Sarah then Arrives the pair then get thrown in the boot of the car. Casey comes to the rescue as Sarah and Chuck get away going after the package, Thinking the package is a bomb, and unable to diffuse it, Sarah pulls Chuck in for a passionate kiss. (What's going on here)

    The package doesn't explode, Chuck is all smiles he apologizes to Lou and then leaves a message on Sarah's Phone. Sarah and Casey are still at the warehouse they open the package and find an Alive Bryce.
  • Another deliciously silly (and romantic) episode.(spoilers)

    What an emotional rollercoaster this series can be sometimes, and especially this episode! When I started watching the show I never thought I'd come to care that much about Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, etc. It was all for good laughs but they all grew on me very fast. I loved how they resolved the Chuck/Lou plotline with Casey making Lou believe Chuck to be from the Food&Drugs Administration. The salami-smuggling business was classic. But the most important part: Chuck and Sarah finally kissed! (While they were waiting for a bomb to go off in the background.) How amazing is that??? I really couldn't stop jumping up and down my seat at that point. I never thought they'd pick up on Sarah's feelings towards Chuck that soon. But as always Bryce stands between the two. Even more so this time, when it is revealed that he is in fact alive and kicking! (In an refrigerator-incubator-thingy, but nonetheless alive.) What an ending to a more than fun episode!
  • What was that kiss?????

    I loved to see Rachel Bilson back! I really miss Summer, from The OC!
    And I really think that she and Chuck was a good couple!!! It'll be good to see Chuck having a 'normal' life with a real girl and stuff.... and also it would be reeeeally fun to see he trying to hide from her that he works for the government! If it's funny to see him hiding it from his sister and his best friend, can you imagem how difficult would it be to hide from a girlfriend, who would like to know everything he's doing, and have no secrets between then and all that kind of stuff...
    But the really PEREFCT MOMENT was when Sarah, after assume to Casey that she didn't tell any truth during the period they were under the droug because she was trainned for it, she thinks that she and Chuck are gonna die, and she reeeeally doesn't wanna die without kissing him for the last time and let him know that she do have feeling for him! That kiss was amazing and perfect!!! It's really time for their romance to became true!!!

    And congratulations for the line when Chuck's best friend (I forget his name) annouced on the microfone that he wants to break up just because Chuck says that he isn't saying Lou anymore, and a second before, he calls his "girlfriend" back, because Chuck says he is back with Sarah! Just a perfect hilarious moment!!!
  • Love is a pain!

    What happens when you dump the girl you love, and really want to date just to be playing up to Deli Lou? Love just isn't trusting Chuck right now until he finds out, what do you know, that Lou is smuggler and she has to go bye bye. But now this brings Sarah back into the fold and was that kiss they shared part of their "fake" life? I don't think so! Even though a newly freed Sarah is being chased by other suitors, she comes back to Chuck. And this thing with Bryce will be very interesting. A great show, as always.
  • Chuck dates Lou and breaks up a few times, Chuck and Sarah kiss, Bryce is seen at the end.

    I was glad that Sarah and Chuck finally kissed, I was hoping that their relationship would move along but the end and the previews kind of made me see that it won't happen anytime soon. I like Chuck/Sarah better than Chuck/Lou. Lou is a good character though, she should stay on the show.

    The scenes with Chuck/Lou/Lou's ex (the bad guy, I don't remember his name right now) in the night club were good. I was liking the character of Lou's ex, he was a cool villain.

    Morgan/Anna was kind of strange, so I was glad that it was over at the end of the episode. Morgan and anyone would be strange, I like him how he his, he doesn't really need anyone else.

    Next week looks good. This is one of my favorite shows and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.
  • Spoiler Alert!!! Do not read unless you want the end to be spoiled. Great Episode As Always.

    Rachel Bilson is back as Lou and it looks like her last time for now. Chuck is now with Lou and Sarah is a bit jealous. Casey is hilarous as he is every week. So it is a battle for Chuck and Lou has the upper hand. But for how long? Chuck flashed on her ex and decides to go check him out and it gets dangerous from there. The action picks up and from there on it is a wild show. Chuck gets pictures of Lou and her ex illegally importing goods but Lou shows him it is just her sandwiches. Sarah and Chuck get kidnapped before a nice adventurous escape. The main point and shows why this series is great is when they are goign to turn off a bomb. Chuck and Sarah are going at it and when they realize it is about to go off Sarah gives Chuck a huge kiss before they realize the bomb isn't going off. At the end Sarah and Casey(without Chuck) come back to see what was there and it was none other than good 'ole Bryce Larkin...
  • A time-sensitive shipment must be stopped by Chuck and the intercept. The person responsible of shipping is none other than Lou's ex-boyfriend. Chuck's caught in between the mission and the ladies of this life.

    Superb writing as expected after almost half a season of Chuck, especially after "Versus the Truth" being so hard to top. They match it with this one.
    Once again jelousy is mixed with Sarah's supposed work-related intentions as she ruins Chuck's date with Lou with the excuse that Chuck may be in danger. Yet Chuck manages to again think like an agent and gets information from the bad guys.
    At the climax of this episode Chuck and Sarah are left to think their lives are coming to an end at the tick of an appearent bomb. As the timer is about to come to a stop they engagage in a passionate kiss that finally lets Chuck know of Sarah's feelings for him. I do think of this as too soon, but again as something I hadn't seen in a long in television.
    For the comedic side, a very important one in my opinion, Chuck's best friend goes trough a phase of rejection and drepession because of the fact that he's alone and Chuck's with Lou. Out of pity Anna apparatnly shows her feelings for him, and he ends up breaking up with her to the overhead system of the Buymore store. This after perceiving that Chuck's alone while in reality he had only said that he'd broken up with Lou, not that he was alone and not back with Sarah.

    Excellent writing and excellent episode.
    One can only hope this show keeps the viewership, as this is the only thing executives care about (case in point: Josh Schwartz's cancelled "The O.C.") and that the writing staff keeps this stuff up (writers strike aside)
  • great episode

    Chuck's new girlfriend gets investigated by the CIA and the NSA. They find out that Lou's ex boyfriend is a weapons smuggler. This is a really exciting episode. We to see a lot of Lou, her character is a great addition to the show. When Chuck gets ordered by the government to go undercover to discover whatever he can about Lou's ex, he reluctantly accepts the job. Everything goes to hell when Sarah keeps interrupting Chuck's date with Lou. Chuck himself starts to suspect that Lou might not be as innocent as he likes her to be. The writers came up with a really exciting episode. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Lou goes

    Well Lou goes. I don't really miss her i mean maybe if she was there more longer it would have been better. I guess we weren't suppose to miss her or something. It was cool how Chuck had to choose between the mission and his personal life. I thought it was really interesting when Sarah and Chuck both kissed when they thought it was a bomb. It was really sweet and it showed a little Chuck X Sarah romance. I find it cool that Bryce is going to be in the next episode. I wonder what he will do? Anyways this is a really good show and i hope it stays
  • Review

    Very well put together episode here I thought. The ending was obviously quite mindblowing with Bryce being in the "coffin" at the end of the episode. Im going to love watching the backstory come together on that one and once again watcing Chuck try to make sense of it all. Lou and Chuck had a lot of scenes together and I thought the two had some good chemistry, but I think he has just about the same kind of Chemistry with Sarah so Im not going to complain. The Buy More scenes did there thing - fill in some missing pieces and kept me entertained throughout the entire process. Overall, Id say this was one of the better Chuck epsiodes that I have watched to date.
  • Chucks' world and the spy world continue to come closer and closer together. The closer they get the harder it is to live a normal life.

    This is defiantly the reason why I watch chuck! Just enough drama to make it fun with an exciting spy element right a long with it. In this episode we see Chuck and Lou coming closer together and we also see that when Chuck is comfortable he is actually a relaxed and impressive guy. One of my favorite scenes is when Sarah over seduces one of the Nerd herd. Right after that scene though is where we get a glimpse of how Sarah feels for chuck, she calls Lou into the dinner and tells her that Chuck is a good guy, not an opinion but a fact, and that Lou shouldn't heart him. As the episode goes a long we see Chuck trying to balance his new love with his spy work and it isn't really working out well. Near the end Chuck and Sarah are fighting to get Chuck to safety before the "bomb" goes off. With only 1 second to live Sarah full all out kisses Chuck, and this is not a small peck. It seams like all of the feelings that Sarah was holding back came out all at once in that kiss. Unfortunately at the end of the episode Chuck "dumps" Lou. Lou asks him if any of his feeling for her were real or if he liked her at all. Chucks response was true to whom he is, he said that she was everything that he was looking for but he just couldn't look right now. Oh and Bryce isn't dead apparently.
  • Everybody's personalities let it get the best of them!

    This episode was pretty much a laid-back episode and that I loved it as it shows everybody's emotions getting the best of them. As Chuck dates Lou as you can tell Sarah is very jealous of that. But also he is on a mission as Lou and also her ex-boyfriend maybe something else and more. Chuck & Lou really looked cute together. But sadly, that will never happen. After he finds out who she really is. At least, Casey showed a bit of a personality. As Sarah really does have feelings for Chuck as it is anything BUT a cover. Great writing and acting!
  • A fun episode that takes the show in new directions.

    Last episode saw Chuck break up with the spy girlfriend, in favor or a real girlfriend. didn't last long. All the spywork messed up his first real date, but not before a nice make out session for Chuck. And then the threat of a bomb which is not really a bomb, is set to go off with nobody to stop it. So with seconds left, Chuck and his fake/ex start making out. Only to not get blown to smithereens. Meanwhile Chucks best friend starts dating a co-worker, and screws it up all in one episode. Lastly the big surprise that was advertised last episode, was exactly what I guessed it would be, a revival of Bryce. I knew it was coming, I just wish it would've held off for a few episodes. Ah well, should be interesting anyway.
  • Funny and adventurous...nice combo

    Probably one of the better episodes although I haven't been displeased with any of them thus far. I for one am glad I was wrong about Lou because I thought her character was so unique and brought out a lot in almost all the other characters. Watching Chuck balance between her and Sarah was classic because any of us that have ever been in his shoes know exactly what he was dealing with.

    The return of Bryce is going to be awesome, after everything that happened between him and Chuck and now throwing Sarah into the mix...spice always makes everything nice. I know a lot of people are as anxious as I am if not more but at the end when that popped open and you saw him take that first was like something out of Star Wars. Excellent series and it's only getting better.
  • 9.9 rating due to excitement for next week!

    Sarah and Chuck are officially over, but you can see and tell that they both still have feelings, whether they want to admit it or not. Racheal Bilson as Lou has been an interesting character but I sometimes thought she was Summer again. The Morgan and Anna was a funny subplot, with a great ending. The Lou on and off relationship was done really well, convincing. Lester and Harry are favorites despite there small roles. This week had Chuck investigated a smuggling ring while the guy who ran it was Lour ex's. After a botched first date/ spy mission, Lou is tagged as being part of the ring only tyo find she is illegally importing food. While Chuck and Sarah are in the trunk, they let all their feelings out and say what they want which was really well done. Them kissing thinking that they were going to be blown up was a "Heck Yes" moment as I was excited to see them maybe going out for real this time. But I had a bad feeling about that "Bomb" and when we saw it to be SPOILER Bryce...I knew things were about to get even more interesting on my favorite new show in years.
  • This show is going to kill me, honestly.

    I stopped counting how often Chuck and Sarah made me go all "just kiss already, dammit". I have to admit that, even tho Lou is all cute and a great combination of smart, funny and pretty, I always had that nagging 'it should be Sarah' picture poking in the back of my head. And then it was there, slightly forced by a not that explosive bomb, the first true kiss. Yay! And then Bryce comes back.. In general this episode delivered what the previous' did aswell: a great mixture of fun and action. I cant wait for the next episode.
  • While Chuck is trying to date Lou, he's assigned a new mission that might implicate Lou and her ex boyfriend, and Sara's feelings for Chuck become more than obvious.

    I loved the episode!! I liked Chuck and Lou together, but I really wish he could've made it work, at least for a few more episodes. It was funny to see Casey try to get Chuck laid and to see Sara let her jealousy get the best of her. It's sad though than just when things might begin to look up for those two and Lou is out of the picture, Bryce returns, and it's obvious Sara's not over him yet. Too bad we didn't get to see Ellie or Awesome, but at least we got to see Morgan hook up and Lester running away from Sara after he tried to hit on her. Very funny! I'm left with a strange craving for a sandwich...

    Can't wait for next week though!!!
  • Chuck goes on a date with Lou and flashes on her ex. Turns out that his gf was smuggling deli meats, while her ex was delivering a suspicious package. Chuck breaks up with Lou and kisses Sara.

    I thought this episode was bit of a let down. After the spectacular episode last week, I really thought we coudl finally open the plot up with Chuck dumping Sara and moving on to Lou. I definitely thought the Lou story line could have been brought out some more. It didn't seem satisfying to see Chuck and Lou break up after 1 date. I liked the story line of Grimes and Anna hooking up with each other. I was kind of angry at the end when we see Bryce alive and breathing. I am against bringing people back from the brink of death or death itself. But it does allow the writers more creativity with the plot since Bryce will complicate things for Chuck and Sara. Hopefully next week's episode will be better.
  • Chuck dates Lou, breaks up. Morgan & interesting combo. Bryce was in the incubator thingy.

    Chuck explains to Morgan that he's on his second girl now, Lou, which incites some jealousy in Morgan. Finding out that Sarah was dumped, Lester who actually thinks he has a chance, goes to Wienerlicious to ask her out. And, ironically, was scared off by Sarah who was "putting the moves on him." Chuck flashes on Starvos, Lou's ex, and is forced to go to Starvos's club with Lou for their date. Their date is wrecked when Sarah comes to intervene and Lou leaves him. The conversation that Chuck catches at the club turns out to be faulty information (bout the shipment) and there were some incriminating photos of Lou with Starvos leading Sarah and Casey to believe that Lou is in on the job. So, Casey and Sarah follow Lou and catch her when she was receiving a delivery of meats from Starvos. This causes him to act like a jerk, that is, until he finds out that it was only an illegal shipment of simply meats. Lou rushes off before Chuck could say anything and Starvos comes out with guns and kidnaps Sarah and Chuck. Meanwhile, Casey explains to Lou that Chuck was actually an informant for the FDA and gets her to tell him where Starvos usually gets his shipments. Then, all three meet at the dockyard, and someone takes down Starvos. Chuck and Sarah open up the box to find an incubator counting down. At three seconds, Chuck and Sarah kiss and after they realized that it didn't blow up, they shared an awkward silence. Chuck returns to Lou's Deli where he basically tells her that she's the type of girl he's looking for, but not exactly at that time, so they break up. Then, Sarah and Casey, who are still at the dockyard, find out what's in the incubator thing. Someone explains that it was actually counting down the oxygen level inside, when the lid opens, you discover Bryce lying inside.

    It was a thrilling episode. It was sort of disappointing that Lou wasn't a bad guy, but as Shwartz said, she might be in other episodes, so it wouldn't really work if they had to take her out... I really hated that Sarah's feelings are to be interfered with the revelation of Bryce still living, especially when Chuck began to get excited about Sarah once again.